Set your taste buds spinning! " Snyder's of Hanover Flarored Pretzel Twists- Seasoned with Onion, Garlic & Pepper. America's Pretzel Bakery since 1909. Made in a facility that does not process peanuts. Snyder's debuts new Pretzel Rounds and Seasoned Twisted Sticks as the newest addition to their product line-up. Manufacturer: Snyders … Bold flavor. However you like them, Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels give you that delicious crunch for the perfect snack! Pretzel Rounds are mini pretzel balls with a "light and airy" texture that come in two … Light crunch. Every crunch will bring a new Twist … Snyder's of Hanover Twisted pretzel sticks are baked with a swirl of buttery flavor and dusted with crave-able, savory spices.
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