(image source) The breed well proportioned, muscular, and extremely athletic in stature. Feel free to study the pictures, traits and history of the dogs of Spain. Spanish Dogs - Dog Breeds. They’re generally large, medium-weight, and completely black, or with a white spot on their chests. The Spanish dog breeds in it are the Majorca Shepherd Dog, the Catalan Sheepdog, the Perro Majorero, the Basque Shepherd dog, the Garafian Shepherd, and the Carea Leonés. Many of these originated in the Balearic Islands. Description: The Alano Espanol or Spanish Bulldog is a large breed of dog that stands between 22-25 inches tall, and weighs between 55-88 pounds, with females being on the smaller end of this spectrum. The Real Sociedad Canina De Espana (Spanish Royal Canine Society) lists 23 breeds native to the country. Height. The Spanish Water Dog is an ancient breed. Complete list of AKC recognized dog breeds. Our SCIO charity number is SC043486 and we are regulated by the OSCR. Alano Espanol: Basque Shepherd Dog: Bichon Frise: Catalan Sheepdog: Below you will find all the dog breeds that originate from Spain. Spanish dog breeds aren’t as common or well-known as other country dog breeds such as German or British ones; however, there is a great variety of dogs that originated in Spain. Not all of these are currently recognized by any international kennel clubs, and many are extremely rare, even in their home country of Spain. The breed … Spanish Mastiff The Spanish Mastiff is a giant dog breed which was originally bred as a guard dog. 6 Popular Dog Breeds In Spain Alano Espanol. Between 62 and 70 cm (24.41 to 27.56 inches) for the male Below is a list of Spanish dog breeds … "Find similarities and differences between Airedale Terrier vs Goldendoodle vs Spanish Water Dog" Compare Airedale Terrier and Goldendoodle. Filter: Small Medium Large Page 1 of 1. The Spanish Galgo has a very particular gait, typical to his breed. This is a smart dog with a strong work ethic. Includes personality, history, health, nutrition, grooming, pictures, videos and AKC breed standard. The beautiful elegant silhouette of the Spanish Galgo is accompanied by a superb musculature and underlined by an elongated and very fine head. The breed IS also known as Perro de Agua, Perro Turco, Laneto, Perro de Lanas, Perro Patero, Perro Rizado, Churro, Barbeta and most recently Perro de Agua Español. This is a popular dog breed in Spanish. Spanish Stray Dogs UK is a UK registered charity set up in 2012. Airedale Terrier vs Goldendoodle vs Spanish Water Dog – Which one is a better dog breed for you? His big, compact frame with a large chest leaves an impression of great nobility and elegance..
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