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spinach chocolate muffins
It’s perfect dessert for kids who don’t want to eat spinach because it’s perfectly hidden. Super yummy and more healthy! She started this website in 2010 as a way to share her love for real food and wellness. Egg- You are more than welcome to use flax eggs in this recipe, but know that the muffins will be even more dense if you do! Transfer into a large bowl and add the rest of the wet ingredients. However, if you don’t have oat flour remember you can just grind your own oats into flour! 1 teaspoon baking powder Greek yogurt- Sour cream is a great substitute for greek yogurt in baking! Process until well pureed. My new response: It’s NATURALLY gluten free. What are you waiting for? Spinach Chocolate Chip Muffins are a truly yummy treat. Ground Oat Flour- We do not recommend substituting the oat flour in this recipe! Sneak some spinach into your chocolate muffins! They’re an easily portable, perfectly sized, family-friendly snack. Our best tips & recipes to perfectly sublime smoothies! 1 egg, large Is it not showing up for you? ¼ cup coconut sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla The spinach is mixed right into the batter, giving them a beautiful colour without any salad flavour. Does it not show up on mobile? Oat flour is very expensive and it taste awful. 2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted Then process until smooth. I did up the cocoa powder a bit to please my kids, but honestly I’m not sure it was necessary. It makes for a quick and easy process! These look WAYYYY too good! Oh man, pumpkin. i am living abroad and am not sure where to find the coconut sugar or oat flour. No extra sugar, no extra fat, full of fiber and calcium and magnesium. One day he will learn…. That middle of the day meal? Then I warm it in the oven (maybe 3-5min) or microwave (around 30 seconds) and it tastes just like day 1! Taste aside, spinach is truly amazing. Literally. After you have baked the muffins, let them cool completely before storing them! Thanks! They look amazingly delicious! Thanks for the tip! These muffins are perfect for a healthy breakfast, a delicious snack, or even for dessert. Thanks for sharing! Like avocado and chocolate, tuna and peanut butter, or strawberry and guacamole – it just works! They’re looks like a normal muffins and have only 113 calories (according to Our Recipe Analyzer) per one muffin. I just don’t know what to make him. The spinach is mixed right into the batter, giving them a beautiful colour without any salad flavour. Blend the oat flour, separate the eggs, and measure out all of your ingredients before moving on with the instructions in the recipe card! Dry Ingredients Thanks for doing the calculation. I can almost imagine it now You really want these three ingredients to blend until smooth. Place banana, milk, and spinach in a small food processor and process until smooth. Bake at 350ºF for about 20 minutes or until the center is fully cooked. Finally, add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and pulse the blender until all ingredients are combined. Will definitely be making these again. Bake at 350ºF for about 20 minutes or until the center is fully cooked. They should be good in the freezer for a few months! Natural. Why can’t you add all the wet ingredients in right away? Can’t get enough? this blog will be my saving grace I try to make ways to incorporate healthy stuff in his diet, I have to take a page out of SPINACH’S book…… I am not so good with being sneaky . Mix in some chocolate chips, and everyone will be asking you for the secret to these green muffin treats. With the combination of savory and sweet, these muffins are a real satisfying crowd pleaser. Save your time do not try this recipe! I’ve substituted yogurt with pumpkin puree or apple sauce or even more banana. Like I said earlier, these vegan spinach dark chocolate muffins are AMAZING. , Instead of yoghurt can I use milk or something else and in how much quantity. I broke my blender trying to mix up spinach. Check out more of our favorite healthy muffin recipes here! Die Tei. Packed with spinach, apple sauce, egg whites, and low fat sour cream, when you eat Spinach Chocolate Chip Muffins, you can satisfy your cravings while still indulging in a snack that’s truly craving crushing. The best part about these muffins is they are packed with superfood vitamins and minerals from hidden spinach that you can’t … They should bake for about 20 minutes! Coat muffin tin with cooking spray. They are perfectly moist because of the pureed spinach in them and you can’t even taste the spinach! Make sure it’s equivalent to the 1/2 cup (so 1/2 cup pumpkin puree, applesauce, mashed bananas etc). Spoon muffin batter into each tin. Pour wet mixture into dry. Full of minerals and even vitamins. Using a food processor, chop spinach until pieces are small and fine.
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