1. Aug 2 Word of the Day. Anonymous. by Bif December 09, 2004. Antonyms for sushi. a female version of a tea bag where she puts her vag and rolls it on the guy's face. 5 years ago. Types of Sushi . For its dictionary element, the Japanese Sushi Guide & Quiz is a scrolling list of about 75 words that you can commonly see on a Japanese menu. Guy: You two really got it on last night. This act takes place out doors during the winter months often leading to freezing of the roll … The versatility in its design and presentation makes this form of sushi a very popular choice among sushi fans. Nigiri sushi has a uniquely minimalist appeal. Maki: What most Americans think of when they hear the word “sushi,” maki actually means "roll" in Japanese. The greatest sushi roll in Japanese history is actually nine sushi rolls in one【Photos】 Meat lovers, you can now satisfy your carnivorous cravings at this revolving sushi restaurant! California Sushi-Roll sex. I didn't know you had sushi!" 2.SuShi or SushiPedia Guide. Source(s): https://shorte.im/a8KyA. Sep 6 Word … verb- Female masturbation. sushi roll. SuShi or SushiPedia is much more instructive. 2)contains imitation crab meat, avacado, mayo, cucumber, seasame seeds, dried seaweed, wrapped … I went down to this girl's house and I was like "Damn! We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word roll sushi: ... Slang (1 matching dictionary) Roll Sushi: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to roll sushi Usage examples for roll sushi Words that often appear near roll sushi Rhymes of roll sushi Invented words related to roll sushi: Search for roll sushi on Google or Wikipedia. california roll. 0 1. Get the Eat Sushi neck gaiter and mug. I tea bagged my girlfriend and she got mad then sushi rolled me! Also, the vegetable or piece of fish can be on top of the rice with the seaweed wrapped around vertically. Anonymous. When 2 gay asian men are having sex, the first covers their penis in crap and penetrates the second mans butt with the poop covered penis. Take a look and you may find sushi even more enjoyable. Then the asian man who was penetrated poops while in penetration. by Senor Dorito July 29, 2010. The Sushi Visual Dictionary describes the characteristics, place of origin and season of Edomae sushi. Slang for "a shaved pussy ". 46 Maki sushi is also known as roll sushi. Sushi Roll Urban Dictionary. UNDERLYING MEANING: Urban Dictionary floats several bizarre sexual interpretations of the term, from a threesome, to "rough sex," to "more than 1/4 cup of semen produced in one ejaculation." My co-worker got me so horny, I've got to go to take a break and roll sushi so I can concentrate the rest of the day. Alphabetical list. He then proceeds to have sexual intercourse with a female of mutual consent, with full intentions of creating small Asian fish babies. so im i didnt write the lyrics but im guessing it means something about a vagina because he says, i love your sushi roll it's hotter then wassabi (wassabi is a really hot sauce u eat with asian food) Source(s): my ipod. Maki refers to any type of sushi created with a makisu, the bamboo mat used to roll sushi.Maki rolls are usually cut into 6–8 pieces. The last time I was with Keshia, all she wanted me to do was eat the sushi. The ancient art of Japanese cuisine, where a man covers his erect penis in fish eggs of any type. 2. Nigiri: A strip of vinegared sushi rice with a piece of fish expertly pressed to stick on top. According to some sources the town of Shusha was founded in 1752 by Panah Ali Khan. Damn this sushi is good! What happened? Shusha (; Azerbaijani: Şuşa; Armenian: Շուշի, romanized: Shushi) is a city and the centre of the Shusha District of Azerbaijan.Situated at an altitude of 1,400–1,800 metres (4,600–5,900 ft) in the Karabakh mountains, Shusha was a mountain recreation resort in the Soviet era.. Flag. 1. What are synonyms for sushi? The characterizations also sometimes include some background information such as uni, a “usually quite expensive” sea urchin, as explained in the app. It is often served as raw fish, salmon eggs, cooked shrimp, or sliced egg on rice and is usually ordered in pairs. n. 1)sushi ordered in Japanese restaurants by white people or virgin sushi eaters. Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain makes sushi with the help of artificial intelligence; Your guide to eating healthy sushi – because in most forms, it’s not that healthy! bedrock=a song about sex. 2. Perform oral sex on a woman. Flag. 4 words related to sushi: dish, Nihon, Nippon, Japan. Get a Roll Sushi mug for your boyfriend Günter. A Japanese dish made with a lump of rice and sweetened vinegar wrapped around a vegetable slice, or a fish slice. 1 decade ago. by Scootyloo January 17, 2003. Often there is a piece of seaweed wrapped around the entire thing, but not always. A kinky sex act in which a man is forced to fuck a spicy tuna sushi roll wearing nothing but a pair of cabin socks. Synonyms for sushi in Free Thesaurus. 0 0. Get a sushi roll mug for your sister Beatrix. When the Penis of the Luminary of the stars enters a sushi roll A Japanese dish involving rice, fish, vegetables, and seaweed rolled into a small cylinder shape.
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