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western approaches to business ethics
4 Sequential Steps for Staffing of an Organization for Managerial or Non-Managerial Positions. Some belief that abortion should be encouraged in our society other feel it is taking of human life. This is noted to be unethical to business and to workers who are being paid below the minimum wages because according to the labor law, all workers must be paid minimum wage and when workers are paid below the minimum wages it is termed to be unfair. Should the officer arrest the drug users? Report a Violation, Business Ethics: Notes on Business Ethics. If a business follows ethics it will achieve the business objective and the business will be successful. The ethical issues that can affect a business operational activities of a business today in our society can be describe as what is a happening in today’s business. These records constitute the first historical evidence of the origins of ethics. For example, “not breaking a promise” would be a good principle for everyone to follow. Different Approaches towards Ethical Behaviour in Business: There are different ways of thinking about ethical behaviour. Doing what is right is obeying your duties and the rule that guide a business. DEVELOPMENT: When business is done properly by an organisation and the organisation ensure business ethics is practice within the organisation, both the organisation and the stakeholders work together to ensure things are done properly there will be development in the organisation which will result development of the organisation. This as to do with ethical issues relating to health care provider who are in charge of health care of individual or group of people. An act would be considered moral if it produced more satisfaction than dissatisfaction for society. Principilism focuses on moral principles namely autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice. BUSINESS GOAL: It helps the organisation to achieve common goal, organisation and stakeholders practice ethical value which help to achieve common goal. The first approach reconciles ethical values with economic goals. Conventional Approach to Business Ethics• Conventional approach to business ethics involves a comparison of a decision or practice to prevailing societal norms – Pitfall: ethical relativismDecision or Practice Prevailing Norms 8. In deontology our duties, rules and obligation is according to God wishes. EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE: This will lead to employees’ performance in term of productivity and also it will result into cordial relationship between the employees and all the stakeholders with an organisation. Plagiarism Prevention 4. This approach views behaviour as respecting and protecting fundamental human rights, equal treatment under law and so on. Cambridge Core - Business Ethics Quarterly - Volume 7 - Western Religious Approaches to Business Ethics. MARKETPLACE ADVANTAGES: A business that is done in a manner that is appropriate and follow the business ethics by conducting itself in a good and reputable ways has the advantages of taken over the marketplace and dominating the market environment and be the major player in the industry. For example, Sikhs are allowed to wear turbans instead of putting on a hat as required by Royal Canadian Police, because of their religious beliefs. Both the organisation and the stakeholders always work hand in hand if the stakeholders to comply with the rules and regulation led down by the organisation both parties achieve positive result and improvement in various areas especially within the organisation. These can be simply described as command, consequences and character. MORAL OBJECTIVISM: This can be describe as what is morally wrong or right in term of the behavioral attitude of a person. If we obey our duties we are doing morally things and if we fail to follow our duties we are doing immoral things. Some of these rights are set forth in documents such as Bill of Rights in America and U.N. BUSINESS FAILIURE: A business that has a bad reputation and will have a negative effect on the business, the business will lose some of its potential customers and sales will drop which can result into closing up of the business since they are not operating ethically. An extension of Emotive theory puts focus an the integrity of the person. For example, not paying the money to someone whom you owe may make you happy but it disrupts the social system of fairness and equity thus making the society as a whole unhappy. In order for us to make moral choice, we have to know our moral duties and how we can adjust to those duties. ABSOLUTE ETHICS: The belief that there is only one truth and code of conduct which people generally belief in, which everyone obey and is the truth and everyone must obey it and people must be aware of it. Ethical behaviour of people doing business is very important in our society. Christians from most church traditions are agreed that the Bible plays an essential role in determining our understanding of such commands and principles. These are fact that and this is not individual physical facts, or what we feel or assume to be morally fact. 3) Why is it important to study ethics in business, and what is the foundation and history of business ethics and theory? Privacy Policy 8. It was also noted that BP was spending money on project instead of spending money on safety of lives of its employees. The general belief is that it is wrong to say that one culture or belief of individual is superior to another culture. Ethics is a set of moral principles that a business should follow and values that a business should embraced in order for a business to be successful. Stealing is unethical. In some organisation they do not want to employ female because they believe that they will not work according to the rules and regulation of the organisation, they believe that they will always want to be on leave while they are pregnant or take maternity leave which might not be good for the organisation because they think while they are suppose to be at work they will be on leave which will be a setback for the organisation. Should he be loyal to his brother or to his job? [8] C. Raiborn, M. Massoud, R. Morris, and C. Pier (2007), Ethics of Options Repricing and Backdating: Banishing Greed from Corporate Governance and Management. Some businesses are formed for money making venture while some are formed because they want to make money and at the same time want to give its customers maximum satisfaction. The following are the business objectives that are affected by ethical considerations: Business cannot operate without the stakeholders they contribute immensely to development of an organisation. It offers a difficult choice. How to Build Ethical Culture in an Organization? CONSEQUENTIALISM: This is the theories which result into the consequences of a particular action which has a valid and moral judgement about the action. It was noted that the company was endangering its employee’s safety by cost cutting. Expand and open more branches and make names because there are so many organisations that are competing with one another so most organisation want to offer the best customers service to all its customers and offer good customers satisfaction to all its customers all time because of strive market competition. Some organisation are flexible and the working conditions and how they treat their employees is base on the policies adopted by the organisation, they make sure that the environment in which their employees operate is safe and accident free and the make sure employees undergo training on health and safety so that they do not risk their lives in case there is danger at work, they make sure they let them know the implication of risks and danger at work which are some of the things organisations should let their employees know before they start working. Character, motivations and intentions must be consistent with the principles accepted by society as ethical. The issues are that the management of BP did not take safety of its employees as their priority and also the management of BP did not understand the safety culture within the organisation. Business ethics can be described as principle and standard that is guiding behavior of people in the business.
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