It is used in furniture and cabinet making, musical instruments, doors and windows. Call: 1-877-631-2845 Finishing the wood is easy, though a clear finish is recommended because a dark stain may cause the floor to get too dark. Soft Maple Dimensional Lumber. Gloves. It must be properly cared for to remain in good condition because no matter how durable a floor is, it will succumb to wear and tear eventually. Ear Protection. I am working in our village wood shop so I have access to good equipment also what is the best sanding sequence. As with other wood floors, the finish on the wood determines how to properly care for and maintain it. ... All Wood Repair and Touch-Up Supplies. The next step was to rub in an 8-1 mix of amber lac shells and alcohol. Sapele has medium resistance to shock loads, medium bending strength, high crushing strength, low stiffness and poor steam-bending properties. Our quick ship Sapele tops are offered with select designer stain colors or finished clear in our low VOC polyurethane finish or offered unfinished and finish sanded. Walnut Lumber. Sapele is grown in Africa. Also, it does not necessarily take into account the maturity of the trees (i.e., centuries-old trees are cut down, and subsequently replanted with saplings) Therefore we hope that further assessments will consider this long term commitment to re-growth. Typically though, Sapele is fairly consistent in colour and grain but boards can differ from one to another. You’ll just need to keep your eye on it for a couple of hours and wipe off the dots of oil before they have a chance to dry. Sapele is a good performer for external joinery and is relatively stable in service, needs to be painted or stained (and coats well). Hardness/Janka: With a rating of 1,500, sapele is about 16% harder than the traditional red oak. Generally the care taken by those processing the wood will have an impact on its drying and seasoning. It works well with both hand and machine tools, with a tolerable blunting effect on cutting edges. Carmaker Cadillac has used sapele for its wooden interior. Nailing sapele is easy and there are no known problems with it. But it’s not a deal-breaker. sapele wood Manufacturers Directory ☆ 3 million global importers and exporters ☆ sapele wood suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, sapele wood sellers, traders, exporters and distributors from China and around the world at Sanding: Though a certain sequence must be followed correctly to produce the right look, it can be sanded easily. Sapele is about 14% more stable than red oak. Other uses include guitar manufacturing for major brands such as Ibanez, Martin and Taylor. Properties: Sustainability: It should also be noted that one unintentional shortcoming of the Red List is that it only considers the risk of extinction; broader issues dealing with habitat destruction or deforestation are not considered. As a flooring choice, people look to it for the beautiful grain and durability. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It sands very well and can be brought to an excellent polished finish. The first coat was a 4-1 mix of dried amber lac shells and alcohol which helped to seal and close the pores. I built this elliptical shaped end table from Sapele wood…then put a French polish on it. Genetic erosion caused by the large-scale depletion of mature individuals from populations has taken place in some countries. Well guide you to your perfect wood solution. The extent of this will depend on; the stability of the species itself, the conditions it is exposed to, the coating, decoration and protection. Sapele can be used in both residential and commercial settings where the color is desired. Brazilian and African mahogany is challenging to source these days so Sapele offers a good alternative and is from the same 'family'. Sapele paints well and is a good all round performer Ted, what is the sanding sequence for sapelee, Your email address will not be published. Thank you, I am making a box cabinet , 17″ wide X 17″ deep X 18″ high with a 5″ drawer inside top. These are all produced by deviations from the normal grain pattern of the wood. Durability Notes: Hinges / … Wood Worker's Thoughts: The reason that Sapele is considered is a risk is due to; it has been heavily exploited throughout its range. Sapele also produces a large number of dramatic figure types such as pommele, quilted and mottled. What kind of joints would look good on this box? Decorative veneer from choice logs is used for marquetry, panelling and cabinetwork. Soft Maple Lumber. It drills, routers, carves, nails, screws, stains, varnishes and paints well.
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