(F&F pp. 1962 Crestwood Custom in Polaris White, 3+3 tuners. Emperor, Emperor Regent, Zephyr Emperor Regent archtops, Deluxe, Deluxe Regent, Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent (and Empire) archtops, Caiola, Caiola Custom, Caiola Standard electric archtops (thinline), Granada, Granada Cutaway electric archtop (thinline), FT Deluxe and FT210 Deluxe cutaway flattop, Crestwood, Crestwood Custom electric solidbody, Olympic, Olympic Double, Olympic 3/4 electric solidbodies. Epiphone Professional thinline fully hollow electric archtop. Note in 1937-1939 Epiphone sold a model called the Collectibility Rating: 2 pickup NY part model: B, 2 pickup Gibson part model: C+, trapeze tailpiece, dot fingerboard inlays, center dip pickguard, NOTE: Epiphone named their archtops Masterbilt. Blond finish available with white mahogany wood. 24, 92, 105, 259, 260), Apollo sold in  the UK (courtesy www.guitarhq.com), Catalog 1932 : Masterbilt quality statement            Catalog 1939 : A day at the factory, Reconstructing the 1931 Masterbilt model lineup. ARCHTOP PRODUCTION TOTALS Mini-humbucker pickups replace New York pickups. 1960-1962 Epiphone Coronet, second generation. Collectibility Rating: 3+3 tuner models: C+, Batwing peghead model: D. Epiphone Coronet solidbody electric. angled side rectangle fingerboard inlays. Control plate with push buttons discontinued. nickel plated parts, dot fingerboard inlays, vibrato optional, 1965: Asymmetrical body with bass horn slightly longer than treble horn fingerboard, sloted block fingerboard inlays, walnut finish on 17 3/8" wide body with laminated spruce or maple top. letter logo, wandering ving peghead inlay, unbound peghead. 13" wide, flat top, arched back, mahogany back and sides, Collectibility Rating: C. 1931 Tudor introduction. fingerboard inlay, 24 3/4" scale, Frequensator tailpiece personal favorite of mine. 1964: 3/4 scale length version discontinued, 6 on a side "batwing" peghead, 1964 Wilshire with a stop tailpiece and the "cheap amp" knobs. Epiphone Emperor (acoustic), Zephyr Emperor Regent (electric) archtops. oval fingerboard inlays (like a Windsor). trapeze tailpiece, unbound elevated pickguard, single bound top Zephyr Emperior Regent (cutaway) model available It cost less than the Olympic and had a mix of features Collectibility Rating: D+. Abalone wedge in 3 segment "V" block fingerboard inlay. rounded top pehead, brown finish, tenor available. dropped, leaving only the acoustic cutaway model available. peghead logo, and no fingerboard binding. 1963-1969 Epiphone Coronet, third generation But a bit too weird for most collectors, and with the single pickup of the tremolo. 1933 Olympic specs: 13 5/8" wide, trapeze tailpiece, rounded end fingerboard with dot inlays, rounded non-peak peghead, sunburst finish. The Gibson-made version is much like a J-45. Epiphone vintage guitars general info and collecting. Epiphone Beverly archtop. Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe solidbody electric. Collectibility Rating: D--. is the key reason it has any collectibility. 1958-1959 Epiphone Coronet, first generation. 1 pickup with oblong housing and metal cover in bridge position. Collectibility Rating: 2 pickup model: C+, 1 pickup model: D-. For the production of cutaway models see: close-up 41. Collectibility Rating: C. 1949: 17 3/8" wide carved top, 25.5" scale, frequensator tailpiece, single bound pickguard, Epiphone "Elitist" logo on back of headstock "Snake Eyes" dice inlay on 12th fret 2-ply Black & White Traditional Firebird shaped truss rod cover "Epiphone Dwight Trash" in silver silkscreen on truss rod cover Neck joins at 16th fret 12" fingerboard radius 24.75" scale 1.68" nut width Binding: Mahogany body, 2 pickups, tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece, elevated pickguard, no body binding, dot fingerboard inlays, Square control plate with radial markings. 1965: Granada Cutaway introduced with single sharp cutaway. Epiphone Blackstone archtop. fingerboard inlays, flower peghead inlay, gold plated parts, Maestro vibrato optional. Pictures, history for epiphone vintage guitars. 1966: Caiola Standard introduced with 2 P-90 pickups, single bound top, The Emperor (single cutaway) is the rarest of the thinlines (66 made). Multiple bound top, single bound top and fingerboard. Up for sale, a 1962 Epiphone Texan in exceptional condition. Unlike the raft of reissue models, this is a genuine vintage Texan, manufactured by Gibson in the USA at their Kalamazoo factory and crafted right alongside Gibson's J-45, with identical body dimensions. 1937 Tudor discontinued. Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: A, Electric Cutaway model: C, Blade pickup with oblong housing and metal cover/handrest in bridge position. never has this option). of tone variations for a one pickup guitar), which work through the 1/4" jack. Inked serial number a la solidbody Gibsons. center dip peghead. Electric Cutaway model: C-, Acoustic Non-Cutaway model: C+. Collectibility Rating: Acoustic Cutaway model: B+, Collectibility Rating: D-. Epiphone was a premier manufacturer within the archtop field before it was bought by Gibson in the late-'50s, and the firm produced enough instruments that they are still widely available and (relatively) affordable on the vintage market. 1950 Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent specs: 1951 Zephyr Deluxe, Zephyr Deluxe Regent specs: 1961 Epiphone Zephyr Natural E311TN thinline with Gibson mini-humbuckers. Epiphone Deluxe (acoustic), Zephyr Deluxe (electric), Electric Epi's have little collectibility because of their plywood construction. Same fully hollow archtop. Epiphone Century electric archtop. The Empire is the tenor version of the Deluxe and was available from 1931 to 1939. and back, dot fingerboard inlays, script Epi logo with tail underneath, Collectibility Rating: D--. PAF mini-humbuckers. 3 segment "V" block pearl fingerboard inlay. cherry neck blond finish. On-par with Gibson's L-5, but not nearly as collectible because the 1961 Gibson-made Epiphone Casino, royal tan. in Olive sunburst. pickguard, flower headstock inlay, V-block pearl/abalone 1959 Gibson-made Epiphone Century. Epiphone Royal archtop. Epiphone Caiola, Caiola Custom, Caiola Standard thinline electric 1937 Olympic specs: 15 1/4" wide, standard "f" holes. Aside from these two brands, there is also evidence of an Ideal and an Apollo. The 1959/1960 models don't sound as loud and Gibson made ("Frontier" added to FT110 model name). Epiphone Wilshire solidbody electric. (Fisch & Fred, pp. Introduced 1962. natural top finish (some sunburst). Collectibility Rating: D-. 1942 Olympic specs: script peghead logo with tail underneath. (still with sharper tips than other Epi solidbody models), vibrato standard. 1968: Walnut finish only for Caiola Custom. Collectibility Rating: D. Epiphone Devon archtop. Epiphone Olympic archtop. There is one volume and one tone knob and 5 tone switches (giving a lot Green Silver-fox finish optional (a translucent green finish with silver pore filler). Epi's version of the ES-335, but uglier. reverb and one for the tremolo, one rotary knob for controlling the amount Two knobs mounted on circular "MasterVoicer" control plate. with 3 New York pickups, 2 knobs, control plate with 6 small pushbuttons. The 1961/1962 models really rock because of the 3+3 tuner configuration. Pearl peghead logo replaces metal plate logo. For the earliest Epiphone models (< SN 5400) see : Reconstructing the 1931 Masterbilt model lineup . So essentially the guitar is fully functional without and discontinued in 1950. metal peghead logo, 24 3/4" scale, tuneamatic bridge, trapeze tailpiece, Collectibility Rating: Epi-made: C-, Gibson-made: C+. Symmetrical slab body with square body edges, 1 3/4" deep. Available about 1938 only. Picture from Folkway Music. Melita bridge is not original. multiple bound rosewood fingerboard, cloud fingerboard inlays, Discontinued 1970 (later available in Japanese-made line). and back and fingerboard, dot fingerboard inlays, Masterbilt peghead, powerful, but have a more jazzy and mellow tone. Epiphone Olympic Special solidbody electric. Epiphone Riviera thinline electric semi-hollow archtop.
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