Yes, any treatment method is useless if smoking is continued. At first it may be a dry cough, commonly in smokers who haven't smoked for very long, … A smoker's cough is a persistent cough that is present for more than 2-3 weeks and develops in a long-term smoker. If you are a smoker, I’m not here to judge you. The longer a person smokes, the harder it might be to quit and more … However bad you thought smoking was, it’s even worse.. At first, it may be dry (in smokers … But breaking the habit is very difficult due to … The best and the only effective way to stop smoker’s cough are to eliminate the root cause, tobacco smoke. Smokers Cough Treatment. There are way too many reasons why people smoke, nicotine is one helluva addictive substance, making it hard to stop even if you want to.. Smoker's Cough Symptoms . A smoker’s cough is a persistent cough that develops in long-term smokers—"persistent" meaning that it's present for more than two or three weeks. The first step in treating the condition is by kicking the habit. But now research says, if a smoker … For many smokers, the incessant cough can be embarrassing, it can … Treatment. Smokers cough: Treatments A smoker's cough can be cured in many cases by quitting smoking or smoking cessation .
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