San, I was trying to remember the name of Happy Herbivore and I came to your list in hopes of finding it. So now i have a lot new things for read, regards. There are several recipes for vegan bacon using mushrooms that you will love! Vegan Richa. I’m new to this and back when I was still eating meat, I would always have them frozen in the fridge and thaw them when it’s cook time. Thanks for sharing such a kind of food list. The food blogs are lovely. Thanks you for it. I would appreciate it very much if you shared this link: // and vegan avatar channel The Scoop: This clever blog focuses on healthy vegan recipes you can either enjoy right away or freeze for later. Thank you to the commenter above for mentioning her! From vegan yogurt and nut-based ‘cheese’ to cauliflower steaks and vegan caramel, we have no doubt that you will have oodles of recipes to try. I know there are sites that don’t want to be called vegan because they want people to think about a plant-based diet rather than the restrictions of veganism. The Scoop: Kathy Patalsky’s infectious enthusiasm shines through each piece of content on her blog, from recipes to videos to interviews with other inspiring vegans. These are my favourite blogs to find quick recipes on busy school nights. If you've got a sweet tooth, then you're going to love all the amazing vegan recipes for cakes, cookies, muffins, and more. And we’re super jealous that she lives in California! Her specialty is veganizing classic dishes and whipping up creative Asian-inspired dishes. Your blog is list is really great. Thanks for the inspiration. The Best Vegan Recipe Blogs Worth Following in 2020, Bulletproof Coffee Recipe: Vegan and Dairy Free, Pamela Anderson Has Been Vegan Since Her Early Teens, 3 Simple Steps on How to Create One" >Vegan Bodybuilding Meal Plan Guide. It can help improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, boost…, There are a ton of smoothie recipes that rely on yogurt or whey protein powders for their high-protein magic, but those options simply don’t work…. Every bit as delicious and dangerous as the real thing, try this out in the kitchen at your own peril, I can't stop eating them. I will start making them next week and will let you know how it goes! Take a break from eating out and check out these 10 vegan blogs for recipe inspo! The Scoop: Kristina (aka spabettie), a Portland-based food blogger, puts a creative twist on fresh, vibrant vegan food. I’m eating mucusless and find there is nothing in this vegan category! The Scoop: Jenne grew up in Atlanta eating a multitude of sweet potato dishes. The photos and recipes are all of the highest quality, and if you take the time to prepare any of these delicious dishes, you'll feel like a superstar in the kitchen in no time. What an incredible list of talented foodies! The Scoop: We love Caitlin’s blog for its delicious gluten-free and refined sugar-free recipes, but most of all we adore how her recipes require minimal ingredients and are super budget-friendly, making it even easier to eat healthfully. What a great list of vegan blogs. Richa is a food blogger and photographer with a background in great vegan food from India but has moved her passion into a global kitchen at this point. An excellent list, a good job on your part, thanks for the contribution, I love the vegan 8, keep it up, greetings. Her recipes are simple, healthy, and delicious and her blog posts are really authentic. This blogger has painstakingly curated a massive list of sweet and savory treats and recipes, but it is the dessert section that is particularly addictive. I’m always looking for fellow bloggers that promote the same thing, and I love to cook so these sites are all going to my bookmarks. Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Learning to Fully Embrace Health. Thank you again for compiling and sharing, great job :). You should check out I am a newish vegan and this list is awesome. I really love Wish me luck!! Thanks for this fabulous list of vegan blogs. This led her to a vegan diet full of fresh, nutritious ingredients. Our Favourite Recipe/Post: The Very Best Vegan Kale Caesar Salad. It has a massive range of delicious plant-based food ideas that are easy enough to make for yourself that you'll wonder what you did without it. Thanks for all the other great ones and another <3 for thug kitchen =). I’ve made dishes for me and my family and they love it, they didn’t even know they’re meat-free. Will they have the same nutritional value, or even taste? !!!! Farmer’s market is several miles away and I only have Sundays off, so it’s a big struggle for me. Love to read other vegan blogs and get inspired. Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Vegan Vanilla Cashew Yogurt. I follow many of these great blogs! I loved this list! It’s a vegan fun place with lots of smiles, inspirations, and recipes. Reviews & Buyer’s Guide" >What’s the Best Vegan Fat Burner? I feel so honoured to be among vegan wizards like Kathy from Healthy Happy Life and Vegan Richa >___<. Bookmarking for when I need inspiration. So simple to put together in a matter of minutes, what it saves in time, it gives back in big meaty flavor. I've served it to family and friends ever since. Of course, her vegan… We loved checking out all of these beautiful and inspiring blogs!! We don’t know of any vegan bloggers who only blog about vegetables and nothing else. Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Instant Pot Pulled BBQ Jackfruit. :)., Great list! what an impressive line-up of vegan blogs. Thank you for all of these great recommendations! Fork and Beans is a vegan food blog that focuses on bringing the fun back into the kitchen. Thank you so much for including me! She stands out because her recipes not only replace unhealthy versions of foods, but are better and more creative in their own right. Thank you! Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Super Fruity Berry Smoothie. We are thankful to all those who make the food so delicious. I think it’s a travesty y’all don’t have and on your list, they’re some of the most original and inspiring bloggers out there! However, we think you’ll find a lot of veggie inspiration within these blogs. The Scoop: Jenne grew up in Atlanta eating a multitude of sweet potato dishes. A 5-Step Guide to Your Body Goal" >How to Calculate Macros for Vegans? She is the full package. This list is pretty awesome. The Scoop: This gluten-free and vegan blog is written by a New York-based holistic health coach who turned to a vegan diet to deal with numerous health issues, including asthma and allergies. The Scoop: This blog not only includes heavenly vegan recipes, but also thoughtful discussions about ethics, body image, eating disorders, emotional eating, and learning to love ourselves. Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Mujadara Baked Rice and Lentils. Keep Sharing. Thank you for including Blissful Basil in this awesome list. I just want to let you know that I love your page, my fiance and I have been following your recommendations and all the information you share are very encouraging to people like us who are just starting with the diet. A recipe that we love is the baked banana and blueberry oatmeal, which is a hearty and warm start to any day.
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