Excel Mints Winterfresh, 34gm Tin, 8 Count. Copyright © 2017. CDN$ 18.80 CDN$ 18. I’ve never seen a crystal from the Rainbow Land Color Caves, but I would bet this is exactly what they look like. This page relates to Trident, Last updated Nov 2019. The gum is almost too soft, and has a nauseating fake watermelon flavor that isn’t advertised at all. Trident Vibes' texture shifts as you chew, starting with a crisp outer shell that gives way to a smooth, effortless chew. Find all our varieties and where to buy! There’s definitely peach and mango in this gum. Trident Vibes gum is mango and peach flavored sugar free chewing gum Trident Vibes Tropical Beat sugar free chewing gum has a crunchy, candy-like outer shell and a smooth chew Fruit gum with bold, unexpected flavors that freshen breath quickly Bulk gum packs are easy to stash and take on the go I live in Dallas, Texas and absolutely love it. Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms Ice Cream... Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. As the flavor of the gum started dying down, the crystals added a bit of pop! 4.5 out of 5 stars 82. Trident is made for your chewing pleasure. Trident Vibes' color crystals make this gum POP the entire time you chew it. Trident Vibes Sugar Free Gum, 6 Bottles of 40 Pieces (240 Total Pieces) $35.99. That makes each piece last a LOT longer than ordinary gum. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Biting through the crunchy shell, my mouth started watering because of the tartness. I timed it. It states on their website that it’s supposed to have a “fruity” flavor, but nothing on the packaging indicated this. Halo Top Peaches & Cream Flavor is Coming Soon, Found! Rainbow Brite and her friends, the Color Kids continued to spread happy color throughout Rainbow Land, and the world was a better place. Apply to get a Free Trident VIBES Gum Chatterbox Kit. I have no idea how you could chew this for 20 minutes and miss the bizarre addition of fruit flavoring to spearmint gum. I will definitely be buying more of these Trident Vibes. In my mouth and BOOM. Let’s go with that, because it definitely makes gum seem more magical and whimsical. Immediately, I was in love. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Trident Vibes Gum has a light crystal coating for extra pops of flavor as you chew. I do like the really bright colors of green, yellow and orange. Overwhelmingly, unmistakably, delicious lemon. Now imagine that in your mouth. Get it by Saturday, Nov 28. to the overall taste and keep it going. Packed with surprising flavor beads, Trident Vibes provides waves of flavor for long lasting enjoyment. For people who despise fake melon flavoring it was very unpleasant. They can easily fit in a cup holder in your car, but you can’t carry this gum in your pocket. Each reclosable bottle pack contains 40 pieces of Trident Vibes sugar free gum. New Trident Vibes Gum Review Long ago (1984), a dismal, dark and desolate land was saved by a beautiful young girl named Rainbow Brite. 4.5 out of 5 stars 276. I first tried the green one – Spearmint Rush. Free shipping. I’m impressed. Packed with surprising flavor beads, Trident Vibes provides waves of flavor for long lasting enjoyment. They didn’t smell like “gum.” They smelled exactly like the flavors they claimed to be. Her mission, which she gladly accepted, was to make the world brighter and hearts lighter by defeating darkness and replacing it with color and light. Described as an exciting journey of taste and texture, Trident Vibes gum brings a … I immediately loved the slight crunch on the outside of the gum, and could absolutely taste a rush of spearmint. Every effort has been made to assess each Trident product individually. The more I chewed, it seemed like the more spearmint flavor was released. This is the state that fries everything, serves 2 pound chicken fried steak dinners with at least 2 sides that are beautiful, tan and delicious. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Powered by WordPress. Maybe I’ve been wrong about lemons all this time, because this gum is amazing. I’m not a huge lemon fan, but I liked the last two pieces so much, I knew I would love this. It's a great change from the plain, grey sticks you're used to. Two New SweeTarts Ropes Flavors Are Coming Soon, Mochi Green Tea Halo Top Ice Cream Review. I’m totally convinced now that Trident has stock in Rainbow Land and mines the crystals from the Color Caves. DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Sugar-free-gum brand Trident has launched its newest product, Trident Vibes, now available at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.49 for each 40-piece pack. Perhaps the crystals come from the Color Caves in Rainbow Land, and were mined by the Sprites, too?! 80 (CDN$ 2.35/count) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. I was horribly wrong. Who knew that gum could take on the world, fill it with color & good vibes, and defeat the ordinary, grey-ish and boring sticks of gum that have long ruled our land? Those crystals in there really do keep the flavor going! It’s about time that gum took on a more colorful approach, and left the grey behind. Let me just start off my saying I really wasn’t that impressed. When I'm not stuffing my face with salty treats made of pure carbohydrates, I'm working out and trying to sweat out the excessive calories I ate. or Best Offer. Long ago (1984), a dismal, dark and desolate land was saved by a beautiful young girl named Rainbow Brite. FREE Delivery on your first order of items shipped by Amazon. The square-shaped Trident Vibes gum comes in three flavors: Spearmint Rush, Ooh La Lemon and Tropical Beat. That sucks…. $26.04. Free shipping. The containers are pretty cool, but nothing really innovative. I eat tacos with ketchup, consider wine and popcorn a meal, put bacon on everything and will slap a fool if he asks for a bite of my beef jerky. I smelled each after opening them and there was no doubt about the flavor they would offer. Trident(R) Vibes Tropical Sugar-Free Gum. Trident was introduced in 1964 as the one of the first patented sugarless gum, and has even flown on every Space Shuttle mission since 1981. Very disappointing for the 4 whopping dollars i spent. I chewed that piece for a good 20 minutes, and the gum got super soft, but didn’t lose flavor. Sour, tangy goodness packed with notes of lime, orange and raspberry. Reviewing gum isn’t the most exciting thing to write about, but Trident nailed it. The flavor of Tropical Beat lasted only 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Imagine the tropical remix of your favorite song. The End. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Haagen-Dazs Spirits Reviews – Rose & Cream... Lindt Neapolitan Chocolate Truffles Review. Ooh La Lemon was the third and final new Trident Vibes flavor I tried. And those crystals absolutely make this gum. When I saw Trident’s new line of gum, called Trident Vibes, it immediately reminded me of Rainbow Brite. Trident Unwrapped (See flavors below) Trident Vibes (See flavors below) Trident Classic (See flavors below) Trident White (See flavors below) All flavors in the above should be vegan, with the only non-vegan Trident Gum’s being the Splash & Layer Varieties, due to the Beef Gelatin that they contain. I’m totally impressed. I put a piece in my mouth, and BAM! It’s spot on and very tropical. It’s pretty genius to add that crunch to the shell, because it’s almost like candy.
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