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what can you see at 400x magnification
If necessary, adjust the fine focus. In one particular cell’s nucleus, the chromatin has condensed so much that it can be seen using a light microscope. If you have prepared slides of cell divisions, then you are able to see the individual chromosomes quite well. 3. 400x: This magnification is useful for looking inside cells. More magnification will not make it better. The depth of field is now small and you … Select the 400x magnification. The mitochondria and lysosomes and others may be visible as "granules" in the cytoplasm, Sometimes if there is a lot of ER or Golgi, some stains will show them as just darkly stained regions, but you can… Also, the cell walls in the onion root were barely visible, but the nuclei were very clear. Pretty much all you can distinguish at 400x are the plasmalemma and nucleus and cytoplasm. In fact, more magnification always means the image is more blurry, not more crisp - it's always a compromise between size and blurriness that decides the optimal magnification… The stage that the cell is currently in is prophase. You should be able to make out that sperm is present with 100x (10x X 10x), and should be able to see individual sperm at 400x… As you can see, magnification is never an issue for you. This was all seen in 400X total magnification. The individual chambers you see are cells, the smallest functional unit of an organism. In contrast, the minimum magnification … You can do this in two ways: (1) scope’s aperture in inches multiplied by 50 or (2) focal length of aperture in millimeters times two. Aside from that, you can also compute for the theoretical maximum magnification of your scope. 2. Now, what do you see? Most microscopes you can buy at Toy R Us are 10x eyepiece with 4x, 10x, and 40x lenses.
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