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wendy's logo hidden message
At the heart of today’s most successful and innovative companies is design. This logo’s subliminal message isn’t so hidden, but we still love it anyway! Tweet. Posted on July 17, 2013. Evil corporate bastards. The “C” in the name is an artful chicken. Share. Settle down conspiracists - nobody's out to steal you away from Mom's home-cooked meals. Share. Many had suspected that Wendy's new logo, released last year, contained the word "Mom" in the ruffles on the red-headed girl's shirt. BuzzFeed Staff. The word was noticed by Brand New, the design blog, and by StockLogos, the commercial logo web site.. Hidden Message in Wendy’s Logo (No Ratings Yet) Loading... Share. The New Wendy's Logo Has A Dark Hidden Message. Stock Logos suggests that the subliminal message takes advantage of men’s love for their mother’s cooking. By Daniel June. Wendy's close up. Design. The design blog Stock Logos has suggested that Wendy’s new logo intentionally hid the word “MOM” in Wendy’s shirt collar, see post at “Hidden message in the new Wendy’s logo? There’s a secret message hidden in the new Wendy’s logo. by copyranter. What you probably didn’t know is that the founder of this popular fast food company paid $50 for this logo, which was originally drawn out on a napkin. Yeah, right. Wendy’s later claimed the hidden message was unintentional. 254 Views. ” (July 13, 2013). Wendy's restaurants said on Monday that it had not purposely hidden a secret message in the shirt collar worn by their red-headed mascot. Email. From our Obsession. Wendy's unveiled a new logo for its restaurant chain four months ago but eagle-eyed diners are spotting a hidden message within the red-haired logo. Chick-fil-A. Wendy's is claiming that the "MOM" in Wendy's collar is unintentional. Wendy's.
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