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sliding wardrobe design with mirror
The contemporary sliding wardrobe doors are only provided by the brand. The sliding wardrobe with drawers is the basic need of everyone. Don’t go in a rush and buy an irrelevant size of the product. Colour is a very cool design that would put some light glorious light in the bedroom. Also, it is a white sliding wardrobe in a very less price. 2 extra drawers are provided on the top. These wardrobes are now provided with sliding properties and easy access. So, make a choice for the same. A mirrored wardrobe door doesn’t just add a touch of timeless elegance to a room, but it also creates a feeling of expanding the space it sits in. If you want play with volumes choose mirror sliding doors, … The capacity of the sliding wardrobe is increased and much more material can be fitted into it. The particleboard sliding wardrobe is in demand nowadays as the material is strong and efficient. Our range of sliding mirror wardrobe … See More: Simple Plastic Wardrobe Designs. Armadio scorrevole tamburato con 2, 3 o 4 ante a specchio con telaio, altezza 226,3 / 239,1 / 255,1 cm. Our range of sliding mirror wardrobe door styles. 2 sliding doors are provided for making work easy. It is a good capacity wardrobe which is both suitable for small and big rooms. Fitted bedroom wardrobes are great solution to save space and make harmony in your bedroom design. So, one must keep these 3 points in mind before actually buying a sliding wardrobe. Yes, here we are talking about Mintwud which is a prominent designer of the same. Moreover, the light brown colour makes it look perfect for the room. Required fields are marked *. The sliding mirror wardrobe is provided with an extra mirror. This is a complete package for enhancing capacity and look. With a sliding mirror wardrobe door, you can really let a room breathe, creating a sense of extra space. Our Designers can bring glass samples of every colour to your home so … One would love to have such a beautiful design in the bedroom. It is suitable for keeping in a big room. One can buy it at a very less and offered price. The glass sliding wardrobe doors are unique and designable. But the best is to be chosen by you only. Pre-laminated particleboard is the primary material used in the making. The two doors are provided which can easily slide over one and other. The Wenge finish is provided for the same wardrobe. The modern sliding wardrobes are also worked upon with same criteria. Sep 15, 2018 - Explore Anura Chakma's board "Mirrored wardrobe" on Pinterest. Engineering wood is used as the basic and primary material. A wardrobe with mirror is favoured by people everywhere because they are so practical in approach. The designs are enough to say about working. Our classic 4 door sliding mirrored wardrobe kits come complete with a track for an easy installation. It is a black sliding wardrobe. The product is adequate to be used for a big room. This is a designer wardrobe with some unique designs provided in the middle. With this wooden wardrobe with mirror, you can add a little bit of extra dimension to your house or your bedroom. The shelves and drawers are increased in numbers. From Satin Cashmere to Denim and Satin Stone Grey, we offer a wide range of colours to choose from when buying your mirrored sliding wardrobe doors. Certain points should be noted when buying sliding wardrobe designs are: Here we enlisted 10 simple and modern sliding wardrobe designs with pictures. The warranty period should be extensible and should be not less than a year. Your email address will not be published. The size is quite small and adequate. The elegant design coupled with the strong matt finish will stand out in any bedroom. Sliding Wardrobes White Glass and Mirrors Our extensive collection of Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes is available in over 20 colours. Moreover, the size of the same matters a lot to buy it according to the required size only. The quality sliding wardrobe doors are only provided by top designers and manufacturers. Thus, it can be kept for keeping a limited amount of material. It is a 2-door sliding wardrobe with a mirror on the right-hand side. Some of the top designs are provided by top manufacturers only. They want to keep easy access to opening and closing. The sliding mirror wardrobe is provided with an extra mirror. The sliding wardrobe designs are generally an extended version of the simple wardrobe. So, one may interest in the same product. Elizabeth worked with Sweeten to renovate her apartment in the West Village neighborhood of NYC. The two-door sliding wardrobe looks very good and proclaimed. Extra shelves are provided inside the wardrobe. Some of the modern designs may include mirror sliding wardrobes. This is somewhat L shaped wardrobe which should be kept in the corner of the bedroom. One can choose the best from the latest and top 10 designs of the sliding wardrobe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The sliding wardrobe for a room should be bought after considering the actual size of the room. See more ideas about bedroom cupboards, bedroom wardrobe, sliding mirror wardrobe.
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