I would say this is good for 6 to 8 people. Rosine's Mediterranean Cafe has been around since 1995. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Tabouli Salad at Sunnin Lebanese Cuisine "Outstanding food and friendly service.We were a bit unsure at first, having arrived on a Saturday night to find the place empty. Rosine's food is excellent! The kind of place that you'd rather not strip naked and dance on table tops because you'd get arrested and not sample the wonderful food selections.That's how I feel about Rosine's. Perhaps we just came here with high expectations.The week after we visited Rosine's, we visited "Pita Hut" (a hole in the wall Mediterranean joint in Fullerton) and spent $20 for half a chicken and a three skewer plate. Tabouli Grill serves Israeli and Middle Eastern food made with fresh, wholesome ingredients — food you can feel good about eating! As well as the rice pilaf and garlic sauce. I hate needles, but I'd be willing to have someone hook an IV into my arm to get this garlic sauce flowing through my system.The Chicken Kebobs are really good too. If my memory serves me correctly, the last time I ate at Rosine's was at least four years ago. It can get buy at dinner but worth the wait. The rest of the platter was also good...but I haven't really acquired a taste for the eggplant or tabbouleh salad, so I'm not going to base my reviews on them. Their food is pretty bomb. The waitress had recommended the brown rice and so we both (now regretfully) ordered it.The rotisserie chicken at "Zankou Chicken" is really much tastier. Dolma. I've been here multiple times over the past few years...and have never been really impressed with their service. No juiciness of the skin, no chickeniness of the meat, but at least you've got both the garlic cream sauce (almost like garlicky mashed potatoes)  and the Walnut Caviar to compensate.In the interest of trying something new, we opted for the Farina Cake, which dropped our mouths with its $4 price tag (we're used to Bay Area cost of living). The Veggie Sampler is an amazing combo of, ... for me. Maybe a bottle of white because I'm going to recommend the chicken in a little bit.Appetizer: The waitress brings out warm pita bread wrapped up in a basket of happiness. I would probably stick to the same dishes and sides. In which case, you might want to ask for some more bread.Main: Half rotisserie chicken. The flavors and amount you get it outstanding. As Judy H mentioned, the portions are sizeable and I saved half for lunch the next day. The portion sizes are generous and the prices are great. There much better *and* cheaper Mediterranean options.We paid $45 for a disappointing dinner and leftovers that were ultimately thrown away. The total bill for 3 came out to be about $60 more or less and this was for 3 entrees, 2 appetizers, and 2 beverages. I didn't realize that the chicken came with some garlic sauce and store bought pita bread, which meant I shouldn't have ordered a large garlic sauce as a side and should have ordered a different side. However it will not discourage us from dining there. Humus. I find it refreshing not to be interrupted by a server every 5 minutes asking how this is it if I want more of that. But my mom if course persuaded me somehow to order their famous rotisserie chicken and it will change your life! East Lansing, MI-48823 Tabooli Mediterranean is one of the finest Mediterranean restaurant located at East Lansing, MI. Welcome to Tabouli Grill… Located a short distance from downtown Stamford and in Southport just off I-95, exit 19. The biggest bang for the buck seems to be the 2 whole chickens with 4 large sides priced at $35. My girlfriend and I had lunch there together a couple of days ago but she didn't order the tabbouleh. Everyone I've ever brought here has thoroughly enjoyed the food.So why not 5 stars? I came here on a suggestion from a hated co-worker.
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