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royer r121 phantom power
When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Welcome to the new world of ribbon microphones! The Royer R121 has all of these qualities in abundance, but also brings something new. It's also tough as nails, lightweight, can handle high SPL's and live stage use, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The 121 seems to be a lot more robust than those old ribbons, and by all acounts that I've heard, the older ribbons do get fried with phantom power. My experience with ribbon microphones at the BBC confirmed the relative fragility of the marque: drop the lid on the storage box or expose them to rapid movements of air (people blowing on them, for example) and there was every chance that the ribbon would tear. The two exceptions are miswired cables and “live cross patching” on a patch bay. The SF-24 ribbon microphone has all of the outstanding stereophonic capability and sonic performance of our award winning SF-12 stereo ribbon microphone, with the addition of condenser-level output and impedance matching circuitry. Used on everything from electric guitars and trumpets to cellos and woodwinds, Royer R-series ribbon microphones are lifetime warranted and can handle SPL’s like ribbon mics never could before. with a permanently polarized 16-mm (0.63")diaphragm element and a preamp that requires 48V phantom power. The studio R-121 is tough and has been used on live performances for years, but the increased durability of the R-121 Live gives FOH engineers greater confidence in the ribbon standing up to life on the road. So Fletch if I have 48V on my console should I turn it off, plug in the 121, and turn the 48V back on after xlr connections are made? The Royer R-10 is a passive mono ribbon microphone designed for use in the studio and on live stages. Or are you saying it does not matter if I hot plug the Royer into the console while phantom is already turned on? Recording on the back of the R-series microphone. You can't turn off the phantom power on a Neve 8068 or 8078 console... but people seem to manage to use ribbon mics with them all the time... in other words, there is no danger, that rumor is an old wives tale, urban legend, crock of **** what ever you care to call it. The SF-24V ribbon microphone is the pinnacle of our stereo ribbon microphone designs. With its flat frequency response and outstanding stereo separation and imaging, the SF-12 delivers you-are-there recordings like you've never heard before. Royer’s SF-series ribbon microphones combine a warm, natural sound pickup with exceptional detail, nuance and dead-flat frequency response. A blown ribbon could result. Royer’s R-series ribbon mics are known around the world for their warm, natural sound, exceptional midrange response and extreme toughness. What would the consequences of accidentally hitting a 121 ribbon mic with 48V? On the other hand the manufactures claim that phantom power hitting a 121 is a big problem. The Royer Labs R- 121 mic is a weird looking device in my opinion but that doesn’t mean the sound isn’t good. Hand-built in our Burbank California factory, the R-10’s sound, and performance are all-Royer and it handles SPLs of up to 160 dB @ 1 kHz. With the inclusion of vacuum tube circuitry derived from our TEC Award winning R-122V, the SF-24V provides unmatched clarity, detail, midrange reach, and an airiness previously unknown to ribbon microphones. However, we still recommend that you deactivate phantom power when Royer microphones are being connected or disconnected simply because other abnormal conditions may exist that could cause problems. Page 1 ROYER Labs Model R-121 Ribbon Velocity Microphone Operation Instructions Manual & User Guide Made in U.S.A ... Do not patch an R-121 through the mic tie lines of a patch bay if phantom power is enabled on any of your mic pre’s, as this will give the ribbon element a brief but damaging phantom power jolt. The ribbon got fried when it was plugged into a desk that had the phantom on always. On the other hand the manufactures claim that phantom power hitting a 121 is a big problem. I've heard some people say you can hit them with phantom and it's no big deal. 5. The R-122 MKII Live's output is on par with phantom powered condenser mics, allowing long cable runs with minimal signal loss or RF pickup, and it produces the warm, natural sounds that only ribbon mics can deliver. Can the mic be partially damaged by the voltage, thus degradng the sound? The SF-12 ribbon microphone is an extremely natural sounding stereo ribbon microphone. The Royer R-122 MKII's proprietary offset ribbon transducer (Patent # 6,434,252) positions the ribbon element closer to the front (logo) side of the microphone. The R-121 ribbon microphone is our flagship microphone. R-121 Studio Ribbon Microphone Released in 1998, the award-winning R-121 is our flagship … Shortly after the R-121 we released the SF-12 stereo ribbon mic, followed by the R-122, the world's first phantom powered ribbon microphone. For orchestra, acoustic instruments and all critical stereo applications, the SF-24V is perfection. the Royer 121 ribbon mic will tolerate phantom power. When a mic line is crossed-patched at the patch bay, there is a temporary short that occurs as the jack is being inserted. I sent accidently +48V on a Venueboard to a royer last weekend (livemixing).. nothing happend.. I am thinking about buying a 121 to track guitars, horns, ect.. with. The Royer Labs R- 121 mic is a weird looking device in my opinion but that doesn’t mean the sound isn’t good. The R-122 MKII ribbon microphone continues in the lineage of our original R-122, the world's first phantom-powered active ribbon™ microphone. © 2020 Royer Labs • 2711 Empire Ave., Burbank CA, 91504 • 818.847.0121. R-122 MKll Active Ribbon Microphone In 2002 we introduced the R-122, the world’s first phantom powered, active ribbon™ microphone. http://recforums.prosoundweb.com/ind...48e5#msg_86678, http://losangeles. In 1998 we introduced the R-121, the modern ribbon mic that reintroduced ribbon microphones to engineers worldwide and put ribbons on the map. The new Royer R-10 utilizes our patented 3-layer protective wind screen system and an internally shock mounted transducer, and ships with a swivel mic mount and carrying case. It was a revolutionary development in ribbon mics, combining impedance matching circuitry with condenser-like output levels that allowed the R-122 to be used on even the quietest sound sources. Royer 121 vs. Phantom Power? Other ribbon microphones are not as tolerant on phantom power, for that the Royer design is great. More. When a mic line is crossed-patched at the patch bay, there is a temporary short that occurs as the jack is being inserted. Royer ribbon microphones are not usually affected by the presence of phantom power. However I am wondering how sensitive these Mics are to 48volts? Or do they just fry and die if there is a problem? The unique electronics and custom designed FET's used in the SF-2 deliver ultra-quiet operation, with self-noise of lower than 18 dB. I've only heard of 1 case of a ribbon mic getting blown because of phantom. Designed to work with phantom power, the SF-24 makes preamplifier mismatches and gain-related noise a thing of the past. The R-122V ribbon microphone is the world's first vacuum tube ribbon microphone. As I understand it, the main danger to ribbon mics as far as phantom power is concerned comes from "hot patching" your mic into your preamp via TRS (e.g. So which is it??? With our TEC Award winning Live Series ribbon microphones, you get greater durability from the ribbon element, allowing you to put ribbons anywhere on stage with complete confidence.
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