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smoked round roast
While not as tender as rib or short loin, top roast yields great flavor, particularly when its cooked slowly to a medium-rare doneness. 137 degrees after 4 1/2 hours gave us a juicy medium rare beef. Grab your injector and fill it with beef broth. I followed the instructions and the meat was absolutely perfect. Ingredients: 1 Felton Angus Beef eye of round roast 3.5-5 pounds (CARNIVORE will get you 10% off at check out) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1,079 409 Joined May 12, 2018. You can carve and serve pieces right off of the roast with sides, or make delicious sandwiches like French Dips or Philly Cheese Steaks. This is my first time posting pictures so bear with me if some are not terribly sharp. Smoked Top Round Roast. Smoked Beef Top Round -Outstanding. Generously sprinkle seasoning all over the roast, insert your meat probe into your roast. Our Ingredients Cooking Directions: Slow Smoked Beef Round Roast. Top-round roast is a budget-friendly boneless cut of meat. 1 5lb. Smoked Beef Roast Directions. I got the butcher at the Farm Fresh to cut a 5 lb roast size hunk of the top round. Inject the beef broth all the way throughout the roast. Tasty Grilled Top Round Roast Recipe. For economical eating, a top round roast offers a lot for a relatively small price. The smoker should be a temperature of 225-240 degrees. Cooking the meat further than medium rare results in a tough roast. Top round boneless beef is a lean cut of meat that requires a long cooking time over low heat. If you like roast beef you will love smoked eye of round roast! It’s lean, coming from the butt end of a steer. Although braising is the preferred method to prepare a round roast, with planning, it is possible to smoke a tender and flavorful roast. beef round roast; Swimmin’ in Smoke Booyah Beef Seasoning Rub, to taste; Slow Smoked Beef Round Roast A Wood Pellet Grill Recipe. Sliced thin, we’ll have great sandwiches for a … It has great flavor and is nice and juicy if not overcooked. Light your smoker approximately 30 to 35 minutes before you want to start smoking the beef roast. Top round is also one of the leanest cuts of beef you can get, so it's great if you're watching the calories and saturated fat … Thread in 'Beef' Thread starter Started by MJB05615, Start date Jun 14, 2020; Jun 14, 2020 #1 M. MJB05615 Master of the Pit.
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