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romney sheep colors
But their most attractive quality is their docile personality. The fleece is lustrous; it hangs in separate locks with minimal cross fibers between the locks. The poll should be covered with wool and free of horns and hair. Membership Form It is generally an open-faced breed with long wool that grows over the legs in full. Subscribe. Its size is due to solid bone structure and muscling, and a substantial body versus long legs or neck. Membership Form Registration Form Registration Form (with editable fields) Work Order Form ARBA Checklists. Back: Broad although somewhat narrower in the front than the rear; the back should be straight with smooth blending from the neck and ending at a square rump. The hooves of Romney prevent foot rot and fleeces in the harsh weather. Points: (hooves, nose, eyeliner, lips) should be solid black in white & natural colored Romneys and brown in moorit individuals; a mottled nose should be discriminated against, and a pink nose in any color Romney should be considered a disqualification. The head should be carried high and be level between the ears. The Romney Sheep breed have a long, muscled body with strong wool covered legs and a broad wool covered head. Breed standards help define the ideal animal of a breed and provide goals for breeders in improving stock. These wonderful natural colors and the various telltale patterning that occurs with them, come from recessive genes that have been obscured by a dominant black gene. Ears should be white or the respective color in natural colored or moorit individuals, small, felted, and rather thick; minor black spots on a white Romney are acceptable on the head and ears if they are limited to the hair and limited to the size of a silver dollar. A pink nose should be considered a disqualification in any color Romney. The natural black, gray, silver and brown colors of the natural colored Romneys are frequently among the most sought after fleeces at shows and sales. Standards for the breed are not identical across all countries, but have much in common. Contact us to place an order. Quality: Bone should be strong but not coarse in character. It can be either white or colored. Similarly, an individual breeder may choose to emphasize one trait or characteristic over another: breeders raise Romneys to meet varying local conditions. Whether a Romney is white, natural colored (black) or moorit (brown), the animal is first and foremost a Romney, and as such, should share the traits and characteristic that define the Romney breed. A mottled nose should be discriminated against – mottling can be either black with gray or black with pink in white Romneys. Kemp, a course, short, coarse fiber, is also found on the leg, and should be white in white Romneys, black in natural colored Romneys, and brown in moorit Romneys – minor discoloration on leg hair acceptable. We are SFCP Flock #CT-51 and Certified Scrapie Free as of Fall 2007. Scrotum: The ram’s testicles should be large, even in size, and well developed. Natural colored & moorit fiber should be pigmented black or brown respectively. Origin of the C.V.M. Co-dominant with lower alleles. They are sturdy animals, with a strong bone structure, large body capacity and a uniform fleece which is characteristic of the breed. Mature ewes, 2-3 years of age: should be at least 150 pounds A handspinning-quality fleece may often sell for three to ten times what a commercial buyer would pay for it. These are often called the BASE© of color, since this acronym includes all four of these specific gene pairs: B, the black-brown locus, A, the agouti or pattern locus, S, the spotting locus, and E, the extension locus. The Romney is a mid-sized to large, well-muscled sheep. Pasterns should be strong and upright. Romney’s have long, lustrous fleece which is white in color. The genotype of an individual is the genetic make-up of that individual – which genes they carry. Description. Weight: This will vary as breeders raise Romneys to meet varying local conditions. ARBA registers both … Standards are developed by identifying the requisite and desirable traits and characteristics displayed by the ideal animal. Brisket: Full; round, but not overly extended. For color, the phenotype you see – the fleece or hair coloring – is the result of the genotypes – or genes – of that sheep. Now, on to the BASE of sheep color! Chest: Deep and wide. Romneys come in white and natural colors of black and various shades of grey and an occasional reddish color called Moorit. Should not be a sloping rump. DNA comes in chromosomes pairs. Each gene of a gene pair resides at a locus or location along a specific chromosome – when discussing multiple locations, we call them loci. A minimum amount of smut above the nose is undesirable but not a disqualifier. Quantity: Ewes should shear 8 pounds or more, and rams should shear 12 pounds or more per year with a yearly staple length of five inches or more. It should be further understood that there will be a range in the number and percentage of those characteristics found across individual flocks, and across flocks within ARBA. Ribs: Well sprung, long, and showing adequate capacity. White and Natural Colored Romney sheep and lambs for sale at Alder Brook Farm. Each chromosome is made up of thousands of genes – the building blocks of genetic coding that specify particular traits. This pattern creates a range of shades of color on a single fleece. The number of possible alleles at any location varies; as we will see, some loci have only two possible allele types, while others have dozens. Romney sheep, as a dual purpose breed, exhibit the essential qualities found in all good meat-producing sheep. Front legs shall have a slight curvature above the knee, shall be straight from that point down and shall be wide set. Share and Enjoy: The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.. Search this site. Registration Form The Romney Sheep breed have a long, muscled body with strong wool covered legs and a broad wool covered head. Natural colored and moorit fiber should be pigmented black or brown, respectively, and the color may be variegated or uniform. Romney produces lean cuts of meat with the well-muscled carcass. The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. herding, tracking etc. Shoulders: Compact on top but not rough or sharp; joined smoothly with neck and body; covered moderately with flesh. When choosing which Romneys to register, show, and use for breeding, members should refer to the standards to determine if an animal is worthy of registration, and whether the animal should be used for breeding.
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