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reindeer moss nutrition
Bet there's a ton of this type of footage from many contestants, that didn't make it onto the show. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What I haven't itemized is the range of minerals and amino acids also present in the winter lichen "crop", which, although poor in comparison with the fodder available during Spring and Summer, taken in the context of overall sparsity, is a significant nutritional component. I thought it said reindeer moss was 94% carbs. Makes you wonder if any of them diversify. When the women show off their meals they always seem to mention greens, mushrooms and berries. No. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. One thing I'm curious about is why don't we see contestans eating stuff like this even when they're getting meat? I have several more analyses of lichen food values, and they're all around the values that Nieminen and Storeheier give. The Reindeer Moss thrives where other plants and food sources cannot survive. There's a reason we want to eat a varied diet in our daily life. Scones are also made from it. Looks like that 94% title may have been done by an intern more used to lifestyle dietary terminology than nutritional science. caption displayed on screen. but there's no clue as to where that figure has come from - and the article may not provide the scientific rigor some would expect. showed that for the Cladonia Stellaris whole plant: Protein %: 2.7Fat % : 2.6Fibre %: 81.6 (Celluloses and lignin)Water soluble Sugars %: 0.6-1.8% (a general figure). The reindeer, moose, and caribou, have digestive systems that can break down the "carbs" much more effectively than the human system. The generic name of Cladonia Rangiferina derives from the Greek word “Kladon” which means sprout, due to its appearance similar to a shrub with its branched segments of lichen. Dried Reindeer Moss can be kept indefinitely. The water-soluble sugars and other micro and macro nutrients thus become available to the animals - the only way humans can access them is via their carcases, and wolverines wait for humans to do their processing for them! I made this post because of the interest aroused by the misleading, Reindeer moss is composed of 94% carbohydrates. It has been and is still used as a survival food. Original Outdoors supply the lichen to chefs in the UK and abroad in our partnership with Rhug Estates as Rhug Foraging. Fresh Reindeer Moss can be kept for several weeks before use. It is a slightly colored plant that has a three-dimensional branching with a bushy appearance, belonging to the Cladoniaceae family. People use carbohydrates as the vernacular term for starches, hence likely why there's so much confusion. These qualities have made it ideal to be used as a poultice on wounds and as nappies for babies. The Reindeer Moss products are intended for interior use only. The two common “reindeer mosses” found here in central Florida are the Cladonia evansii and Cladonia subtenuis, with the subtenuis — which means thinner — being less compact than Cladonia evansii.C. This blog post has only briefly touched on the subject of edible mosses/lichens, and how to use them. This is the stuff that should be included in the episodes, not as teaser outtakes. There's an informed commentator either on this sub or r/survival who has been trying to get people to recognise the values of the micro-nutrients across a varied diet to enable proper digestion of the macro-nutrients, and thereby increasing the benefit. L2 Inland Foraging Practitioner Course (3 days), Survival Skills and Training for Businesses, Foraging and Wild Food Course - Private Booking. https://www.reddit.com/r/Alonetv/comments/clp1z2/alone_s6_foraging_for_survival_with_nikki_web/?st=jz7dogtp&sh=32e7e419. It has been noted that in these desolate areas, only the Reindeer or the Reindeer Moss can survive. Reindeer Moss is found in certain areas in Scotland and Wales. Wouldn't this be even more important here? Reindeer moss is actually lichen that contains chlorophyll and is capable of producing its own food. It's the ultimate test of their will and survival skill. Cladonia Rangiferina is also known as reindeer moss, reindeer lichen, because it is a vital source of food eaten by reindeer. Throw in some berries or rose hips while you can find them.
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