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skyrim followers with no level cap
hen melee attacking, Ralis uses mostly dual-wielding heavy attacks and at range he deals considerable damage with a bow. Beyond all of that, this wise-cracking Khajiit never fails to leave players with a smile. Fixed walking and standing like a man. Some assets in this file belong to other authors. His stats are identical to another Dawnguard follower, Beleval, but at least she is unique in being the only female Bosmer follower in the game. A drunkard and a buffoon, Roggi has nothing of value to offer the Dragonborn except for the feeling of joy when this utter trash heap of a Nord falls to his death at the hands of a lowly skeever. Also, he doesn’t commit crimes and that just won’t do. Now add in a follower that doesn't have a level cap and you might aswell through any possible challenge out the window. Jenassa - Fixed walking and standing like a man. By betraying Faendal and helping Sven to woo the target of their affections in the quest "A Lovely Letter," players can recruit the second-worst follower in the game. On top of that, because the lumberjack isn’t a combat class, Sven has abysmal combat stats and flees when he gets too hurt. While many Dragonborn may prefer to roam the land of Skyrim alone, the solitary lifestyle can be soul-crushingly lonely. On top of her lackluster stats and growth, Njada is a nar.! Making you lose the items. RELATED: Skyrim: The 10 Best Armor Enchantments, Ranked. All rights reserved. From his ancient Nord pickaxe, Hoarfrost, to his unique NPC class of Dual Wielding Miner, Ralis brings a lot of power to the Dragonborn DLC. He also heals the Dragonborn when injured and throws upwards to protect from incoming Ice Spikes. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. ), Ghorbash the Iron Hand ( Fixed ranger using heavy armor. If his work doesn't make someone smile, then what's the point? This is the ultimate follower fixer mod! Oh, Lydia. Check this link for details on how to avoid the bug http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Erandur ), Illia ( She rocks but she can't be rehired if dismissed. The vast majority of followers cap at level 30. RELATED: Skyrim: 10 Best Wives & How To Marry Them. Changed default outfit to heavy armor so the player doesn't get confused and keep gearing him with light armor. Fixes to bugs without changing intended stuff keeping the game as the original developers wanted. Adventurers may think followers are weak and pointless. Don't: Roggi Knot-beard. It varies but followers were capped on level 30, 40, 50. Further, Roggi’s citizen class means he has lower stats than almost every other follower. Annekke Crag-Jumper ( She is a MILF. Graduating with a bachelor of arts in Communications from Tulane University, Alex is an expert media analyst. Capping out at level 20, Roggi is tied with Sven for the lowest level cap in … NOTE2: These two fixes work regardles of your save beeing new or preexisted. She refuses to commit crimes with the Dragonborn and even turns him in to the town guards if the crime is bad enough. There are also a handful of potential followers that has no level cap: J’zargo(from the Mage’s College questline) Frea(from the Dragonborn DLC mainquestline) Ingjard, Durak and Celann(from the Dawnguard faction, in the Dawnguard DLC). Currently in English, Russian, Spanish. ), Mjoll the Lioness ( Fixed default invisible ring stuck to her. On top of all of these perks, Ralis can reach a max level of 60, the highest set max level in the game. Frea truly is the ultimate follower. Now all followers will level with you. Fixed walking and standing like a man. Adelaisa’s only redemption is that she isn’t one of the two the lowest max level followers in Skyrim. The Skaal Shaman from Solstheim and the lead NPC of the Dragonborn DLC, Frea is the best follower in Skyrim. A warrior class follower with a below-average level (a consistent trait of all of the worst followers in the game) Njada is more of a burden to the Dovahkin than an asset. Of course, that is … Lydia is the Housecarl obtained in the city of Whiterun through the progression of the main story. A favorite follower for many fans of Skyrim, Lydia makes a good pack mule and a powerful side-kick. Note: Dungeon Followers are kinda buggy. On top of all of these perks, Ralis can reach a max level of 60, the highest set max level in the game. Many know and love Serana as their all-time favorite follower. You can marry her daughter, Sylgja. He is now a two handed warrior with high heavy armor skill and decent sword / board skill as it was meant to be. Copyright © 2020 Robin Scott. NEXT: Skyrim: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Character Creator. NOTE3: Because there's nothing "mystical" about the invisible bow anymore, followers will start using … Serena casts the drain life spell (whether or not she has been cured of Vampirism at the end of the DLC narrative), giving her surprising bulk despite capping out at level 50. … She has a semi-interesting quest where the Dragonborn kills some pirates called the Blood Horkers, but that’s about where the positives end. With no level cap, Frea can keep up with the Dragonborn as enemies continue to scale, and is ultimately invincible and unkillable. While many Dragonborn may prefer to roam the land of. Best to avoid them since there's so much other good followers. ). Despite his quest being paying incrementally larger and larger amounts of gold so he can fund his excavation, Ralis really offers the Dragonborn a lot. The vampire princess from the Dawnguard DLC, Serana’s health sapping spells, and overall high-quality stats make her a force to be reckoned with. Capping out at level 20, Roggi is tied with Sven for the lowest level cap in the game. Maxing out at level 25, Agmaer doesn’t have much to offer the Dragonborn that can’t be found in other followers. Roggi is as unhelpful as it gets in the land of Tamriel. ), DUNGEON FOLLOWERS - When you meet someone at the right time, Erandur ( The level cap is removed. Some of these followers are very helpful but others are kind of worthless. A sweet sweet boy from the Dawnguard DLC, Agmaer just wants to fight vampires and save his village. Sven is a Lumberjack class with the lowest level cap in the game for any follower; 20. If you prefer to adventure on the right side of justice, then the jester assassin, Cicero, is … ), Farkas ( Altought a master heavy armor trainer, he sucked at it. GAMES WHERE SHE WASN'T SEEN YET. The only follower that would level with you past level 50 was J'zargo. Barbas. With no max level and many powerful destruction spells at his disposal, J’zargo is the perfect Sorcerer to accompany any ranged Dragonborn. With a max level of 50, she’s well above the average in the game and her constant spamming of the reanimation spells means a steady stream of undead following her and the player around offering moral support. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have the skills to do it. Despite Agmaer’s likeability, he is overshadowed in the DLC story by Serena and quickly becomes another forgettable follower. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Some followers just plain stink, and Adelaisa is one of them. It really only fixes bugs. Best: Cicero. Alex approaches all his writing with a comedic lens. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Not only can Frea never die, but when at low health she casts healing spells so she can get back up and back into the fight faster than normal. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account, Fixed Followers Lite - By mangue =), Cosnach ( Fixed using light armor instead of heavy armor since he's a heavy armor warrior. Still there's a bug on his quest. Works for new games or games that have never seen Lydia. On top of this, the story for the Dawnguard DLC and the fun of recruiting her makes Serana an all-around great choice for the Dragonborn’s favorite follower.
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