I also feel its a super SM57 and it will rock on just about anything. von Bathos, 06.02.12. the sm7b is ok but i see why they say its for screamers and radio. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. the heil PR stuff looks promising though. There is a presence boost which gives it more "SM57-ness" but generally, it's not nearly as grainy as its SM57 or SM58 cousins. SM7b vs RE20 vs MD421. Ampmikrofon: Sennheiser MD421 vs Shure SM57. my favorites were the re20 and at4040 for studio recording the nd767a, re320, re27 are useless unnatural sounding mics. 06-19-2009 #29. mrhotapples. mk4 is not to my liking at all. Quote: Originally Posted by Tablex. Run it HOT!!! USE IT. Heyy, i'm looking for a warm/vintage sounding mic specifically for vocals. Quick Links. Board-Mitarbeiter. I need to look into it and everyone should. Thanks Share Reply Quote. MB bei Facebook . Ragan. Lives for gear . Beliebte Beiträge ★ 3 ★ für emptypockets Beitrag Nr. Why not. would rather have a sm57 than most other handheld dynamics by any brand. There isn’t an RM20 from EV, there’s an RE20 that is a very well known and fantastic mic that’s comparable to the SM7b, and I’m assuming this is what you mean. The RE20 is my favorite dynamic mic. 18th September 2020 #2. 12, 07.02.12 Sponsored by ? The RE20 is similar to the SM7b, but less heavy in the low end (perhaps because in its design, it is not affected by proximity effect very much), and there is a subtle but unique 'bump' in the mids (somewhere between 1k and 2k I think) that gives this mic its character. EV RE20 vs. Shure SM7, opinions on two fine dynamics? Let me know if I'm missing other options in the same price range. Ampmikrofonierung, welches von beiden: Shure Sm57 17 Stimme(n) 77,3% Sennheiser MD421 5 Stimme(n) 22,7% Status des Themas: Es sind keine … Heyy, i'm looking for a warm/vintage sounding mic specifically for vocals.
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