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subway brand identity
The “taste good, feel good” mantra reinforces their innovation which offers excitement for those who don’t want to sacrifice flavour for healthiness. 4, no. Change ). The likes and comment each post received are little.    Subway® combines different digital channels to share its brand value. Also, the customizable choice of healthy sub sandwich will be another primary factor of brand engagement. [1] Excitement, one of the Big Five consumer personality traits, is seen to attract a certain kind of consumer. Overall 188,655 people are working for Australia fast food industry, and 8901 people are working in Sandwich business. 1, pp. Its value proposition will be identified, and its marketing brand communication will be presented to see how did the strategies match with Subway® brand value. The world of fast food and quick-service restaurants has evolved and so have consumers. Today, its store (1232) has outnumbered the 830 McDonald's restaurants. Appearance: The stores interior/décor is outdated, and the overall appearance of the restaurant is not appealing. Zappone, C 2019, "McDonald's loses fast-food stores crown to Subway", The Sydney Morning Herald, viewed July 24 2019, . Subway: Subway Visual Identity Saved by Ads of the World Food Packaging Design Packaging Design Inspiration Brand Identity Design Branding Design Brand Assets Communication Art Environmental Design Visual Identity Corporate Identity Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches which are popularly known as “Sub”. Our restaurant franchise model empowers individuals to own their own business, creates job opportunities and stimulates economic development in local communities worldwide. Clark, J, Algoe, S & Green, M 2017, "Social Network Sites and Well-Being: The Role of Social Connection", Current Directions in Psychological Science, vol. People who are a beginner to intermedia level fitness lover practise healthy lifestyle will be the potential loyal customer. [3]  These results of consumer perception are consistent with Subway’s stores which often feel inviting and trustworthy, with a level of transparency in the food preparation. Not only is their food fresh, but so is their brand personality. He's also a distinct MBA Graduate from Western Sydney University. The new logo demonstrates a new look to emphasis the same brand value: health, value and indulgence (Coffee et al. Clickthrough rate is the industry standard to measure user engagement but the results it provides might not be as clear or as concise as originally thought. 21, no. Each store is individually owned and operated, which makes it very unique as it provides more job opportunities and management flexibility than the other competitors. Due to its nature of fresh material, Subway® has created several combinations that enable smooth distribution to the different customer group. Subway’s use of brand personality differentiates themselves from other fast food brands in the market. How to Optimise Your Facebook Ad Structure. [2] They might look for innovation and something new or ‘fresh.’ Ali & Sharma conclude that “…Subway [is] the most sincere, exciting and sophisticated” brand. Subway’s slogan “eat fresh” can be associated with being innovative and consistently current. The new logo is meant to offer the sandwich place a fresh new start where they make use of rotisserie chicken and carved turkey breast. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 379 businesses are competing in the current Australia market. Liutu, R 2019, "SUBWAY MARKET RESEARCH",. Subway® aims to offer fresh, made to order and affordable sandwiches for people who are seeking quick, nutritious meals that even the whole family can enjoy. 1063-1071. Subway® focus on sandwich, wraps and salad products and identifies itself as “sandwich artist”. It is currently the fastest growing franchises in the world. The conclusion will be presented below. When we choose that Sub over Big Mac, brand personality would determine we’re purchasing a trustworthy, healthy alternative. Martinko, K 2014, "Subway's new campaign won't really teach kids about nutrition", TreeHugger, viewed July 24 2019, . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.
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