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types of fabrication materials
This can really be anything, from copper or pine wood to complex composite structures or high-temperature epoxy laminate. Punching 9. Casting 2. Alloy basically refers to the ingredients used to make that variety of material. Gold/Silver – Jewelry is FABRICATED TOO! I am a MENTOR if you are just starting - and need Step-By-Step instructions to show you HOW. At this stage, your decision isn’t necessarily final. For this reason, it’s important to choose materials carefully based on your product and process. Plastics can easily be machined like metals, but it does not bend fold or form well with press machines like sheet metal. After a lifetime of Fabrication, I am still always learning new, sharing everything and holding back NOTHING…. Although the name of the operation is the same, the equipment and process is completely different than metal. Choosing a fabrication method suited to a given project depends on part geometry, the product’s intended purpose, and the materials used in crafting it. Forging 6. So as an example you might choose to make a coat rack out of “Hot Rolled – Rod” stock, or a pasture gate out of “Cold Rolled – Pipe”. To get started, take a look at the list of nine important fabrication materials below. Full-service capabilities, including assembly, Custom solutions based on your unique product and goals. Fiberglass/Composite– Now for one of my favorite materials. Additional metal fabrication processes include broaching, honing, grinding and milling. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, which typically includes a mix of iron ore, coal, limestone and other elements. I won’t go into a lot of details in this article but just wanted to make you aware of the material and the fabrication skills that might go with it. Soldering, cutting, casting, shaping, grinding, polishing are all unique in jewelry making but yet are still similar enough to metalworking, that the fundamentals still apply. Again, alloy refers to the ingredients used to make it, and in aluminum, there are standard “mixes” each given a unique standard number (6061 is a common aluminum alloy). Whether you already have a rough prototype or you just have an idea for a new product, you can start thinking about the types of fabrication materials you want to use right now. All new skills can be learned to work with different types of fabrics. Concrete/Stone – So I have talked about this before, but “big-picture”… Fabrication is NOT LIMITED to just welding steel! Concrete shares a lot of similar processes with fiberglass fabrication (making molds, pouring wet “liquid” material and letting it “cure”). Z-shape: This resembles the shape of the letter "Z," with half a flange protruding in opposite directions. For the individual, the cheapest and most simple piece of equipment for fabricating with plastic is a 3D PRINTER, but in industry, the most common practice is injection molding. Common custom metal fabrication processes are as follows: 1. In steel, it most commonly identifies the amount of carbon in it, but MANY other materials can be added to iron to make many, many types of steel. Fabrication materials (what things are made of ) vary greatly, depending on the item being made. If you want to use the best types of fabrication materials in your product, you should start a conversation with a fabrication company as early in the product development process as possible. A common term used in steel and it’s “cousin” aluminum is “ALLOY”. How to Select the Right Materials. Steel is a universal material for “one-of-a-kind” and mass-produced products alike. It is the most common steel utilized in metal fabrication, and has an almost endless list of uses from construction materials to machinery and weaponry. © 2020 Copyright Fabrication Planet - Everything Fabrication, link to Common Fabrication Processes for METAL. Being the most common material used means that the most tools and equipment are available to fabricate with it. Engineering Department | Pacific Research Labs, Companies Manufacturing Animal Health Products, How you want the finished part or product to function, The fabrication has to be precise to avoid serious errors, Can be cut into shapes or formed into molds, The product can’t be too thick or too thin, Precise and accurate (good for tight tolerances), Can expand when exposed to high temperatures, Recyclable and able to be melted down and reused multiple times, Poorer dimensional stability compared to more rigid materials, An experienced team of engineers who are willing to collaborate with you and answer your questions. We put our talent, tools, know-how and experience to work for customers looking to get to market quickly with a new product. All My Life I have needed stuff I could not afford, or things that didn't exist yet. 7075 aluminum, for example, is the highest strength alloy, comparable to some steel, but also very expensive. Composite / Fiberglass fabrication takes a lot more “set-up” because you must make a “mold” to hold the shape of the material and liquid resin until it cures, so it is not the most efficient method for making a “one-of-a-kind” product. So when something is fabricated out of “cast iron”, like an engine block or a “cast iron skillet”, it is made of “iron” and the fabrication process is “casting”. This guideline to the nine most important types of fabrication materials will help you narrow your options down and get your product off the drawing board and onto the market. Fabric is used in so many applications. If fiberglass is not strong enough, or we want to make it lighter with fewer layers, we can use CARBON FIBER cloth. This makes the selection process much easier and more reliable—you can thoroughly test the quality of each prototype material and, based on these tests, make adjustments to the design or choose a different material. Once again, I sat down at my computer to get started designing a new project and as always one of the first decisions needs to be made. Thinking of kitchen countertops, or decorative garden planters. Just to add to the “confusion of life”… There are two more terms you need to know about. Okay, boats are NOT made out of bath towels… but you could imagine the process right? It depends on: All of these factors are unique to your product and process. Pacific Research Labs is a small-run design, engineering & manufacturing company. Fabricating a part or product means making it from scratch using raw or semi-finished materials. Extrusion 7. In today's competitive world companies and employers must stand out to succeed, one method is to use a “new name” to draw interest and attention. Just for explanation purposes, imagine taking a small rowboat and turning it over. The towels soak up the glue, like water until they are completely saturated. This topic can easily turn into a huge rabbit hole that we can explore in a later article. For one thing, there are many different types of materials on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
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