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saas operations team structure
Services groups range in proportion, but are significant in every organization, making up 10-30% of the company. Of course, Agile comes in many “flavors” and you’re free to choose the model you want. Product development teams are the most crucial point in any SaaS pipeline. Some other, very popular, agile-based frameworks include Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development, and Feature-Driven Development. In 2008, he co-founded payroll & HR software company Nmbrs, taking on tech operations as COO and as head of development. The marketing group should probably scale past one or two people to unlock more programs–all of the companies in our set had reached at least a four person team. (4) Strategy and planning As an executive, the sales ops leader must have big-picture plans regarding incentive plan design and administration , territory definition**, growth planning, and renewals. Businesses of all sizes employ sales operations teams. Learn how to understand your capacity needs, the amount of resources you need to hit your goals, and develop the right sales ops team structure. The team must fit the module or feature, and that often means building teams in different sizes, with different goals, and completely different work methods. As your organization begins to scale, new employees onboard, volume increases, and structure becomes critical to maintaining output. This can result in difficulty as that goal or purpose is completed or changed. Size – Small teams are agile, flexible, and can quickly make decisions. After a quick sanity check to confirm the numbers were good, let’s review what some of these other orgs look like. TeamZ comprises a product owner, scrum master, 4 developers, quality assurance, and a third-line customer support agent, whose primary responsibility lies in customer support. B2B SaaS Org Chart: ~25 FTE. While there is no one-size-fits all structure for product development teams, the following roles add value to development. They have about ten staff and $2M in annual revenues. At Nmbrs, we use a variation of the Spotify Model. You could also develop your own, but with hundreds of quality team frameworks and models on the market, it’s faster and more efficient to adopt something and adapt it to your needs. If we go further with this research, it would be interesting to see how this has changed over time in more companies, and review by when the company was founded as well. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In a survey from that post, we collected data on 13 more SaaS organizations ranging from 13 to 244 employees, and their headcount breakdown by department. Choosing Roles – Team roles should be chosen based on the team purpose, so that individual skill sets are aligned with those goals. The IT Leader’s Checklist for SaaS Operations 4 Build your SaaSOps team structure with: One SaaSOps professional for about every 50–150 users. Building a team structure for your product development will likely involve trial and error, and likely, several different types of teams. This article includes basic information for structuring product dev teams and offers some tips and advice from the book, Vision to Value. Why? Agile allows you to develop in small, flexible steps, make changes based on obstacles as you go, and essentially work backwards from creating value to how your product must start. I received this proposed structure just as the company was raising capital and hiring staff to scale its business and attack multiple industry verticals at once. There is no one best way to design a product development team. Vision to Value Framework Copyright © 2020 Luis Gomes de Abreu All rights reserved. Your email address will not be published. Other organizations use their own rules. Cloud governance team: To balance the cloud adoption team, a cloud governance team is dedicated to … However, most organizations greatly benefit from cross-functional teams capable of owning features and modules, and capable of working on and achieving goals with minimal management and minimal dependencies on other teams. Customer Success may not be a priority early when proving out a process and top-line revenue growth is the goal, but it becomes very important as you grow and need to prevent and mitigate churn in your installed base. Basecamp limits teams to just 2-3 people. Developer – Most teams need at least 2-4. Along the way, he's launched other ventures such as Grappster and Wallylabs, participated in numerous startup initiatives, and is the author of Vision to Value. With three founders you need first team … Amazon’s famous “two pizza rule” stipulates 3-10 people in a team. Product development teams should almost always work using an Agile framework. If the module changes or becomes obsolete, the team purpose doesn’t have to change to assign the team to something else. Larger teams are more stable and reliable (They won’t drop work productivity if someone is sick or takes parental leave) but slower and less agile. It’s a wide range depending on the extent an organization is SaaS-powered. We use cookies to provide and improve our services. This changes dramatically at companies that have found a scalable solution. Of these, Scrum is the most popular. Structuring product development teams typically requires adopting a framework, deciding on a priority structure, and valuing work across your organization. Support Operations: Helps with tooling, automation, and improving the overall customer support workflow. As a result, inbound marketing strategies that create a compounding interest effect are very popular with SaaS startups. What should one of these teams look like? It’s a great way to implement Agile and cross-functionality, without creating silos or isolating experts. Weekly meetings are held with a support consultant to track updates to customer needs and user perspective. The team receives external support from a scrum master serving other teams with the same business function. Start with Responsibilities – Teams are normally designed around a “purpose” or “goal” such as “delivering a mobile experience”. TeamC, a small innovation team, is composed of 3 developers, and a product owner who is also a quality engineer. To keep your costs in line, lead generation and marketing efficiency has to grow beyond headcount. It’s faster, more efficient, and allows your team to be as innovative as necessary to solve presented problems. Spotify Model – The Spotify model is based on the Agile framework, with the addition of a cross-functional structure integrating teams together based on functionality, expertise, and role. In most cases, small teams should include 3-5 people and large teams should comprise 6-10 people. Product Development Team Structure for SaaS Organizations, How to Maintain Business-as-Usual When Working from Home, Team Predictability in Agile Environments. Giving teams full ownership of a module or feature allows them to work on that feature at their own pace, with no bottlenecks, and no delays except where features or models interact with other parts of the application. Building world-class SaaS customer support. Briefly, we found that Sales roles represent 30-40% of company headcount, and that Services scales quickly behind Sales to deliver on boarding, customer support, and other needs to make sure new customers are well served. The company is in the hunt for a real sales process that is repeatable and can be taught to new employees. Team Lead and/or Manager: Focuses on people management. The marketing team varies wildly, from 1 person to 15 in some orgs at this size. So, while teams are composed of people from different disciplines, those people are connected to other persons with the same business area, area (such as “Front-end), and common interests (such as “Quality Assurance”). At the same time, it’s important to assign teams to individual features and models because this ensures everything is stable and attended to. Why is this a good thing? The most important part of any business is its customers. The sales ops team must work with marketing ops to integrate with demand generating functions to meet goals and forecasts. Vision to Value offers a high-level Agile framework, with everything you need to structure teams, implement scalable processes across teams and pipelines, and scale operations in SaaS organizations. For instance, companies such as Novartis and the EMC Corporation hire and retain thousands of sales … Salesforce, Salesforce.com, AppExchange, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter, and others are trademarks of Salesforce.com, Inc., and are used here with permission.
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