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world record steelhead
But if smaller world records are being caught on a burgeoning list of classes, how is that actually 'documenting the declining fisheries'? of the last paragraph. Administration of the river is split. Lateral Line Media is a member of The Flyfisher Group, Steelhead World Record: Hoh River Controversy, Moosehead Lake Maine: Giant Togue Ice Fishing, Blue Horizon Belize: Tailing Permit For Days, Blue Wings & Streamers: Eagle River Colorado. [sigh]. Goat and hero at the same time. The river drains about 27,500 square miles, with an average annual runoff of 22 million acre-feet, in 19 California counties, mostly within a region bounded by the Coast Ranges and Sierra Nevada known as the Sacramento Valley, but also extending as far as the volcanic plateaus of Northeastern California. This is the Smith River, one of the longest rivers in the National Scenic Rivers System and the only major river in California to remain un-dammed. The possibility of a fish bleeding out from our hooks is something we all have to accept and live with every time we make a cast. got a few pics…I will be in the lodge books forever…thats the record for me! Being a world-record holder doesn’t come with many perks, said Adams. BTW the tippet wars are fish killers. It would be great if this guy was actually the catalyst for some serious change. If we all want to rally and do some serious complaining lets talk about all the awesome wild fish that get poached (taken)from the streams by gill nets,Enough said, by me ,Congradulations on landing that fish on a FLYROD. more often that not, just plain no heroics shared. We offer year-round trout fishing and steelhead fishing from August through March. Tom Chandler: @Guido: The circumstances surrounding the fish's demise have been pretty exhaustively talked about in a lot of other places (I didn't link to all the conversations about the thing because there were too many).And as Dylan noted, the fish was legally taken, which - in my thinking - is truly the starting point for this whole circus. I thik it weight around 32 lbs fresh and just under 30 lb when officially weighed. You can get a personal scale, like a Boga Grip, certified by the IGFA and weigh it on land (river bank) in front of a witness and document it with measurements and photos then release it. One pissed off Bull dog!!! those are the biggest steelies ive ever seen absolutely beautiful fish i live in new york heres are local website we have a good steelie run in our great lakes would love to chat and learn alittle pick your brains (Hudson Valley Sportsman) It is ego that gets us into trouble. The official measurements for this fish were something like 42.25L and 23.5G and landed on 12lb tippet. We should be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and consume fish we are so blessed to have. that being said if the guy dident keep the fish,that is legal by the way, it probibly would have ended up in one of those nets only to be sold at market or worse yet thrown away because it is so big it would taste terrible. cograts Mr.Harrison great fish sounds like you are a better sportsman than most. Tom, I agree that the real issue is why there are not more great fish like this one in our rivers. Clay Carter and His World Record Steelhead Steelhead are one of the most prized sport fish of the Northwest. (Fish was injured in exchange by environment or leader. Over. shitty call English Pete. We specialize in fly fishing with spey rods and single-hand rods for steelhead. Seriously the problem isn't Mr. Harrison and his right to retain this fish, the problem is that there are not more catches like this that could have been let loose safely, or "Legally" retained with out a impact to our beloved river system. I am sure the fish has spwned many times over passing its genes on to other fish that will hopefully grow as large as this one has. The closest one to the Hoh is like, 2 hours away or something. I may be naive, but I just have a hard time imagining someone who is experienced and even "hard core (?)" Nice fish above – last time I checked; it’s legal to keep a native on the Hoh; personally – I would have taken pics and got measurements and released it, however – there was nothing wrong with what the man did. Its better for my fishing experience and the fisheries. Tom, have to agree with you on the actual point to be angry over, that the fish could be taken legally to begin with. All that a side, I have had discussions with some of my fishing boys regarding the size of this fish, we know that there are fish caugh/released each year in BC this size so why would this guy think that his fish is a record? Oh and seeing as it's the only fish you have taken, might aswell make it one of the biggest! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. There have been many that were out raged that he killed the fish becasue he wanted a skin mount, thinks it is a record….etc. Give the man some respect. Seems to me that's where people need to put their focus, and their energy. The Klamath River is a classic swing fishery and is best fished with a spey rod. These fish were caught a few years ago in BC while my friends Jason and Kory where up there. They usually stay in the ocean from 2-4 years. ps A 34 pound fish was recently pulled out of a tribal net on the Hoh. we all pay for a license to catch and harvest fish. 15 minute battle with heavier tippet? Guido, Tom, Check out the write up on this over at "The Big Pull" from a couple weeks ago http://thebigpull.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/a-steelhead/, Jet Boat Trip on Feather, Yuba or American Rivers, Charter Trip on the Klamath River with Mario Arguilles Guide Service, Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report August 2017, Great Fishing on the Lower Sacramento - June Fishing Report, Lower Sacramento Fishing is Too Good to Believe, Float Trip on the Lower Sacramento River with Steel Bridge Guides, Float Trip on the Trinity River with Steel Bridge Guides, Lower Sacramento Fishing Report - Fishing Well, Our Wholly Biased Look at Fiberglass Fly Rods, Part II: The Builders, Backcountry Brookies: Fly Fishing Seven Lakes Basin, Why Salmon Eggs And Nightcrawlers Are Simply Manlier Than I Am. the guy catches a fish of a lifetime-he makes the choice to keep it-so what. That fish this big aren't caught all the time suggests the mess we've. ironically im the kid who caught that silly fish that crazy day in bc, on one of the finest pieces of steelhead waters known to man. Again – nice fish English Pete; welcome to my world. I told my customers that he would have rather buggered his sister than killed that fish, knowing that he would talk about it and spread the word on the Web…. The International Game Fish Association recognizes the world record for rainbow trout as a fish caught on Saskatchewan's Lake Diefenbaker by Sean Konrad on September 5, 2009. Beginning approximately three-quarters of a mile below the Iron Gate Dam, the river runs through until it reaches the Pacific Ocean.
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