This is the poor-man’s asparagus that no one is talking about, but perhaps they should be. You’ll end up with a bunch of small bulbs, not entire heads, but with loads of garlic scapes to use up. If you are looking to add some warmth to your winter meals, a little bit of grated horseradish goes a long way. Find Out Which Vegetables are Perennial. Below are herb plants that will be Perennial for hardiness zone 8: Please Note: We sell plants online, NOT seeds. The best way to get to that root, is to harvest it fresh, for as long as you can dig the soil. If you start growing perennials in zone 8, you’ll have to decide whether you are looking primarily for flowers or for foliage. Dock (Rumex Sp.) It grows both tall and wide, giving you a couple of decades’ worth of asparagus spears in exchange for your loving care. Some perennials are ready to harvest, while your annuals are lightly springing into life. 20 Perennial Vegetables for North American Gardens. Find more details on How to Find, Identify and Cook Fiddleheads @ Fearless Eating. The real beauty lies in the fact that you can harvest leaves until the first frosts hit and the snowflakes fly. By using mulch, especially leaf mulch around cool/cold weather vegetables, such as lettuce, choi, spinach, etc., you can extend your growing season throughout much of the fall and winter. Follow on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter for more inspirations on living a sustainable life. But some have evergreen foliage that stays green through the winter. Asparagus? One of the earliest greens to emerge from the soil each spring, is sorrel. Artichokes can be grown either as an annual or a perennial. One seasonal vegetable you may not expect to find on this list, rather on a fancy menu, is the humble fiddlehead fern. After you buy, we will ship our plants when they are ROOT READY. Informal designs, intensive plantings, season-spanning colorful displays, and a romantic feeling all characterize cottage gardens. If you have fallen into the depths of permaculture and organic gardening, chances are great that you’ve also heard about a book called Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier. Mexican oregano (Poliomintha longiflora) produces lavender flowers and aromatic leaves. In the latter case, they must be protected during the winter months. Leaves can also be harvested in late autumn when other crops begin to wane. The beginner gardener often plants the crops she or he loves the most, be it tomatoes, corn, beans, pumpkins, peppers or herbs. With the planting of perennials, you won’t need to roam all that far to harvest the nutritional benefits of perhaps new-to-you vegetables. Kale is a hardy annual with a short time to harvest. No, not the chocolate kind, the ones that are far more expensive and down to earth. Who would have thought that Dining on Daylilies could be so tasty? Size is often the first limitation, especially when it comes to larger bushes and trees. You have less work to do in the springtime because you have no seeding, planting, or preparation to grow your perennial vegetables. lovage. It is beautiful from head to toe, and although it has a long growing season, the flavor is well worth the wait. Before planting, find out what varieties grow best in your zone, then wait 2 years for the first harvest. Consider shrub-size Siberian bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla ‘Alexander’s Great’) as one of your zone 8 perennial plants. Asiatic lilies (Lilium spp) offer an extended bloom and exquisite fragrance. Scarlet runner beans are perennial in zones 8-10 Annual and Biennial Crops … Others yet, with edible roots, can be harvested throughout the year, when you are ready for them, not when they are ready for you. Perennial Vegetables. Foraging is one way to embrace diversity – planting perennials is another. Being that sorrel is not sold as supermarket produce, find some seeds and plant your own. Just like with ramsons, you can transplant some bulbs to your garden, and know exactly where to “hunt” in April and May when they begin to flower. If you are thinking of growing perennials in zone 8, you’ll have lots to choose from. You might be wondering, how do they “walk”? Some perennials are slow to establish (think of asparagus) and may take several seasons till you are able to harvest a significant amount. Take a look here for the best reviewed bare-root asparagus plants. Read on for a short list of common zone 8 perennial plants. Certain areas of zone 8 are much hotter than other areas. Daisies are also common zone 8 perennials, like cherry ox-eye daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum).
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