3-4 Inch King Kong Parrot Cichids for sale at Rainforest Farms International Tropical Fish. Polar Blue Parrot Cichlid, hybrid polar zebra live fish for sale ~4for $33.99~ $33.99 USD: live fish freshwater polar blue parrot fish ( for local pick up) $33.99 USD: Blue Parrot Fish Mount 22 inch $150.00 USD: Original Antique Litho Fishes Puerto Rico Bien 1899 Plate 32 Blue Parrot Fish $39.00 USD No offers please more details... 6. pets4homes.co.uk . RM 40. Author Note: For every additional Blood Parrot Cichlid you add, increase the volume of the tank by about 10 gallons. Yesterday, 15:19 Johor. You will find Blood Red Parrots, King Kong Parrots, Yaun Bao King Kong Parrot Cichlids, Rose Queen Cichlids and more. Common name: Parrot Cichlid, Blood Parrot Cichlid Scientific name: Parrot Cichlid Average Adult Fish Size: 20cm / 8Inches Place of Origin: American Cichlids Typical Tank setup: Planted aquarium with plenty of open swimming spaces. Blood Parrot for Sale These fish are hybrids of various Neotropical Cichlid species. Parrot fish - Found 19 Pets for sale in Entire Malaysia - Page 1 of 1. $ 25 . Warrington pets and exotics a fully stocked pet shop/store . I have a blood parrot for sale for $35. Yesterday, 15:22 Johor. 4. Description. Freshwater Fish; Cichlids; Blood Red Parrot Cichlid Fish, a Hybrid Cichlid. ... 7 inch long parrot fish for sale. Four for &100. The minimum tank size for one Blood Parrot Cichlid is 30 gallons. Premium Quality Central American Cichlids for Sale This page lists the Central American Cichlids for sale at our online retail Tropical Fish store.. Click here for the complete details about buying from us. Many aquarists like to keep a small group of these fish together. Blood Parrot fish for sale. Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 250 Litres Compatibility: Combine with less aggressive South American Cichlids as well as larger peaceful community fish. Except for the fact that the King Kong Parrot Cichlid is larger than the Blood Red Parrot Cichlid, they are very much alike. Red blood parrot fish. 2. 4"-5" RARE TAIWAN COIN BLOOD PARROT "Yuan Bao" Cichlid Round Fish (GRADE AAA) $34.95 USD. 2.5K likes. 2. kijiji.ca . Buy It Now. Includes fish - 2 large albino oscars, 1 large tiger Oscar, 2 big blood red parrot fish and 3 big angelfish. Home; Entire Malaysia; Pets; All (0) Private (0) Company (0) SORT. Of course, larger tanks are always welcome. The Blood Red Parrot cichlid is an odd ball man made Hybrid that has stirred quite a bit of controversy in the fish world but has gained a huge popularity with many. 3. 30+ days ago. I have six L size blood parrot fish. … So you’re looking for Parrot Cichlids for Sale, most Blood Parrot Cichlids can be located at most local fish stores or LFS but looking online might offer more selections. Report Ad. Halifax, Eastern Shore. £20 . F1 true parrot cichlid . 3 to 3.5 inches. Aquarium red blood parrot could cichlids. While supporting local business is good the internet has opened up hundreds of opportunities to locate fine cichlids across the web. Report. Small white parrot fish. 2. Just above, one of the many Central American Cichlids for sale in our online store. 17 days ago. Save blood parrot fish to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. ... hybrid polar zebra live fish for sale ~2 for $18.99~ $18.99. Red Parrot Cichlid (1.5 Inch) $ 12.99 $ 9.99 Read more-13% Out of stock. 4 available. wysiwyg corals. Showing all 11 results-23% Out of stock. The King Kong Parrot Cichid is the typical type of Cichlid hybrid at the earlier stage, therefore, the King Kong Parrot Cichlid has been compared to the Blood Red Parrot Cichlid. Blood Parrots have been around in the fish hobbyist world... Now $39.99 Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Red parrot fish for sale. Nov 14, 15:25 Kedah. Parrot fish. 'Platinum') Also known as Platinum Red Parrot or Platinum Blood Red Parrot Cichlid. SUPER PREMIUM PURPLE JELLYBEANS PARROT CICHLID 2 INCHES IMPORTED FROM THAILAND. Platinum Parrot Fish (Blood Parrot Cichlid var. Red parrot fish / ikan red parrot. Also has 2x... 6. gumtree.com . Show Filters Showing all 11 results-23% Out of stock. Shop all fish goldfish, betta & more online In the picture is a very nice young Blood Parrot for sale in our online store. Blood red parrot cichlid . RM 8. 2-3 Inch King Kong Parrot Cichids for sale at Rainforest Farms International Tropical Fish. Rehoming my blood red parrot Cichlid. Home / Aquarium Shop / Freshwater Tropical Fish / Parrot Cichlids. From Thailand. 19 days ago. b07 -fungia indo ultra orange $ 9.99 k26 -alveopora each $ 14.99 k29 -seriatopora each screamming green sm $ 14.99 k27 -fox coral each $ 14.99
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