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vocational education system in bangladesh
Assignment on Village Resource Mapping and Transect, Annual Report 2014-2015 of Rallis India Limited, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measurement in Macroeconomics, Report on Investment Corporation of Bangladesh, Annual Report 2010-2011 of Hinduja Global Solutions Limited, Historical Study of Madrasah Education in Bangladesh, Poverty Reduction Programme in Bangladesh Government, Mainly due to time constraint this study is not very informative, resourceful, elaborate and analytical, Allocation of time for the study purpose during the 102 Foundation Training Course of the NationalAcademy for Educational Management (NAEM). 1) Infrastructure planning for Vocational Education Edited -by Dev Raj singh. As in neighboring India, Bangladesh’s higher education system features only few degree-granting universities, but it does have many smaller affiliated teaching institutions called colleges. At present various government and non-government development organizations are trying to upgrade the backward people of the society. The researcher was not able to have a large sample from all the countries. This study covers very small sample, which might not represent the over-all situation of vocational education and poverty reduction. 4. Development of new skills, both in agriculture and industry, and participation in various crafts can help the learners achieve this purpose. a.       ICT should be included in the vocational education to implement the programmes effectively and efficiently. k.     Contact hours a day will be two and half hours and six days a week, Teachers will set class time through discussion with the community in a flexible manner. During this time the variable underlying the investigation were kept in mind. vi)              No any examination fear. Is it that they have chosen to remain poor or they are poor because they are poor mentally, physically, economically and environmentally? ♦        Most of the employers are satisfied with the performance of the vocational graduates. This leads not only to personal frustration but to lowered efficiency and manpower wastage. To complicate things further, local education is controlled by … Several units of Muslim Aid Institute of Technology (MAIT) have been established to implement TVET and skills promotion activities. So the sample was drawn from a specified area and on which the result of the study was generalized. Inequalities, stereotypes and conservative attitudes have for long defined the work market in Bangladesh, disadvantaging the employment of certain groups of the workforce (mainly women and young people) in modern high-wage jobs. i) Information and  knowledge about environment, ii) Knowledge about social, economic, scientific and technological changes in the environment in which the learners live  and will work. viii)         Sometimes a minimum course fees are taken. ♦        66.67% of respondents have effect of vocational education for self-employment. The Bangladeshi education system is unusually complex in that primary, middle, senior and tertiary education are oriented towards general, madresh (religious) or technical / vocational preferences Even private schools and universities are heavily subsidized – in fact the constitution decrees that children between ages 6 and 10 shall pay nothing. I took help from different books journals newspaper articles, and reports which have been mentioned in the selected Bibliography. Administering – Non- formal education. Statement of the problem : Besides this some helps were taken from NGOs. i)       To evaluate vocational education for skill development. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Reform in Bangladesh The TVET Reform Project is an initiative of the Government of Bangladesh, assisted by the International Labour Organisation and funded by the European Union. 7. However, by this term paper which is specially prepared as a compulsory part of foundation training course, future researchers could be encouraged. ♦        Most of the respondents are able to fulfill the basic needs and other facilities of the family. The goal is to ensure Bangladesh’s competitiveness in the global market and reduce poverty by improving the quality of vocational educational and training. This term paper studies the role of vocational education in poverty reduction. IntroductIon Job sectors should be attractive for these  who receive VE. The Bangladeshi education system is one of the largest in the world with 21.9 million children in kindergartens and primary schools. They enjoy a minimum access to recreation. m.      School management committees will decide on issues related to vocational education. Table-5: Uses of Instrument for recreation. All the respondents’ opinion have been collected in the following tables. In this regard structured and open ended questionnaire related to respondent’s socio-economic condition, VE and poverty were used. Ø       Most of the VE receivers are able to get necessary heath and hygiene measures, suitable housing facilities and employment. 63.33%   respondents do   not   achieve  proper   practical knowledge in their respective institutions. Education System in Bangladesh. iii) Elementary principles of health, hygiene, child-care and nutrition. One way to avoid this and to place young persons in more suitable employment is by the use of the techniques of vocational guidance. The National Skills Development System in Bangladesh … l.        Teachers will be closely supervised and followed up and participatory monitoring technique will be applied as per frequency for knowing the progress based on planned actions. They have even become apathetic to any positive change. But the question arises why they are poor? The world bank development report 1990 defines poverty as the “inability to sustain a minimum standard of living”. Òwkÿv gš¿Yvjq, wkÿv Dbœqb g¨vbyqvjÓ, †m‡Þ¤^i, 1996|, nvwg` jwZd Avey, DcvbyôvwbK wkÿv I mgvR wkÿv, evsjv GKv‡Wgx, 1999|.
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