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the holy encounter
An experience with the Holy Spirit involves inviting others into relationship with God, via secondary acts. This is the perfect holiness of God, and is the only attribute of God given this three-fold emphasis. We have yet to define the word "holy", so we should do so before proceeding any further. Encounter with the Holy Spirit is a symposium of fifteen papers that were presented at the Seminary on January 18-21, 1972. I park and watch pedestrians, wondering about their stories, until it’s precisely ten minutes before our appointed meeting. When a believer puts to death the practices of his body by the Lord’s death, he must believe that the Holy Spirit will cause the death of the cross to become real in the particular matter which he wants to put to death. And there are three that bear witness in earth.” Donate Now Please help us continue to publish "The Holy Encounter" by making a tax-deductible donation now. Ask for light and learn that you are light. Chapter 8 The Journey Back The Holy Encounter. The teachings were rich and provided a fresh look at our faith and aspects of life in the Spirit that are often overlooked. I’m meeting someone and arrive early in a part of the city that’s familiar in the general sense but less so close up. Perhaps you … How do we know when the Holy Spirit speaks to us? Glory to God in the highest, and to you because He has so willed it. Several things impressed me about the book. Ask and it shall be given you, because it has already been given. Fact: The King James version of the Bible includes at 1 John 5: 7, 8 the words “in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. A Holy Encounter. One major emphasis that is born out by several papers is that the gift of the Spirit or the work of the Spirit is there to glorify Christ. Holy Spirit with Each Encounter I am in my sixties, yet I learned more about my identity in Christ than I could ever imagine -and I learned more about His identity! Misconception: The “Holy Ghost,” or holy spirit, is a person and is part of the Trinity, as stated at 1 John 5: 7, 8 in the King James version of the Bible. Encounter the Holy The gate of Heaven is everywhere… Thomas Merton. Many people find their way to a Journey Center because they are longing for a real experience of the presence and love of the Holy One…and the transformation that comes as a result. A short five minute walk, and I’m there. A believer who wants to put to death the practices of the body must depend on the Holy Spirit to make his co-death with Christ become experience. When we encounter "holy, holy, holy" however, this means extremely holy, or holy to the nth degree. Enjoy The Holy Encounter?
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