The water trough serves as a provision for the snails to drink and bath. Snails like their environment to be moist at all time, so you need to always moisten … Equipment for the snail farm. Your contribution is an asset to us and a plus to you, please contribute to this discussion. A hoe is used for digging in and around the snail farm. THANKS SO MUCH KEEP IT UP. You can use a hoe to dig the floor of your snail pen when searching for snail eggs. Thanks, Hello Adepoju, please watch the video in this article to see what an intensive snail house construction looks like;, Please this is. I need proto-type of snail house construction. Eating snails dates all the way back to prehistoric times and in Roman times eating snails was perceived as a privilege reserved for the elite. Snail farming is a good choice for anyone who wishes to start small scale farming, because it is easy to set up, does not require huge investments and is not highly risky. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Learn from it and more importantly, move on. Going for business networking events might be good for both your loneliness and also your business, so you will need to be open and approachable. Benefits and limitations of snail farming Business, How to Hatch Snail Eggs in 6 Simple Steps, How to get rid of insect pests in a snail farm, How to Start and Make Money From Snail Farming Business, Whatever it is, you need to embrace it and accept it. Snails need water every now and then, so you need to always have water available in your snail farm. Various snail farming systems: Four basic types of snail farming systems are utilized. Helix aspersa (Cornu aspersum, Gros, gris, Petit gris, Small grey snail, The Escargot chagrine) is another species which is very popular with foodies. Sometimes these species are also called garden snail, but this term could also refer to many other snail species. Some of the materials overlap with the requirements for subsistent snail farming and for pet snails. Here we have it. Another important use of wheelbarrow is for moving the snail feed from one snail cage to another. A List of 7 Categories of Food for Snails. Your email address will not be published. Cheers. There are two types of Helix aspersa snails: What size snails are ready for food consumption? You can also use a wheelbarrow to move larger quantities of soil to the farm site. It implies environmentally safe production, without causing environmental … My number can you give me a call 07031324113. Theme by, setting up your own business of escargot farming, 14 Best Places to Eat Escargot in London in 2020, Escargot Dining – Le Petit Cafe Ljubljana, Slovenia. Watering can. After picking the eggs, you can put them in a plastic plate containing a soil mixture suitable for hatching the eggs and then cover the lid. A plastic spoon becomes very important at this time of your snail farming journey. There are analogue measuring scale and more recently the digital weighing scale. Don’t let it soak in and torture you. I will reply to you ASAP. Let’s face it – having you own business mean lots of work, hours, spending your family-time doing errands and necessary phone calls. Please send an email to Helix aspersa can be found in sand dunes, forests, fields and gardens, which increases Helix aspersa’s range and makes farming them less risky. Helix pomatia (Roman snail, Apple snail, Escargot de Bourgogne/Burgundy snail, Gros blanc) can be found across Europe and USA. A watering can is a snail farming equipment you can use to spray water in your snail pens. You can also use a plate with shallow depth to serve as a feeding or water trough for snails. With a wheelbarrow, you can comfortably move large quantities of snail at harvest. They don’t know that your expectations might not come true and that there are no safety nets to land on when you mess up. Using an “out of the boy” approach is very successful in these situations.
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