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sonic corporate office
Terri. Very upset with that. I buy 4 Route 44 glasses of ice every day on my way to work. I knew it was new and these kids have never done it but I would expect them to at least try to do their best. Location 3660 Belt Line Rod, Farmers Branch 75234.Just got the new electronic boards. i asked what do you need it for, he said because he wanted it. Thank You, Dr. F. Daniel Cross, Lt. Col. U.S. Army (Retired)936-436-1819, kentuckykats@aol.com. I'll start at the beginning, there was a time you could order a extra long coney or hot dog w/chili, but that all changed - you could only order a extra long CHEESE coney with no cheese, but still charged the cheese price. Staff seems to be under-educated and proper protocol of Sonic drive-thru orders are usually incorrect I've stood in line several different occasions to find out once I go to place my order that the slushie machine is down half the time I order things a certain way and it's not delivered in that manner and last week I ordered a slushie and I almost choked to death on the lime and lemons that they put in it I've always had a good experience with Sonic but this year that seems staff is undertrained and equipment is faulty is that the point I don't want to return to the store.If equipment is not working to produce a product some kind of notice should be put up an hour sign so you're not sitting in line for 5 to 10 minutes to find out that you can't even get that product, My wife ordered a burger, onion rings a breakfast burrito. I and my family will NEVER visit Sonic until you start paying a LIVING WAGE! Will I stop by again? When he came back to the window he said you paid with cash and it was 8.00 dollars even, can I have your two dollars. Hello I am writing in regards to the location in Gallatin Tennessee, I have just went there tonight and tried to get a buttered toffee milkshake in which the girl told me they no longer carried it but it was advertised on the menu so I said OK well then do y'all have banana splits? I tried calling their phone 469-522-7077 but it rang and was never answered. The items in question were purchased at the Sonic Drive -In on Sam Houston Ave. in Huntsville, Texas. Record says that the company employs more than 321 fulltime corporate employees. a sheriff just happened to come thru your drive thru and was assisted by this sheriff and your manager. Tetrick’s responsibilities include directing SONIC’s budgeting process and providing financial planning and strategic input to support corporate and brand level initiatives. I had put a silver alert on her. Had to buzz them 5 times before my change was brought to me. I went to the sonic here on Harrison in shawnee it was the worse place we ever went ordered 2 sonic blasts she brought out one then we had to wait almost 15 minutes for the second one then she tried to charge me more then what I paid for the first one same size &flavor will never go to that one again, The store in Algonquin Il NEVER HAS GOOD FOOD!!! You have bullies at the drive thur window. Why the difference? It is like they are cutting back on stuff but charging more. Corporate Press More Community Gift Cards Kids Nutrition Download Menu (PDF) Español Menu (PDF) Nutrition Guide (PDF) Sodium Guide (PDF) ... Sonic uses cookies to improve our site and provide content and ads that might interest you. I know you don't know me but I never just randomly do this but I'm genuinely concerned. Got a combo meal one day on my way to work. After all this I decided to pay because I'm pregnant and having cravings. My tea might have had 3 or 4 pieces of ice in it which was almost melted by the time I received it. They are friendly and all but I have noticed following. But as it turns out that excitement turned into disappointment. However, sometimes staff from Sonic Corp headquarters do read the reviews on this website. Deserves no stars for service. she said we no longer carry those either which I did not see on the menu OK but y'all do have a master blast banana split & she proceeded to tell me that y'all didn't carry that either so my question is why are you advertising things that you don't carry anymore? I live literally 30 seconds away or I would NEVER EVER go there for anything just on the account of having to talk to those people. It is a publicly held conglomerate in the country that offers services in near about 3561 locations. If you want to see a complete list of all fast food restaurants in Oklahoma City, we have you covered! thank you. It is a publicly held conglomerate in the country that offers services in near about 3561 locations. This is unacceptable. I am disappointed in Sonic. Every single one in Round Rock,Tx sucks! After, I found out that my order was wrong while in the car. he gave me the 2 dollars, as he was giving me my food he was looking at me strongly like if he wanted me to change my mind and give him the 2 bucks. How disgusting it was to find a freaking roach In my food!!!! To submit an inquiry on how to become an authorized/preferred vendor for Sonic Automotive, you are welcome to send information relating to your business service offerings and/or product(s) to our Corporate Procurement Department by clicking here and completing the forms. If you are interested in other Oklahoma City fast food restaurants, you can try Subway, Sonic Drive-In, or Taco Bell. I just left the Sonic drive in 55 Newbury st Peabody, MA where I ordered an Oreo blast and onion rings. The only thing missing is the Manager... who thinks that the quality of this service is OKAY!! The service is poor, along with the participation of other Sonic special offers. When my wife arrived home with the order it was a bacon burger and some cold chili fries. We can also point you to other great places to eat fast food in cities nearby Oklahoma City, like Arby's in El Reno, Sonic Drive-In in Jones or Whataburger in Piedmont. This is about a sonic drive in in Montrose Colorado, I was an employee, I'm concerned!!!!! Service was great, food was good but building looking very nasty. I fill out the surveys a lot and always 9 out of 10 give great ones due to great service. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. "RIDICULOUS", My wife just went to sonic in cheyenne wy and pd at the outside station and the carhop came out and told her that it did not go through so my asked for a manager and one never showed my wife called me on the phone and while we were talking about what to do the carhop spoke very clearly and load enough for me to hear her tell my wife she could leave but then she'd never be served at that sonic again when I returned to the sonic the manager said he had no knowledge of this problem. J. Clifford Hudson is the present CEO and Chairman and Troy Smith is the founder father of this organization. The inside kitchen well all is a grease pit you can see the build up on literally all the equipment including all dishes it's not good,while there I saw employees rinsing dishes not washing the washingredients water not changed or rinse water I did my best beings Im partially disabled but I can't do all the work while other go to collect a check the whole time their I never saw the main managers at nite they both worked days never nights.yes you have a 19 year old running it at night but customers want to talk to a main manager about there positive or negative feedback but yet thy throw it off on to the crew leader bs...if corporate could see the counters,walls,dishes,fryers, all refrigerated equipment and floors wow how embarrassing I feel sry for the closers I was 1 of them and what sux I liked it there and would love to work for them again but I don't feel good serving food out of this Sonic.. Red Bank Tenn.
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