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As usual, stylish and slick, Tom ended up getting the girl after spiking a rival’s drink with a goldfish. Part of the revamp included adding ‘Ice’ to the name, switching from a 33.0cl to a 27.5cl bottle with a crown cork closure and increasing the alcoholic strength from 5.0% to 5.5%. Other interesting launches included a new range of drinks from Whitbread called Source. Archer’s Eden (5.0% abv/70.0cl) a slightly sparkling blend of fruit schnapps and wine with two variants, Berry Rose and Citrus White and produced and bottled in Italy. A new long-necked bottle was introduced for WKD, the brand that drove the company’s portfolio. The company was already the subject of a complaint to the Portman Group after applying the same formula to one style in the range in its bottled format. The Code Panel was reconstituted and new members, independent of the Portman Group staff were appointed. This new model features a stiff one-piece, fully composite design features the CF100 carbon fiber barrel that provides a lighter weight, a more durable barrel, and unmatched performance at the plate. The most popular produced variant was Lemon (including Ice) with 13.1% followed by Blue/Blueberry with 8.7% % and Orange representing 6.8%. Bacardi-Martini continued to support its Breezer range with a £1 million national TV advertising spend throughout October designed to emphasise the brand’s status as an all year round brand. He made the excise duty for a 4.0% and 5.5% abv flavoured alcoholic beverage and beer identical. Bacardi-Martini recalled the 70.0cl multi-serve offerings of its Coomira Coast and Bacardi Breezer range in the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands following breakages of the glass bottles whilst in consumers’ hands. Interbrew UK (Pioneer Brewing) – second Wild Brew variant (4.0%/27.5cl/Lemon & Lime) When they became difficult to get hold of, it only made people more desperate to get them. During August a shake-out in the alcopops market begun with the news that some of the best-known brands were to be scrapped as the controversy surrounding the marketing of the drinks lead to delisting by some stores. Scottish Courage introduce Bliss (wine base with 2 variants – Berries and Bliss Exotic), May: Beverage Brands reduced alcohol content of WKD to industry norm of 5.0% abv In the spring of 1998 the Portman Group issued its sixth Code Report, which incorporated the first Annual Report from the Chairman of the Independent Complaints Panel. As of 1999 it contained 0.002% of ammonium ferric citrate, sugar, 32 flavouring agents including caffeine and quinine (but not in Australia), and two controversial colourings (Sunset Yellow FCF E110 and Ponceau 4R E124). In 5 of those cases, the producers/importers decided to withdraw the product concerned, and in the remaining 8 cases, the producers revised the labelling, packaging and/or point of sale material in order to comply with the Code. Constellation Brands (Matthew Clark) introduced 70.0cl bottles for K Ice range During the previous six years the brand had marketing and promotional support to the tune of £39.6 million and the budget for 2000 was £17 million. Thirty per cent of whisky drinkers had been identified as mixing whisky with ginger ale and eighteen per cent with lemonade. The Tom Cat commercials were filmed in Prague and took over a week to film. Plus vintage inspired Dresses, Circle Skirts and Blouses. The reduction of alcohol content in a number of RTD brands had little to do with the consumer and more to do with payment of increasing tax bills and reduced budgets. The WKD brand was expanded last year with the successful addition of WKD Blue and it is currently the number three PPS in the on-trade. The findings were also released to the media, generating widespread national coverage. The range now comprised of two energising styles, one with vodka and the other with vodka and tequila and two Ice styles, lemon and cranberry. Bass re-introduced a TV ad featuring three Reef girls and their novel catch of the day and a new TV commercial featuring “WKD lads” playing pranks on each other was released by Beverage Brands. People used them at the theatre and cinema, or just for keeping in the fridge at home. Producers had identified early on a need to keep the consumer interested, and the competition at bay, by regularly offering new flavours. As more and more brands were launched, members of the European Parliament, who had become alarmed at the threat of the so-called ‘alcopops’ and ‘designer drinks’ to children, prepared a Declaration calling on the Member States and the European Commission to take appropriate action. Bass introduced a third flavour for its Reef range, Mango and Apple, together with new packaging for the range and a TV ad campaign, part of the brand’s £7 million budget for 2001. Bacardi-Martini introduced a ‘limited edition’ Peach flavour to their range of Breezers. During March, UDV, the drinks arm of Diageo, planned to make further forays into the premium packaged spirits sector following the success if Smirnoff Ice which was reported to have sold more than one million cases since its launch. The 275ml bottles are sold in pubs, bars, and shops across the UK, with shops also selling multipacks of 4,10 and 12, and 700ml bottles. There were 3 ads with the theme ‘As Clear As Your Conscience’, which dealt with the aftermath of a night out. Only a handful of the more popular brands were produced in PET bottles and slightly more appear in cans. Beverage Brands spent £800,000 promoting the range for 6 months. A second Tom Cat ad appeared called Cat Cam, offering a wry look at the world of clubbing from a cat’s eye view as Tom headed out with the lads to a crowded club only to flirt with the ladies, who playfully ruffled his fur as the lads looked on in envy. By early 1998 Hooper’s Hooch sales had fallen by some 30% and Bacardi Breezer was soon to become the market leader in a very different flavoured alcoholic drinks category. The Code secretariat would agree a timetable for action with the manufacturer [which would not ordinarily exceed 3 months], and retailers would be asked not to replenish stocks of the offending product after that time. Coors Brewers – Java (4.0%/27.5cl/5 variants – Ice, Tropical, Citrus, Sunfruit and Purple), June: Where those measures fail, calls on Member States to enact statutory regulations in line with EU guidelines; Calls on the Commission and Council to examine ways of taxing such drinks at the spirits rate; Urges the Community institutions to take greater cognisance of the need for appropriate health promotion policies for children and young people; Instructs its President to forward this Declaration to the Council and Commission. Bacardi-Martini also revamped their Metz brand, reformulating the flavours and tweaking the packaging aiming to convey the brand’s ‘chill-filtered’ proposition. The £300,000 campaign was VK’s sixth on Sky, with previous sponsorships including Ibiza Uncut, Las Vegas Uncovered and South Park. Embroidered ‘PORSCHE’ logo on the front. The increase led to near panic buying by supermarkets and other retailers as stocks became all but exhausted. [1] in December 2014 to comply with alcohol tax laws and to minimise future tax increases and therefore the “Alcoholic Mix WKD” replaced the old “Original WKD” and the Old Mix is no longer available in both the UK and Ireland. The main colour of the packaging changed from black to blue and the strip on the neck replaced by a solid colour to make it easier to spot on the shelf. Inver House Distillers – purchased Wee Beastie Ltd On 16th May, within days of taking office, the Home Secretary Jack Straw, ordered an urgent review into the sale of alcopops in response to mounting evidence of under-age use and abuse of alcoholic soft drinks. It was noted that, although ideally, the long-term aim of a complaints system was to put itself out of business, they had by no means reached that stage. The ad told the tale of a cat, normal in the day tome, but who was a regular fixture on the local club scene at night. Only 3.0% were ‘made wine’ based. All complaints received from 1st September 1997 would be considered under the new Code. Barr now lent its name to two new additions to Halewood’s Red Square range. Therefore, manufacturers who failed to make the necessary changes, or who were tardy in doing so, were likely to find their products squeezed out of the market. With these brands everybody had heard of them, everybody wanted to try them. From July 1996 to September there had been 80 requests for advice with 42 requests received in the third quarter of 1997. Halewood International – re-launched Red Square range including changing its Black Ice as a clear liquid Discontinued. An £8 million pound budget was earmarked for the brand for 1998 and would get its biggest ever support package. Then Bass announced that it would be launching stronger variants of its product. Once again there had been extensive research, with encouraging results from Scotch and lemonade users.
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