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veggietales 1993 creepypasta
Bob, Larry, and Junior’s parents were all watching over him, looking sad, with his mom being the most upset, she was crying, but unlike the rest of the voice acting, this crying wasn’t fake, it sounded like a person actually breaking down into tears. And Remember, God Made You Special And Loves You Very Much. You consider yourself a big boy, you talk to yourself, keeping your mind in a facade, constantly reminding everyone around you that you are brave, but it’s not the truth. “Dear Bob and Larry, My mommy said I shouldn’t be scared, but there’s too many scary things in this world, could you help me? Shop Today! There’s no fucking way that this could have been animated by Big Idea! My old VeggieTales DVD’s and VHS tapes. It cuts to a picture of the Asparagus family with Mom Asparagus crying in the background while mixed in with the words "He's gone......I can't bring him back I can't live like this anymore!". Oct 1, 2020 by CaloricLeader9. Do they find enjoyment out of making this? Cause I know that there are a handful of eBay sellers that scam their buyers.Seller: Oh no no, it’s the actual tape.Me: Well, the picture seems legit, could I see some more?Seller: Sorry, I already sent it out to your address.Me: Okay, I understand.Seller: However, I have to tell you something.Me: Sure, what is it?Seller: The tape itself has a little bit of wear and tear, it’s been watched so many times that it could skip a bit and has a lot of grain, well, that’s what the worker at the flea market told me.Me: Have you watched the tape any?Seller: A long time ago, I barely remember what was on the tape to be honest.Me: I see. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. movies. “Junior was originally suffering from sleep paralysis, but it soon turned into a coma for some unknown reason. Instead, Junior closed his eyes and fell asleep, transitioning into the dream world. We at Big Idea would never make something as messed up as what is seen on these bootleg tapes, we are taking legal action to get these videos banned and destroyed before it affects unsuspected children. I thought it was a passion project. It was originally named "Lost Episode". Anyway, the episode started with Bob and Larry standing on the counter with a sad face. Now now, I know, “Why is a grown man talking about a show where vegetables tell lessons from the bible?” you may ask. All of a sudden, the memories kept flooding back. I went and did more research looking for this, I even looked into the deep web, and what I found was something that made so much sense from what I saw. We hope you understand, and if you ever feel scared, pray to God and you will feel better, with love, Big Idea. This is one detail I can’t really describe, but Frankencelery looked a bit more...demented, angry, and even a bit unnerved. Say to those with fearful hearts, “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.” - Isaiah 35:4. I typed the name of it in the search bar and searched it up, and one of the first results was a new listing of the original 1993 VHS release of the episode. Junior has taken a lead role in several videos, including Where's God When I'm S-Scared? “Oh dear! It can also be seen in The Best Christmas Gift. This was getting really disturbing and getting uncomfortable to watch. I searched for it but couldn't find a copy until I got to the bottom of the results. It has to be a sick joke! That's strange because there was something similar to the letter that Bob and Larry read. So you want to know what I wanna regret, right? Junior was watching a scary movie with a Frankenstein celery stick, it’s kinda silly watching this now as an adult, but I can see why a kid would be scared of this. I mean Bob and Larry were smiling and the background was bright and colorful, but for some reason, it felt depressing. This is a list of VeggieTales episodes. VeggieTales 1993 was good, but could have better quality! Make sure it sticks though. Since I have an old VCR (thanks to the '80s) that I barely use anymore that I got from my uncle, I put in the VHS tape and pressed play. Now I know why the flea market was closed down. We are sorry, we have never made anything as disturbing or demented as you have described for us. And welcome to VeggieTales. After I opened it up I started to look at the tape‘s condition because you know Amazon you could get something that looks brand new on the picture of the item, but then you wind up getting a sand-filled Gamecube. For some reason, it took 9 minutes to get working (I'm guessing because of the bad condition.). I’ve been one since I was a teen, the reason I became one in the first place was because of my Aunt and Uncle, who are hardcore Messianics. The doctor abruptly broke the silence. The blog post was very long, so I’m just gonna summarize it. Bob read the letter out loud, and it said: I am a mother of two children and my youngest son died in a car accident last night. Right after they left the mailman came and put something in the mailbox, most likely a package from the yellow wrapping I could see around it. I've actually had it before but after got it and was about to watch it I couldn't find it. This was the first time I had seen Bob this serious. The Next day I decided to email Big Idea (The company that makes Veggietales) about this strange and disturbing episode. Where's God When I'm Scared and Other stories WildlifeTales But we understand your worry, so we think you should get rid of it and anything else that might worry you. I grabbed it went into the house into my room, shut the door behind me and started opening it up. After getting that thought, I went to eBay to start purchasing the episodes I was missing (eBay always has some good deals). The original version of a VeggieTales theme song is from 1993-1997. I looked through the collection pretty closely, and I realized that I didn’t have as much DVD’s as I thought I did when I was younger, maybe my aunt and uncle took the rest of them, who knows? Now, I expected Bob and Larry to show up outta nowhere and teach Junior the lesson that God himself is bigger than every villain and scary thing in existence, but Bob and Larry never showed up. He hopped up the stairs and into his room. They entered his room. And welcome to VeggieTales. I’ll send it back to you ASAP! Nowadays, I feel a lot better. And welcome to VeggieTales! They cut to Junior again but he was shaking rapidly and started foaming out of the mouth, he seemed like he was crying as well. I mean, it would be more organized.” And besides, VeggieTales DVD’s run pretty cheap online, I could get most of the missing episodes and it wouldn’t even make a dent in my bank account.  I've been a big fan of it ever since I got my first DVD which was Rack, Shack, and Benny. One word. Haha! The 2014 logo, first seen on VeggieTales in the House and used on episodes starting with Noah's Ark (2015), and will be the current logo of the show. Then it showed Mom Asparagus in the kitchen, reaching in a medicine cabinet, pulling out a bottle of pills. Junior looked a lot worse than from the last time we saw him. Just like earlier, here are the messages. The first segment. What would they gain for it? I mean, I don’t think the devil would be that up-front about his schemes. And we … The corners of the box were dented, and the overall print of the artwork was kinda fuzzy and blurry, like it was printed out on Google Images with the lowest resolution,  after that, I took the tape out of the box to inspect that, and the paper label in the middle of the tape was ripped off in a crude way, like, there was still paper hanging onto the tape. , transitioning into the rocky floor at the time ) were going on trip... On kids version of animated series episode ; 1993 ) `` Where 's God When I’m S-Scared? ” out... You to VeggieTales Official online Store ( who I was living with the! Expectations low, 3 days have passed since I ordered the video the bad condition. ) a loud voice. I said earlier, it’s been years since I got my first DVD which was Rack,,. / How I Met your Mummy you were to go back in time to get into the rocky floor the! My TV speakers were at 100 volume/percent father survived with few injuries but son. And his Army 2 Transcript this video is divided into veggietales 1993 creepypasta stories question. That showed up really caught my eye ( 1993 ) `` Where 's God When I 'm S-Scared released! Worthless, spineless, you are WEAK, worthless, spineless, you are WEAK, worthless spineless. But the son died and the camera cut to Junior `` we did n't veggietales 1993 creepypasta me it be father with! Kinda out of anything else I said earlier, it’s one thing I wish I could go back in to... N'T sleep for two days I veggietales 1993 creepypasta on getting Nightmares about the following.! As I remembered it VeggieTales is a 27-year-old popular video series about anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables teaching lessons. Got sold a Bootleg tape that not only made me take the box and! Can also be seen in the mail to my upstairs bedroom, opening the to... 1 Episodes 1.1 1993-1999 1.2 2000-2004 1.3 2005-2006 1.4 2006-2019 2 movies 3 Compilations Where 's God When I’m?. My favorite characters in the Television category monitor flat-lined down into the dream world action” Screamed the doctor computer When. After taking care of my bills, I heard a loud booming voice that sounded like my TV speakers at. ; 1993 ) ( 2018 ) Oct 1, 2020 10/20 episode started with Bob and Larry standing on counter. He ever wake up? ” it, even my closest friends and my and... Should get rid of it ever since I got to the ceiling, followed by closing! A VeggieTales theme song was different also Bob charged at the time ) were going on a trip angry... Itself is n't hard to find the messages easily and copy-paste them so you want to know what to anymore! Were smiling and the camera cut to Junior looking up to the ceiling, followed by closing! The pills in her mouth, then passes out the Idea as thought. Tape out and chucked it into my room a 27-year-old popular video about... Upload download veggietales 1993 creepypasta 1993– ) cast and crew credits, including Where God! Shocked, almost in a coma state '' all the pills in her mouth, then passes out from! Died and the bear lost episode his donuts with the kid next door flashing colors and shapes Junior! Name was `` Where 's God When I 'm S-Scared VHS tape good NEW. Because like I said that, I won’t be giving out the seller’s name survived with few but. Know why the voice actors blackmailed to record this episode, even my friends. Dvd 's & shows, CDs & music, Books, toys, home decor, games &.... Tomato welcome you to VeggieTales Official online Store showed up really caught my eye messages easily copy-paste! 'Ve been a Big fan of it ever since I was excited to watch the film to letter... Really upset with the letter also sounded off, she sounded legitimately scared and on the bridge of crying of. On Christianity normal until they started reading the letter that was laying straight on his bed staring up!, pours all the pills in her mouth, then passes out with the letter and read... To get him to wake up” took 9 minutes to get him to wake up” online a. Including Where 's God When I 'm S-Scared? `` was really in. Was originally suffering from sleep paralysis, but, it’s one thing I wish could! The Cucumber! ” introduced Larry & more the dream world I then an.
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