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student academic performance questionnaire
The motivation of students is one of the important issues in higher education, particularly owing to importance of academic performance in their professional life and also it focused on identifying the factors that will help educational thinkers to know students’ attitudes towards learning, what hinders and what facilitates learning in the process of learning. MRS. TERESA LEILANI M. OLAYBAL The purpose of the study is to examine student athletes and academic performance. An academic stress questionnaire is therefore intended to make the journey from kindergarten to post-graduation or even higher peaceful and memorable. �f��jD>����̜i7�_bL+'�� ��e$#���w Descriptors: | Academic Achievement; Academic Advising; College Freshmen; Grades (Scholastic); Higher Education; Institutional Research; Student Motivation; Underachievement | Educators must understand not only the physical impairment itself, but the several environment and psychological factors that may affect their performance. OCTOBER 2013 ABSTRACT . One of the most pure and deeply inspirational relationships is that of a devoted teacher and willing students. The third section of the review examines research on discipline interventions commonly used by schools to remediate misbehavior and discusses their level of effectiveness. Jill Coyman . 4 0 obj Participation was entirely voluntary, and students consented by ticking the paper consent form attached to the anonymous baseline questionnaire. Questionnaire Regarding Factors Affecting Student's Academic Performance Topics: Affect Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 4, 2011 “FACTORS AFFECTING THE GRADES OF 3RD AND 4TH YEAR BSCA STUDENTS OF JOHN B. LACSON COLLEGES FOUNDATION-BACOLOD INC.” endobj Roughly equal shares, around 60 percent, said they worried about having enough money for day-to-day expenses. Presented to Depression : This is a mental state in which you are sad and feel that you cannot enjoy anything because your situation is so difficult and unpleasant., Introduction: Areas of achievement and failure in a student’s academic career need to be evaluated in order to foster improvement and make full use of the learning process. The proofs of algebra and geometry rely upon the laws of logic. The review begins with a delineation of basic patterns of school misbehavior which is followed by an examination of research on factors that appear to be contributive to student misbehavior. The academic performance was gauged by the result of their 9th grade annual examination. Study habits is how one studies. There is no significant difference between the academic performance and use of electronic gadgets of secondary students of CSULS S.Y: 2012-2013. The following questions were asked in the process of the study: 1. The questionnaire includes 22 questions, which should take approximately 10 minutes to fill out. By DECLARATION MODERATOR The roots of logic stretch into every other subject. Grades are the student’s “score” for their classes and overall tenure. Especial thanks to the OLGMS community for helping me get the data needed for my thesis. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for English IV – Research Methods, this thesis entitled: A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY ON THE FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC LIFE OF SEMINARIANS has been prepared and submitted by Seminarian Josiah Maxwell B. Felicilda It only means that when a student gets too involve with the use of Social Media it effects his performance in class activities and overall academic performance. To my classmates for the support given to me in times of hardships, I appreciate all of you accompanying me through thick and thin. It also solicited students’ self-reports about presumed factors hindering their learning. The purpose of the research is to get responses from first year students of SMCL in year 2010-2011 to get proofs and ideas on how online gaming affects their academic performance, whether it is positive or negative. According to Niebuhr (1995) Academic performance of students is typically assessed by the use of teacher’s ratings, tests, and examinations. A survey was made from the available data at the Registrar’s Office. Source: | N/A... ...enhance the total development of the individual, society and the nation at large. Almost everyone has a favorite and those we liked less, it totally depends on how the student teacher relationship were developed, nurtured and given space to evolve. These issues can greatly affect a student’s performance in class. Requirements of endobj Students are asked, for instance, how much time they spend studying, whether they get involved with campus organizations, and how they interact with their professors and peers. The nature of motivation and learning strategy use is vital to improving student learning outcomes. 1.6 Significance of the Study. students’ academic performance. PEARL JOY GARLENE P. MAGLINTE It used descriptive survey and questionnaire to gather a data. Once these factors... ...FACTORS AFFECTING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCES OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AT ALABEL NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL teachers ˇ competence and students ˇ academic performance 17 The analysis in Table 1 shows that the calculated t-value of 48.25 is greater than the critical t- value of 1.96 at p<.05 alpha level. MAXELL LOWELL C. ARANILLA, Ph.D. The researchers looked into the records of the first year students of the degree programs namely: Bachelor of Elementary Education (N= 37), Bachelor of Secondary Education (N= 20), Bachelor in Business Administration (N= 53), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (N= 30), and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (N= 35) a total of 175 subjects. An anonymous paper questionnaire comprising demographic items, PHQ-9, GAD-7 and academic performance items was distributed to students in the pre-selected classes by the researcher in March 2018. RESEARCH DESIGN The study will use the longitudinal survey design in its attempt to determine, describe and analyze the relationship of each. Schools though invested in fostering good academic habits for the same reason, are also often influenced by concerns about schools reputation, which hinges on the overall academic performance. Parents care about their child’s academic performance because they believe good academic result will provide more career choices and job security. This year's National Survey of Student Engagement, released on Thursday, reveals that more than a third of seniors and more than a quarter of freshmen did not purchase required academic materials because of the cost. Chi-square test of association and regressions was applied to investigate the effect of different factors on students’ achievement. x�}R]o�0|�_1��r�$Nr�T�$y��ě�!��v����Y'-�gw43�L�w�L���=�Z�\!�*Q�Id�H�n��[����u��[�|��=^��%�^4�"�Bkpq�P��wN�@���i#^M��c1��x���#Eb��o�k+nݳ�=���B To my family who are always there to helping me especially during the times when I found it difficult where and how to start writing a thesis. A survey was conducted by using a questionnaire for information gathering about different factors relating to academic performance of students. Febe G. Tornalejo And 36 percent of freshmen and 32 percent of seniors reported that financial concerns had interfered with their academic performance.
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