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recipe keeper tutorial
It has a meal planner and shopping list and it's a breeze to share. Added a new dark mode. Update after developer response: Export a selection of recipes to a file. In meal planner, I would like to be able to drag/drop a recipe from one day to the next or at least “move” it to a new day rather than deleting and re-entertaining on a new day. The app will halve, double or adjust every ingredient in the recipe by any multiplier. The shopping list is super handy and the meal planner is a bonus. I use it across devices (android for shopping, iPad for cooking, and laptop for when I need to type in a recipe (really easy to import from sites too). Recipes can now be formatted with bold and italic text. Recipe Keeper is developed by Tudorspan Software, a small software company based in Oxfordshire, England. Too expensive, had to purchase three times for my phone, my wife’s phone, and my PC. I'm really impressed. This app leaves much to be desired, especially since it is one you must buy to get its full functionality, such as it is. The shopping list section needs work. Only down side is you’re limited to 20 recipes so there isn’t much storage. Bonus features I wasn’t even expecting are weekly food plans and the ability to select the scale of a recipe. Best App I have purchased! Easy to share recipes via text too! Added toolbar when editing recipes to quickly enter fractions and common units.Recipe import updated to support more web sites. LOVE this app! I would have given the app a full 5 stars for ease of use and intelligence (the ability for the app to grab recipes easily from nearly any website is really rad) but it wasn’t at all transparent when I bought the desktop version that I would have to buy the mobile version separately. That way you can edit the recipe for your needs. Before I download it I made sure to read a good portion of the 1 star reviews and some of the 4 star reviews because I’m not sure all of the 5 star reviews are from actual people based on language used and the way the app is described as “perfect”. Now I had a big problem exporting (from The Recipe Box) and importing my recipes (to Recipe Keeper). Lately I’ve been wanting to be able to search recipes by ingredient so I can use up perishable items that are on the verge of perishing. While possible to add more than one list (e.g., groceries, hardware), it's difficult to navigate between the different lists. Let's help you find a solution to your problem. Recipes can be browsed by category from the home screen. 2. I LOVE this app! You guys thought of everything. This is pretty disappointing. Well done automatically sorting through all the extra prose you find in internet recipes and getting right to the important stuff. About Recipe Keeper. I think it’s a steal! of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? While you can tediously cut & paste from these systems, it is laborious compared to simply uploading. Total rip-off! It is the best app. Recipes can be assigned to multiple courses. The app is extremely user-friendly and the additional $5.99 for the upgraded version is well worth the price. Update following developer's response: I am using an older version of Windows and do not have the function to install the app. Thank you! It works offline as well so recipes I’ve uploaded are readily available even when I don’t have internet access. Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. No matter my mood this app works. V3.28.0.0 You can now use your Amazon Alexa devices with Recipe Keeper! Very user-friendly. I make shopping lists. I signed into my Google account on both my Android phone & my Android tablet & have this app installed on both devices. 2. Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/app. I still may bite the bullet and upgrade because I can’t find anything better. Imports recipes beautifully. That in and of itself makes it obvious why the developers chose this methodology, but it still feels shady, and I feel a bit lied to. How To Sing Better Instantly - Learning With Apps! Love the way this app works. My kids are at the age where they have left home but they are missing home cooking so they call all the time and say "mom, can you send me the recipe for this." I import random recipes from all over the world. The only critiques I have is that the free version only saves up to 20 recipes, but this app is so useful that I didn’t mind spending money on it. Please check again soon. It was a little tricky getting the paid version so I could sync to other devices. It would increase the value of the app and make me want to recommend it if I could simply select a week from a library of weeks and have it populate the meal planner and shopping lists. and then edit it with my own tweaks. Adjust a recipe serving size up or down and let Recipe Keeper automatically recalculate your ingredients for you! The scaling and transfer to shopping list features are fantastic.
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