I beg to differ on the definition of rift vs. quartersawn. The smell of non-bacterially infected oak, red or white, is the same to most people. Red oak and white oak are in the same family, but have very different characteristics. The wood's variations are more noticeable when used with lighter finishes. I'm looking for feedback. The smell of non-bacterially infected oak, red or white, is the same to most people. (Furniture Making Forum) You may be able to see the difference with the naked eye, but holding the pieces up to a light makes it easy to see the difference. Check out more videos on understanding wood. A local supplier has rift sawn red oak and quarter sawn white oak. Rustic versions of red oak cabinets have intense … Red oak is porous and has open grains. Comment from contributor S: Or should I use the red oak? Here’s the solution to the red vs white question. Is the rift sawn oak a suitable alternative? Rift sawn boards are such that the growth rings are 75-90 degrees from the wide side of the board. Want to know about the medium you’re working with all the time? Cut a short piece of each, put the end of each piece, one at a time, in a glass of water. And, being close grained, white oak is a great choice for things you don’t want to leak, like boats and whiskey barrels. Also, white oak lumber is generally more uniform in color (light brown-beige heartwood), whereas red oak has more variation between … Cut a thin section off the end of the board and have a close look at it. However, white oak is often bacterially infected, giving it another smell. Of course in some limit case we need an other way . Red Oak, especially Glacial Northern Red Oak, is a very uniform “Wheat color” and will stain evenly without significant color variation. You may be able to see the difference with the naked eye, but holding the pieces up to a light makes it easy to see the difference. For a different look in your shop-made pens, try any of the various counter-top materials. To an untrained eye, red oak and white oak might look quite similar, but if you look … You can crosscut and make repetitive cuts on large sheets of plywood like you would on…, George Vondriska demonstrates how to use an Epilog laser engraver to etch text and pictures on items in your woodworking workshop. The end grain of white oak, not so much. Sapwood inherently has fewer tyloses than heartwood. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Being that the rails a stiles are narrow, the quarter sawn figure would not be as dramatic as if it were a larger area like a solid top or paneled sides. I am not aware that this charcoal imparts flavor. Use the same pieces and a blowgun. Unfortunately simply looking at the boards may not give you enough information to tell the difference between the two. Today in the workshop, though, George Vondriska demonstrates some of the handy woodworking techniques you can employ with a combination panel saw and router machine. You may already know that white oak is a better choice than red oak for outdoor projects. The rays in red oak are no longer than 3/4" long. For whiskey, the barrels are heavily charred on the inside and this gives the dark color to the alcohol. You can’t see light through white oak. I am uncertain about white oak vs. red oak. The end grain of white oak, not so much. Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account, Versatility of a Panel Saw and Router Machine Combo, Woodworking Blog Posts, Articles & Videos to Build Your Skills. However, for wine barrels the oak does give flavor as the barrels are usually not charred heavily but are charred lightly. You can’t see light through white oak. Red oak cabinets stain evenly. When you do this test make sure the pores aren’t simply filled with sawdust, which could make red oak look like white oak. The end grain of red oak is very porous. Red oak looks like an open honeycomb, with light filtering through. Grain and Rays. Also, if they sit for a while white oak will oxadise and turn yellow. And you’re sure to get a lot from our helpful shop tips, too. Also, I have been advised to use quarter sawn oak for a superior figure. It’s more prone to shrink than white oak. Question If not it’s White Oak. From contributor V: And, cut your sample from the heartwood, not sapwood, of the board. Forum Responses White oak generally has softer texture/tighter grain (annual rings closer together) than red oak. It would be hard to take a electric miter saw to the lumber yard. Not only do they result in a beautiful pen, but you can get your materials for little or no money. The usual purposes for red oak are often quite different than those for white oak. If you can blow bubbles through it it is Red Oak. The end grain of red oak is very porous. Red oak cabinets feature a wood grain that is characterized by prominent straight lines, arches and points. Chestnut oak is not used for barrels for that reason. Red oak isn’t really red, and white oak isn’t really white. Laser Engraver provided by Epilog Laser. Another supplier, further away has quarter sawn red and white oak. White oak has "heavier" fleck. That’s because the pores of white oak are filled with tyloses. Compared to birch or maple, red oak finishes and stains easily and doesn’t have blotching problems. Thanks for the information. Red oak looks like an open honeycomb, with light filtering through. I am ready to start a small display cabinet made from oak. To further illustrate, if one were to slab off an entire log on a band mill, only the board that contains the center of the log and maybe the board above and below that one are truly riftsawn. This is easily proven by the usual comment that there is less fleck in riftsawn lumber than in quartersawn lumber due to the fact that the cut does not intersect the rays in the log, but runs parallel to them most of the time. Thankyou so much for such an easy and simple way to distinguish from white to red oak. Red oak is well suited for furniture, flooring, cabinets, cabinet doors and paneling, and is available at most home centers. Red oak is porous as stated, but so is some white oak, including chestnut oak. Blow air thru them. Rift sawn will be more stable to resist twisting of the narrow rails a stiles. That’s because the pores of white oak are filled with tyloses. The floor is a Mannington Chesapeake Hickory Plank, a warm medium red-brown. Contemporary white oak is still sought after and used more exclusively than red oak for fine furniture, architectural moldings and trim. White Oak being closed grained tends to be more challenging to stain evenly. A Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Most people think you can only use a panel saw to crosscut sheet stock. It is interesting to understand the properties of the wood and is usage. For more information, visit www.epiloglaser.com More Videos from Epilog: Cutting Templates and Inlays With a Laser Engraver. The next few are quartersawn and the outermost from the center will be plainsawn. I would use rift sawn red oak. I read you can identify the two oaks by the size of the shiny veins they have RED have small ones and WHITE have large ones. In white oak, many are 1-1/2" long. That’s because tyloses are sealing up those pores so the wood can’t wick up water. In fact, white oak is air dried for two years and the wood then emits a vanilla odor and gives this flavor to wine. August 17, 2009. Can I fill and stain the white oak to a nice color and finish? And no, looking at the color of the boards won’t do it. If you really want a cool science experiment, cut off a piece of each oak about 3 inches long and put one end in a glass of water and blow on the other end. The rift sawn will give a look of being taller than it is with straight grain. Master woodworker George Vondriska teaches you some helpful woodworking tips for successfully using the belt sander. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Red Oak, being a porous wood tends to take stain evenly without blotching. Dust Collection, Safety and Plant Operation, Job Opportunities and Woodworking Services, Furnituremakers consider the choice between Red Oak and White Oak for a display cabinet. The red oak will show bubbles in the water because your breath is traveling through the open pores.
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