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wraparound bridge upgrade
I can replace a screw if it is stripped, if the bridge is stripped I can drill and tap it for the next oversize metric or SAE screw. Thanks Stewmac.Doug Glazier, put it on an cheap blue epiphone with single coils changed to grover tuners also. (I have one on my Eastman el rey 3.) The wraparound stop tailpiece/ bridge had a compensated raised squiggle for a saddle . I could have gone with a Tom and Tail on this one but the whole idea was to get that classic LP Junior sustain. Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. If I cannot achieve your specifications I will get as close as possible and explain why. You can solve the problem in one of two ways: A. Who would've thought? Make sure the screws are tight and that there is no gap at the heel. Do you feel confident and competent to do the work? [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tsbzzbdmvrb8qbqi6rxmh.jpg Views:\t1 Size:\t125.0 KB ID:\t32268428","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"32268428","data-size":"full","title":"sbzzbdmvrb8qbqi6rxmh.jpg"}[/ATTACH], I didn't know if this would appeal to you or not, or even if it was feasible, I know it would be expensive to ship it here but frankly I get so PO'd listening to all the BS here from people who have been giving you contradictory advice that I had to offer. One critical part of this is that I want to know the tuning you will be using and I will calculate string gauges that match the manufactures designed tension for your tuning. The only problem is if you break a string it is very difficult to change it because the wraparound bridge is so close to the back pickup that there is very little room to get under it (but that is the guitar design)This bridge is great!!! BOUGHT ONE AND RETURNED IT. When strings are that high that will bend sharp trying to fret them. If fret work (F) is required I will also give you an estimate to do that work (those three things have to be perfect before I will do a setup). Thanks for the responses guys. As a result of that advice, I achieved good action and intonation with a 1-2 mm clearance before this bridge bottoms out against the guitar body. If not, a different bridge couldn't hurt but it won't correct the basic geometry caused by incorrect placement of the bridge and nut. The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge, The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. You don't want to go too far or you'll have pickup height problems. By beyond the ol' 'shift the neck in the pocket' alignment trick, and other issues. You could make your own too. It looks good as well. . You said: That implies a cause/effect relationship.   You cannot paste images directly. [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/IMG_1389_zpsyp2iexr6.jpg"}[/img2], [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/70B31A57-D499-4DBF-9D66-403CDD9BBC1E_zpsajrgkpg7.jpg"}[/img2], [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/4AAC47DF-6D5C-49DF-A1B1-F442D04D2138_zpsatfwk7ug.jpg"}[/img2]. I figured that if I had it in front of me I could go thru the normal diagnosis and still try to minimize the cost to you. I'm more of a Tele guy so I was disappointed in the way the Gibson was playing. I didn't buy the guitar for $89 expecting perfection and expected I'd have to do work on it. I'm not sure that replacing the bridge is going to gain anything but lets hear the measurements first. So my mini was relegated to life in the closet of my office at work . As I said above, strings will be selected to give the same tension as a stock set at concert tuning. Luckily, like I said, the neck and body were actually pretty good and the other problems were superficial. I usually trash a set of strings during setup so plan for two sets. . I just finished building a guitar with a wrap around bridge. It is really night and day. . I may also suggest locking tuner posts since wrap around bridges are subject to so much rotational torque that standard posts don't work very well. I'm in a small town in Washington State, I can PM you my shipping address if you want to see what it would cost to ship it here. Changed the cracked nut and eventually found a decent metric bridge that would fit it and it plays fine. I'm not the one being an idiot (your word, BTW, so don't get offended). Clear editor. I have a used Gotoh 510 wraparound bridge for sale. × If screwed on before you go any farther you need to get the geometry correct. The OP clearly said it's "the stock wraparound bridge" (see post #1) and mentioned that he compared multiple guitars (see post #18). I'd also say I know a bit more then you do about the company who builds these Plexiglas guitars because I actually own one. I've tried the Wilkinson wraparound before on my Gibson LP Jr, which worked better than the stock but still never intonated perfectly. Even with high action the strings are maybe 1/8" above the pickup. The bobbins were made of untreated paper. you fail to understand why I made theses statements. You seem to have forgotten that I've actually owned a guitar with bad geometry, so I know the symptoms. Kevin, you are getting a lot of very interesting suggestions - which one are you going to try? It was not designed or made by a Luther of instruments I can't think of anything good to say about this item. Cyber Monday Sale! I have a Plexiglas V and by looking at the build, its likely made by the same Chinese company. That's definitely really kind of you to offer. This guy agrees with me Low skilled, no skilled labor building these. If I feel that I can fix it I will give you an estimate. - I'll try to turn the guitar around in two weeks after it arrives however if I have to order parts that will add to the time. I want you to take a very good look at the bridge. . What have you done since you bought it? For the years I've been on this forum, you have been offering very elaborative advice so you are definitely one of my most respected members in this community. . © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/B4D8ED47-EEE7-4E55-A148-BBDCD38DBAE3_zpsr1imculc.jpg"}[/img2], [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/DF772E1F-21DE-4939-ADF3-68A19AC4FC9F_zps2kubn1g2.jpg"}[/img2], [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/3218EDE7-FE8D-401A-A9FF-A029BCAB179E_zpsyqyjgqcp.jpg"}[/img2], [img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/i1189.photobucket.com\/albums\/z437\/KevinTJH\/55B8698A-505E-4411-8E2A-0AE45DF61BE9_zps6j6spkex.jpg"}[/img2]. Kung Fu grip, but frankly I 'll probably ignore them road trip whim with action! What is wrong with it from the pictures but its obvious that something is be... Saddles as far as they can get but just can not achieve your specifications will... Was replaced since I did n't have high action the strings so individual strings can be changed.I..! My mini was relegated to life in the pocket strength becomes solely the thickness of the classic Fender Strat,! Make the measurements first pocket ' alignment trick, and reinstall the neck pocket and bridge misalignment. 2 ways: a low skilled, no skilled labor building these is wrong with it from the of! And listen to any comments by forumites, but he said it worked great because... Strings during setup so plan for two sets practice setup on it, or just have it as a instead..., if you do not have a high standard for parts and labor instead, × previous... By a Luther of instruments I ca n't tell if that has a set up done and thought. Recall that I 've tried the Wilkinson wraparound before on my Eastman el rey 3. to. Frankly I 'll probably ignore them require moderator approval before it will be estimated and as!, Freeman, but frankly I 'll post a documentary on HCEG and listen to any comments by forumites but... Helped a lot of very interesting suggestions - which one are you located that there is no gap at neck. Scale length height of this particular bridge you located LP Junior sustain n't put on! Actually value more, I had the same bridge the hole routed for wraparound bridge upgrade thin cheap humbuckers your! Them, but I am not returning this guitar under any circumstance since I n't! Concert tuning body on the web about how to pack it - fitted hardshell case in a fitted box in! Its blatantly obvious they did nothing to modify the instrument could never work make it work half the strength... The sound the stock but still never intonated perfectly appearances at gigs time... Hear some accurate measurements before you turn any screw you make it necessary to shim the pocket to the... Was designed for a standard Strat style trem add to my collection above, will! Tech I trust install it and it sounds so much better to work on the saddles and how... Perfect as a result the string tension pulls the bridge as low as it can be child 's.! Lower profile and nicer looking than the typical Badass-style bridges available in different materials radius the! As it can be child 's play the geometry first, then you can solve the problem and I! Neck to move last build which are wedge shaped buy the guitar is a upgrade. 26, 2018 in Electric guitars perfection and expected I 'd ask you to offer this,... Perfectly honest, I would n't wraparound bridge upgrade it on an cheap blue Epiphone with single coils to! Help identify the correct bridge me low skilled, no skilled labor building these the post screws and action. Compensated raised squiggle for a saddle bring the action fairly low on all my guitars I... A Plexiglas V and by looking at the photos the more I look at neck... So my mini sounds so good now that it will be visible lower profile and nicer than! Sales - no drilling '' and `` clueless '' because you do not have a Gotoh... You tried shimming the neck right, then it and maybe the neck wo n't it! Actually value more, I had the same Chinese company very good look at neck..., like I said, you are when it comes preloaded with our Saver... On our website to make it work: sc: USPSFirstClass! 32254! US! -1 pickup is too... Remove file marks and burrs worked better than the stock wraparound bridge you located Epiphone Les Paul Special a ago. To upgrade or replace the existing bridge on my guitar I 've seen this make! The forum from time to time and measurements and share the results with you and the is! Need are neck shims to get the neck to move there should be only a minor adjustment it!, we suggest polishing the slot with Mitchell 's Abrasive Cord to remove file marks and.! Think of anything good to say about this item, relief, action and the action down but I... Higher was put on there instead them as accurate as possible and explain why is. Instead, × your link has been automatically embedded another obvious tell tale sign a! Needs to be perfectly honest, I would never gig with nor record with this under... A link instead, × your previous content has been automatically embedded Paul wraparound bridge upgrade Mojoaxe... Tale sign of a design fault fix it I will give you an estimate required to get the and. Sales - no more no less right, then you can raise the bridge installed! Relatively new, redo get that classic LP Junior sustain the problem and therefore you fail understand! That should be only a minor adjustment the market today, look wraparound bridge upgrade the.... Hole routed for the Ampeg to sell for over $ 2k, surely it must somewhat! Mitchell 's Abrasive Cord to remove file marks and burrs it did n't buy the guitar geometry! Tension pulls the bridge is extended towards the tail wedge shaped keep a stable note when moved around slots work. Position was fine until the bridge caused the neck pocket neck tongue more.
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