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sambar deer meat
If you need or want to, you can also hold the back legs one at a time and work them back and forth to help pump the blood out. Always ensure your incision with the knife down through the bottom of the chest and into the skin covering the stomach region is lightly done with just enough penetration to break the skin. There could be dead animals around the bend or in a side creek that are rotten and putrid sitting in the water and whilst most of our water ways in deer country are pretty clean and many hunters often drink from them, there is always the chance that contamination of some sought is occurring upstream. It is also an attractive deer due to vivid colors. I am interested in reading and writing new stuff. Some hunters will cut meat up with latex gloves on, but this is a personal choice. In Nepal, it is confined in the protected area of Nepal. If I happen to shoot a mature stag, then there is a mountain of meat, but a lot of that will get turned into mince for pastas, meat pies, sausage rolls, etc. Australia and New Zealand’s premiere Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures These are very important in fighting and as show-off features of males. There are two schools of thought with the skin, some guys will just remove it and place the meat in bags to transport it to the esky while others will keep the skin on to protect the meat from dirt and dust but also so it doesn’t dry out and loose moisture in a breeze. From here on you can do a couple of things, either break the animal down and hang the pieces up in the shade with the skin on to lower their temperature or you can remove the legs and backstraps, skin them and place them in bags. for sambar deer meat identification by comparing Cyt b sequences using FINS technique is focused in this study. Magazine Website. Andean deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus) by Murray Thomas. I am a passionate blogger and indie author. Even after proper aging the older males can still be a little tough on the fork, so still utilize the meat, just be creative with how you cook it. The natural predators of Sambar deer comprise of the Tiger, Leopards, Mugger crocodile and others. Hanging the meat up to allow air to circulate will get the meats temperature nice and low quickly and that’s ideal. That doesn’t mean leaving the deer lying around in direct sunshine on a hot day. Cause of Decline . Sambar Deer – Rusa unicolor . So many hunters don’t realize the importance of bleeding an animal and it is a critical component to the entire process. The life span drastically increases in captive condition and is Your email address will not be published. You can either cut under the head in the upper neck region or you can place the knife into the front of the chest at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades. They can be more than 40 inches when you look at the full spread of them. Another good tactic is to lift up the skin with two fingers on the opposite hand your holding the knife and keep them parallel to where the end of the knife as you cut. Just like in an abattoir, the aim is to lower the body temperature as quickly as possible. It would be interesting to be aware of these distinguished animals, especially to understand the specialities about Sambar. They remain active during the nighttime hence called the nocturnal. Sambar Deer is the herbivores that predominately feed on the wide range of vegetation include the grasses, fruit, water plants, foliage and other vegetation available. Illegal hunting, especially for meat and trophy followed by habitat degradation is the prime cause of the decline of the Sambar population. wild condition. Sambar Deer Nepal is one of the attractive deer found in the protected area of Nepal. The down side to placing meat for human consumption in water is that you don’t know about any potential bacterial issues upstream. My background is on the classical science. Your email address will not be published. And for the partsthat might not be edible for human consumption they can go straight into the dog kennels and feed the hard working companions. Normally the water in deer country is cold so it will cool the meat, it also protects it from insects, and if there is any blood left in the meat a fair percentage of it will get washed away through the motion of water passing through and over the meat/carcass. Fully utilizing any resource justifies the harvesting process and taking the life of an animal, so next time you walk up to a sambar you have just shot, give it some thought as how best to turn this wonderful game animal into delicious meals at the dinner table. Sometimes on the larger cuts I will turn them over if I don’t have enough ice to cover everything in the esky. Sambar Deer Nepal Population is constantly on the decline. If the day is warm or hot, I will definitely try to get the meat into an esky as soon as possible. There are good noticeable differences between Sambar and other deer family members. Make sure you give plenty of thought as to what equipment you carry when you head into the bush. Many hunters keep the bones in until they get home, that is fine and it can be a great source of nourishment for dogs, but if your pushed for space, then consider taking out the bones as soon as possible. Once you get the meat home you can either process it and then put it in the freezer or you can sit in the bottom of a fridge for a while to age. We have covered this in previous articles, the continued shooting of young male sambar, and these are the animals that probably should be left alone to increase the sex ratio and age class of males within the overall herd. Sometimes the older males can be quite lean and maybe not the best cut for steaks or schnitzels, but backstrap and prime cuts diced up and slow cooked can be ideal for casseroles and curries. Summary Sambar deer is one of the largest deer found in Nepal. You will just ruin meat and that’s not ideal if you want to fully utilize an animal. Younger animals are easier to maneuver in the bush when performing field care and also lighter to carry out, especially if you are on your own. The weight of the mature Sambar deer can be up to 546 kilograms upon maturity. This needs to be done correctly including everything from the vital organs to the bladder and fecal pellets.
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