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smoking english roast
Next day I got the WK ready, and since it’s an English Roast I found an English beef rub to put on it, had all ingredients but the juniper so used rosemary in its place. Let the pot roast rest for a while, then serve. Smoked Pot Roast Related Recipes Braising Your Pot Roast. A digital meat thermometer comes in very handy here. This is also a good way of ensuring that the internal temperature is raised. Finally add your braising liquid – 3 parts of broth blend, cut with 1 part of red wine. You want the marinade to come up and cover about 50% of the chuck roast. Cover the pan with aluminum foil and cook for 4:30 hrs at 350°F. 6) smoke for an additional 2-3 hours depending on the thickness of your roast. The final internal temperature of the smoked chuck roast should read between 195 and 200. Cook the smoked chuck roast for about 2 to 3 hours more. Used the SnS indirect, water reservoir half full, with some Oak, and Cherry for smoke. If it is more than that, there is no cause for alarm. You want the internal temperature to reach 145F. Took it to 160ish IT then wrapped in foil with beef broth and back on until 205ish IT. Enjoy! 7) Remove from smoker (keep wrapped) and allow to rest for 30 minutes prior to carving. Add fuel when necessary to make sure that the temperature is maintained. https://www.simplymeatsmoking.com/recipes/the-perfect-smoked-beef-roast
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