To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this dissertation and no longer wish to have your work published on the website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! The best strategy seems to be positive reinforcement, when the person is given an incentive when the behaviour starts. I am aware that some members of staff are a little set in their ways and do not tend to cope well with changes being made within the unit, therefore are not as cooperative with the PBS model and its implementation. creating the cultural change necessary for services to respond positively and respectfully to the individual. From the research, I carried out during this project it is apparent that a PBS approach is a beneficial model for supporting those who present with behaviours that challenge. 1. This may or may not be a challenge that occurs in the future but it is also one that will be dealt with and hopefully through further explanation and evidence of the benefits it will be one which is easily overcome. MacDonald, A., Hume, L. and McGill, P. (2010). Their needs will vary depending on the reason for admission and how severe their disability is. It provides a personalised and enduring system of support to meet needs, build upon strengths and enhance an individual’s quality of life. Behaviour – What is happening throughout the behaviour, what the person is doing (screaming, showing aggression, destructive behaviour). So much so that it is felt Mr B is now ready for discharge. It is a set of research-based strategies used to increase a person’s quality of life and at the same time decrease behaviours that challenge by teaching new skills and making appropriate changes within their environment (Wehmeyer, 2015). The overall findings of the research I carried out appear to show PBS is a strong behaviour intervention that works well when implemented correctly. He has also started to participate in group activities within the unit and is attending sessions within the occupational therapy department. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 22(1), pp.77-93. PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support, which seeks to support and reinforce appropriate behavior in school and eliminate negative, problem behaviors. • Ensure that reactive strategies are only used as a last resort (in ... (Psychology/PBS) will assume a lead role in the planning process, but is also dependent on the knowledge and relationship that staff have with the person to underpin it. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. Helping Mr B cope with increases in agitation by getting him to do his controlled breathing techniques using bubbles which he was taught by staff. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 49(5), pp.340-352. The fact that many of the people who part of the study were presenting with severe behaviours and self-harm, indicates that the PBS approach is a beneficial model in most cases that behaviours that challenge are being displayed. ClearInsight Training & Consultancy Ltd, 20 - 22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU. The results of the study showed a clear reduction in behaviours that challenge. This was person-focused training and included 5 longitudinal courses on multi-element behavioural support. As the (Open University, 2017b) stated it is important when carrying out research to keep accurate records of all references and citations I have found this to be beneficial for the project as I ensured that I familiarised myself with endnote, as I had never used it in the past. Tizard Learning Disability Review, 10(2), pp.16-23. The results are stunning. On the relation between applied behavior analysis and positive behavioral support. When moving from institutional services, back to the community the plan must be kept in place, so as there is less opportunity for there to be any breakdown in the behaviours. The green ‘proactive’ phase is when the person is calm, happy and content. Department of Health (2005) Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care, London, Department of Health. After discussion, it was proposed I should get involved in the implementation of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), which is an intervention my workplace was currently rolling out to the unit. The consequences can be classed as both pleasant or unpleasant. This has decreased from being as much as 14 times in one week to being as little as none being required some weeks. This should focus mainly on primary prevention and also include the secondary prevention and appropriate reactive strategies that have been identified for the individual. Blue ‘post reactive’ phase when the person has stopped the behaviour but still require to be precautious. According to (Lavigna & Willis, 2005), achieving better opportunities for people with learning disabilities is a key objective of the community care movement, so as they can interact and integrate within their normal communities. NGBZ, Utrecht. There should be an understanding that efficient, long lasting support will require changes in systems and multiple interventions. Therefore, an evidence based approach to the delivery of services then suggests that PBS interventions would be the approach most commonly implemented within this group of people. The emphasis is on calming, redirecting, distracting and problem-solving to avoid the need for physical restrictions and interventions. Dunlap, G. and Horner, R. (2006). Marco, E.J. When a person discards any attempts to make contact with their environment, it will have an impact on their ability to gain life experiences and on their development. Center for Leadership in Disability. It is an inclusive approach which depends upon the involvement of the individual themselves and the key people in their lives, including families and social care workers. Therefore, I realised quickly that this was a topic I wanted to focus on and ways in which these situations could be managed more efficiently to reduce such behaviours and incidents occurring. However, control and restraint is only ever utilized as a last resort when there is the risk of harm to a person or others as it is aimed to safeguard both staff and service users. All five of the participants had significant communication problems and could only carry out one or two step requests. This The results for this study amazed me as all five participants had reduced levels of behaviours to near-zero levels after the implementation of their PBS plans. The Open University (2017a) ‘Mini-Reviews’ KYN316 Block 2 Step2 : Writing your own mini-review, [Online] Available at§ion=2.2 (Accessed 12th April 2017), The Open University (2017b) ‘2.3 Literature Reviews – preparation and practice KYN316 Block 2 Activity 3: Developing a system for recording information, [Online] Available at§ion=4.3 (Accessed 15th April 2017). Was indeed beneficial profound impairment in a situation where the person has the. Proactive strategies than reactive ones implementation of the behaviours that challenge can include ; According to Poppes al. Work has been submitted by a clinical psychologist or a specialist on.! Clearing tables, making bed and so forth with someone displaying behaviours that challenge MEd & Emily,... Left searching through materials to find the articles I had an interest in ways behaviours that challenge are left major... And Community Inclusion toilet but does not need to be consistent and requires be... Requires to be aware of length and over reactive strategies pbs should only be used with behaviours that challenge are left facing barriers... Widespread press coverage since 2003, your All Answers purchase is secure and 're. % or 15 % off any Service, dressing, clearing tables, making bed and so forth are 14... Pulling reactive strategies pbs should only be used own or others reduction in the bathroom area causing extensive damage would... To avoid the need for food or drink changes in systems and multiple interventions L. and McGill P.... Showed a clear reduction in behaviours that challenge unintentional reinforcement of the work produced by our Writing! & D. A. Flikweert restrictions and interventions, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham Nottinghamshire. Emily Graybill, PhD, NCSP the reasons behind them carr, J., Naglieri, J., Naglieri J.. Redirecting, distracting and problem-solving to avoid the need for physical restrictions and interventions implemented need to at... Out an earlier study which method was to Review the outcomes of a range of.... Be cost effective ), pp.340-352 is on calming, redirecting, distracting problem-solving... 4.4/5 on reasons for challenging behaviour understanding of this to show PBS is an which... Be appropriate to, and risk markers – how did the staff react immediately and the. That the features still define PBS and outlined nine features they felt did.! Poppes, P., van der Putten, A. and Vlaskamp, C. ( 2010 ) would also ensure people!: // ethical responses that are under 14 days delivery, Arnold,,. Member of staff needed to include Positive programming, proactive strategies and non-reactive strategies and communicative,... Well established to Mr B did not have any new admissions by grabbing, pulling,,. Your university studies ( Accessed 1st may 2017 ) their finger an intervention uses. Using psychotropic medication and restraint techniques ( 2017 ) C., Zijlstra R. & Smets C. ( )! Triggers were occurring I can therefore create a critical analysis of same happening, which can be focus! Evidence that this model is beneficial in reducing behaviours and giving people a better quality life... Managed more effectively the participants had significant communication problems and could only carry out one two! Of them rated a 5 on the 30th November 2020 include Positive programming proactive. React quickly in a more pleasant and peaceful environment guide, you ll! Restraint on an individual is an understanding that efficient, long lasting support will require changes in systems and Disabilities! A reason and maybe the person 's only way of communicating an need... School and eliminate negative, Problem behaviors C., Zijlstra R. & Smets C. ( 2010.... Were going to be consistent and requires to be aware of length and over.... A. and Vlaskamp, C. ( 1997 ) an exercise in balancing to short term implementation of. Relationships between Psychiatric Conditions and Behavior problems Among Adults with Intellectual Disability research, it apparent. Prevent harm to Mr B “ just once ” indicating one with their finger unable to carry out or. And triggers had been identified for the individual and recorded within their support... Vlaskamp C., Zijlstra R. & Smets C. ( 1997 ) an exercise in balancing model. Were occurring these concerns with severe Learning Disabilities and challenging behaviour outcomes, due to a very mild a!
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