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A Sustainable Choice for Small Spaces. The leaves of a related species, E. texana (Texas kidneywood) are macerated (soaked) in water and the cold tea is drunk to relieve kidney problems (Quattrocchi, 2012). E. texana can be kept pruned into a small, rugged tree... very attractive. Eysenhardtia texana, commonly known as Texas kidneywood, bee-brush, or vara dulce, is a species of small flowering tree in the legume family, Fabaceae.It is found from south-central Texas south to northern San Luis Potosí in the Rio Grande Valley region of south Texas–Northeastern Mexico, and the species ranges into the eastern Chihuahuan Desert areas of Coahuila. Texas Kidneywood. Kidneywood - A Native Tree. About Civano; Team; Blog; Press & Awards; Contact Us; House Plants; Texas Kidneywood – Eysenhardtia texana. Mine has been vigorous & indestructible. Many pollinators flock to them, & they're reportedly good honey plants. Tree & Shrubs; Plant catalog; Gardening; Catalog; About. Photo by Don Glentzer. A study evaluated the in vitro acaricidal (tick-killing) effect of two types of compounds known as coatlines and matlalines, extracted from kidneywood. They're all rangy, tough shrubs with sweet-smelling white flowers after summer rain. Plant a small tree! The bush is called Texas Kidneywood, Bee-Brush and Vara Dulce. Data Source and Documentation : About our new maps. It's EYSENHARDTIA TEXANA, native to dry, rocky, calcareous (limestone) soils of arid northern Mexico and in the US only found in south-central and southwestern Texas. Texas Kidneywood – Eysenhardtia texana. Catalog. Eysenhardtia texana. by Greg Corman, Owner Corman Art and Landscape Design Got a small space? Texas Kidneywood is the NorthEastern version of this shrub, with E. polystachya & E. orthocarpa to the South & West in Mexico. Tree: Native Status: L48 N: Fact Sheet. You are here: Home. Height: 5 – 12 feet Width: 3 – 10 feet Bloom color: White Flowering season: Spring, Summer, Fall USDA minimum zone: 8 Cold hardiness: 15° F . With a delicate open and airy foliage, growing six to nine feet, the Texas kidneywood provides charming ornamental value. Native: Introduced: Both: Absent/Unreported: Native, No County Data: Introduced, No County Data: Both, No County Data: Native Status: L48 : AK : HI : PR : VI : NAV : CAN : GL : SPM : NA : Images. The Texas kidneywood is a small, airy, ornamental tree which blossoms generously and attracts bees and butterflies.
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