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skeletal fluorosis diagnosis
Gastrointestinal symptoms settle within 15 days. In these areas, the consumption of drinking water is high and the population is more vulnerable to the disease as compared to their counterparts in colder areas with low consumption of water, though the fluoride content of water in both the areas may be the same. Skeletal Radiology 2017;167:9–17. If there is pain or stiffness in the neck, he/she is unable to bend the neck-touching the chest with chin is not possible. Clin Oral Investig, 2016; 28. Sci Total Environ. 2017;56:157–62. J Esthet Restor Dent. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00256-019-03302-0, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s00256-019-03302-0, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Bone and tooth having highest amount of calcium in the body, attract the maximum amount of fluoride and is deposited as calcium fluorapatite crystals. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. 2016;20:105–6. JDR Clinical and translational Research; 2019. https://doi.org/10.1177/2380084419830957. Environ Toxicol. Pendrys DG. The de-fluoridation is the only solution; this can be done by different methods: (i) Chemical precipitation-Alum coagulation (Nalgonda technique), Electrolyte defluoridation. 2003;70:178–82. Ingestion of excess fluoride, most commonly in drinking-water affects the teeth and bones. Skeletal fluorosis was suspected because of the extensive calcification of ligaments and cartilage, as well as the bony outgrowths of osteophytes and exostoses. Endemic skeletal fluorosis is a chronic metabolic bone and joint disease caused by ingesting large amounts of fluoride either through water or rarely from foods of endemic areas. Interventions for dental fluorosis: a systematic review. PubMed Central  Non-skeletal forms of fluorosis are earlier manifestations, which develop long before the onset of typical changes in teeth and skeletal bones these are seen as gastro-intestinal symptoms and may overlap with other diseases leading to misdiagnosis. Mechanism after fluoride intake: Once fluoride enters the body either through the blood vessels in the mouth or through the gastrointestinal route, it reaches the various organs and tissues in the body. 1999;59:235–8. However, the disease is easily preventable if diagnosed early and steps are taken to prevent intake of excess fluoride through provision of safe drinking water, promote nutrition and avoid foods with high fluoride content. Subscription will auto renew annually. del Carmen Aguilar-Diaz F, Federico Morales-Corona F, Cintra-Viveiro AC, Fuente-Hernández J. Described features include: increased bone density: osteosclerosis osteopenia or osteoporosis 4,6; trabecular blurring or haziness Neurath C, Limeback H, Osmunson B, Connett M, Kanter V, Wells CR. Skeletal fluorosis: don’t miss the diagnosis!. Maximum ill effects of fluoride are detected in the neck, spine, knee, pelvic and shoulder joints. Severe forms of skeletal fluorosis results in marked disability. Following procedures do not remove fluoride: Human Resource Development: to develop adequate human resource both in Health and Public Health Engineering Sectors. (V)Haemoglobin estimation: for detection of anaemia. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. Biotech World, 2015; 5, 81. Subbarao K. Musculoskeletal fluorosis-imaging spectrum. 2016;45:839–42. It affects men, women and children of all age groups. Health impact of supplying safe drinking water containing fluoride below permissible level on flourosis patients in a fluoride-endemic rural area of West Bengal. Izuora K, Twombly JG, Whitford GM, Demertzis J, Pacifici R, Whyte MP. Winn N, Lalam R, Cassar-Pullicino V. Imaging of Paget's disease of bone. The SA/GAG value shows no significant change in arthritis, osteoporosis and spondylosis. Once adsorbent become saturated with fluoride ions filter is backwashed with a mild acid or alkali solution, as the backwashing material is rich in fluoride, it should be disposed off carefully so that not re contaminating nearby ground water. The disease occurs as an endemic problem in some parts of the world and is the result of prolonged ingestion or rarely by inhalation of high amounts of fluoride. (ii)Adsorption: This approach is to filter water down through a column packed with a strong adsorbent such as activated alumina (AL2O3), activated charcoal, or ion exchange resins. Google Scholar, Radiology Department, Orthopaedic Institute M T Kassab, University of Tunis El Manar- Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, Ksar Said, 2010, Manouba, Tunisia, Meriem Sellami, Hend Riahi, Mouna Chelli Bouaziz & Mohamed Fethi Ladeb, Rheumatology Department, Orthopaedic Institute M T Kassab, University of Tunis El Manar- Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, Manouba, Tunisia, You can also search for this author in (l) Physical tests for detection of skeletal fluorosis in endemic areas- (a)The subject is asked to lift a coin from the floor without bending the knee. John DR, Suthar PP. Yildiz M, Akdoğan M, Tamer N, Oral B. 2016;81:42–5. Calcif Tissue Int. (In Chinese) 4. 2017;59:306–13. Khairnar MR, Dodamani AS, Jadhav HC, Naik RG, Deshmukh MA. The severity and duration, (which is often episodic), depend on a person’s age, nutritional status, environment, kidney function, amount of fluoride ingested, genetic background, tendency to allergies, and other factors such as hardness of the water due to presence of calcium and magnesium. Wien Med Wochenschr. American International Medical University, Fluorosis : Causes, Diagnosis , Management and Prevention, on Fluorosis : Causes, Diagnosis , Management and Prevention. Skeletal Radiol 49, 345–357 (2020). Learn more about Institutional subscriptions. Fluoride-rich foods such as tea, ocean fish, gelatin, skin of chicken, fluoridated salt, food contaminated with post-harvest fumigants (e.g. It also affects small joints of the hands and feet. (b) Chin Test: The subject is asked to touch the anterior wall of the chest with the chin. Foreign medical sciences (section of medgeography). Kurdi MS. Skeletal fluorosis is a bone disease caused by excessive accumulation of fluoride leading to weakened bones. Symptoms of skeletal fluorosis appear later than dental fluorosis. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. 2004;25(2):95–98. Skelet Radiol. Google Scholar. Deterioration of teeth and alveolar bone loss due to chronic environmental high-level fluoride and low calcium exposure. Fluoride in water is mostly of geological origin. Periosteum: characteristic imaging findings with emphasis on radiologic-pathologic comparisons. Bone mineral density of the spine and femur in early postmenopausal Turkish women with endemic skeletal fluorosis. Eur Spine J. fluoride in dust and fumes from industries such as those manufacturing steel, aluminum, enamel, pottery, glass, bricks, phosphate fertilizer, and others involved with power, welding, water fluoridation plants, refrigeration, rust removal, oil refining, plastics, pharmaceuticals, tooth-paste, chemicals, and automobiles. The Imaging Value of Bone Turnover of Skeletal Fluorosis. It is a public health problem caused by excess intake of fluoride through drinking water/food products/industrial pollutants over a long period. When there is pain and stiffness, it would not be possible to touch the back of the head. Di Giovanni T, Eliades T, Papageorgiou SN. Fluoride (F) being an electronegative element, having a negative charge is attracted by positively charged ions like calcium (Ca++). Fluorosis is caused by excessive intake of fluorides from multiple sources such as in food, water, air (due to gaseous industrial waste), and excessive use of toothpaste. All methods produce sludge with very high concentration of fluoride (that has to be disposed of); therefore only water for drinking and cooking purposes should be treated, particularly in the developing countries. Diagnosis of skeletal fluorosis is tricky. 2003;72:689–93. This method is also suitable for both community and household levels. Fluorosis can be prevented by avoiding excessive intake of fluoride by individuals / community. Fluoride from any other environmental sources, including cigarette smoke and industrial pollution, e.g. 2017;177:102–8. Rev Rhum. Liu J, Fu Z, WU L, Ding H, Wang D-l, YU B-l. Fluoride decreased osteoclastic bone resorption through the inhibition of NFATc1 gene expression. Non skeletal fluorosis/ Effects of fluorosis on soft tissues /systems: Most of these manifestations are, no doubt, nonspecific, but their occurrence in subjects living in fluorosis-endemic areas should alert suspicion. (c) Stretch Test: The individual is made to stretch the arm sideways, fold at elbow and touch the back of the head. People exposed to large amounts of fluoride show dental effects much earlier than the skeletal effects. Diets rich in fat have been reported to increase deposition of fluoride in bones. Fluoride is a cumulative toxin which can alter accretion and resorption of bone tissue. Simon MJ, Beil FT, Riedel C, et al. No-01 AIM-U Ave, Pol J Radiol. sulfuryl fluoride) and pesticides (e.g. Dental fluorosis can only occur if the fluoride exposure is during the first years of life while the teeth are forming. Pei J, Li B, Gao Y, et al. As many doctors fail to detect it due to the symptoms of skeletal fluorosis appearing similar to other more well known, bone and joint diseases.
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