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sennheiser mke 440 gopro
GoPro cameras aren’t stellar when it comes to audio capture — to the point that they are sometimes unusable. With the MKE 440, Sennheiser made a dual shotgun mic by combining two directional mics into a stereo array. Így élményeid a … This feature sets it apart from conventional stereo microphones. With GoPro recordings, whose images can be especially involving, an audio upgrade throws the viewer right into the action. Bármit is tervezel: hegyikerékpározást, téli sportokat vagy szörfözést a nagy hullámon, az MKE 2 elements akciómikrofon hozzáteszi azt a plusz dimenziót. The MKE 440 is meant to capture the audio that’s directly in its field of view and reject what isn’t. This item: Sennheiser MKE 440 Professional Stereo Shotgun Microphone, Black (MKE 440) $349.95 Only 10 left in stock - order soon. You’re typical camera-mounted stereo mic is in an XY configuration, giving a wide spatial recording direction. Sennheiser MKE 440 Stereo Microphone for DSLR. GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for (HERO8 Black/HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,373. The design here is all-metal, the MKE 440 is ruggedly designed as one would expect from any Sennheiser product. Ships from and sold by DVE Store - Digital Video Equipment Store. The unit attaches to standard camera shoe mounts and also features a three-level sensitivity switch to adjust to softer and louder sound sources and has a switchable low-cut filter to eliminate low-frequency noise such as wind noise. The MKE 440 has two aligned and matched mini shotgun mics ensuring that the MKE 440 captures the audio you want while rejecting off-axis noise. Készen áll, amikor Te is. The MKE 440 will go on sale in June, with pricing to be determined. Solidly made, powered by a single AAA battery, and with an integrated shock mount, the Sennheiser MKE 400 is a compact shotgun mic designed for video cameras and DSLRs. A GoPro® HERO4 kamerákhoz kínált MKE 2 elements akciómikrofonja kiválóan teljesíti ezt a célt. A dedicated GoPro version is planned. It costs $350. It is the upgrade you have been waiting for. Alongside the MKE 440, Sennheiser had several new products on display, including the MK 4 Digital mic and the HandMic Digital mic, both for audio capture with smart devices. 6 offers from $110.00. Using the MKE 2 elements Action Mic you can now add exactly what has been missing to make a real professional and lasting impression: great audio – in legendary Sennheiser quality. It uses the 3.5mm plug, so you’ll need to pick up an adapter to make it work with a GoPro. Overview. Sennheiser’s upcoming handheld AMBEO VR microphone.
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