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wicked edge knock off
3 years ago. OregonG20 Jul 2, 2017. Not a lot of jumps in grit level. How to avoid blade "knock offs"? Comparison of New and Old RazoRock Jaws? What about the belly of a knife to the tip? you try to sharpen it until is sharpened. I suggest it’s budget and carbon (inox are harder to sharp). In 2015 wurde das Wicked Edge Generation 3 auf den Markt gebracht. It will require more time to learn the correct movements, but then you’ll be able to sharpen on river stones, kitchen plates and everything else in emergency situations. I wonder if you could use stop collars and lift up the back end of the arm when sharpening the tip. "Please bare with me for my crappy English! The Sharpmaker from Spiderco, the Edge Pro, and the Wicked Edge. Rick aka Pensacola Tiger Founding Member Gold Contributor. So… after a wee bit of digging it appears that edge pro use Boride stones which cost around 1/3 as much as what Edge pro sell them for (see here: http://www.borideabrasives.com/product.php?prod=2751 $5 Vs $16 but you have to buy 6 or 12 at a time which wont be a problem for me). In italy for this we use opinel knives (inexpensive, light, carbon not inox blade), but you can use every knife. It can reach a super-fine edge on the blade (if you want to obtain the same from a stone you’ll have to spend at least 50€ for it) and it makes the bevel edge (more vantages than ordinary tri-angular shape). with 100$ you have a really good set of stones that lasts for years. I don’t suggest at all blades that are not “straight”. Posts. I have the old Jaws head and I do enjoy it, but the blade tends to favor one side. Why do some people put Shapton 30k edges on kitchen knives? I own many knives and I learned how to sharpen them by myself. Why would one put a mirror edge on a pocket knife? I think that if you want to obtain very good results, you have to buy at least 3 stones with 3 grains (coarse, medium, fine) from apex and they will be very expansive. Posted by. New RazoRock Jaws/D4 Fatboy. it works fine but it takes more time to sharpen a knife than a stone… if you have to re-profile the blade it will take an eternity. I've never owned one so I may be way off. I must admit the main appeal behind the Edge Pro type system is the speed at which you can put a good edge on a blade. They're showing off, to put it bluntly. So you recommend that instead I buy a set of good stones and learn to use them well?. If you buy a good set of stones (I recommend diamond sets, they don’t require manteinance or oil) with 3 grain, a leather strop with abrasive compund, you can obtain a blade that litterally splits the hair in half. Same as above, I have the edge pro apex and can get a ridiculous, near mirror edge on most knives. Edge Pro looks like a better thought out Lansky, but with the same hindrance of slowness. The best device you can buy for sharpening is an economic blade. IMO, this would be hard to do freehand. This topic has 7 replies, 6 voices, and was last updated 10/05/2017 at 5:00 am by Mark76. I like that WE has a very stepped grit stone process. If you look up madrookie. So, my favorite of all the systems is the Wicked Edge WE 130 with diamond lapping film. I own a sharpmaker – great product! How do you deal with single bevel knives or hamaguriba edges or the asymmetrical double beveled Japanese knives? 3. I've always liked my Lansky sharpener, but didn't like how long it took, or the guess work when finalizing the burr. The apex is imho a good purchase if you have to sharpen very expansive blades (such as limited editions, custom) without mistakes or scratching them. the apex is useful if you are a collector, if you want that the blades have a very very precise edge degrees and if you want that many blades have the same degrees. Same idea for single bevel knives, to knock off the burr from the flat side you have to use the EP stone off the machine like a finger stone. Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total) Author. All my reviews, in italian and english, here: Lumenreviews.com. I'll pass on the madrookie thanks. With no prior training within 5 minutes anyone can have an edge like that should they desire. And it’s more fun. Tormek, Edge Pro, Lansky, Spyderco Sharpsmaker even the WE100 and WE Pro just to name a few. Top of the line. They both do the same thing at the end of the day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvT2XMp0Slg. As Boride supply Edge Pro it is at least 1/2 the price for the same quality stones that the Edge Pro comes with. I use it to sharpen and maintain a collection of 27 knives (25 folders and two fixed blades) and it does do its intended job quite nicely. Without mentioning any names, here's an EdgePro edge on a Spyderco M390. i use the Taidea as my only sharpening system. What we have here is the first round of series of knock-down, drag-out fights between aftershaves that are inspired by the legendary Creed Green Irish Tweed cologne. I don't think it would degrade knife cutting performance but it could make it more fragile or reduce edge retention. A bit less expensive than wicked edge, but apparently (this use second hand information) the patent on the Edge Pro has run out and there are copies available at ridiculously low prices. Please teach me!!! Without apex you can do nothing. How can I avoid this from happening when I buy a bulk stock of my favorite blades from Amazon? When freehanding you have to lift the handle and change your angle in order to keep the same angle on the bevel. It's takes me a lot longer than 5min to mirror polish an edge, jig or freehand. I can't see a wicked edge getting a knife any sharper that it can, so I don't see the need to get a Wicked edge. Discussion in 'Sharpening forum' started by ackvil, Mar 26, 2014. ", http://goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21404022536672, Sharpening, Repairs, Handle Upgrades, Vintage Refurbs & More, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Curved blades are more difficult to sharp. I'd like to know the ID of the WE stones pass-through to see if I could adapt it. 09/29/2017 at 11:15 am #41284. cjb80202. As some people aren't aware of this or other things you can't do like pressure techniques for another example. As everyone should do. Also if you have economic blades, is imho stupid buy a 200$ sharpening sistem for 20$ blades. While I would love to own the original the $220+ that it would cost me here in NZ has put me off. Paradox, Mar 30, 2014 #23. I want to say it has a cheaper entry than the wicked edge as well. If you have to buy a stone I suggest Fallkniven DC4: affordable, has 2 grains (diamond for coarse ceramic for extra fine) and small size. Built quality of the diamond-coated stones is VERY good, of the other parts (red, grey, ..) cheap: hard plastic which will break if you drop it on bathroom tiles. Hey guys, I've owned and used the Wicked Edge (WE from now on) ProPack 1 for over a year now. You can take that edge to the next level with the Edge Pro but it’s easier and you have more options with the Wicked Edge. I can recommend it for normal-sized blades (Spyderco, SRM, Ganzo, ..) but not for very long or large blades nor for small-sized blades (MT's, SAK's).
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