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purpose of clinics
First, and most obviously, health centers directly employ people in their communities, including key entry-level jobs, training, and other community-based opportunities. This table shows the total economic activity by state in 2015 generated by investments in community health centers and also estimates what proportion of this is a direct result of the additional Affordable Care Act funding. leadership and concerted action. Community health centers quickly demonstrated they could put additional federal investments to work, ramping up to provide care for an increased numbers of patients and expand their services. The passage of comprehensive health care reform was truly historic, setting the stage to achieve the dual goals set out at the beginning of the health care debate— expand coverage for nearly all Americans and rein in out of control health care costs. may need to go to a Hospital for some of the following health issues: PO Box 997377 Last year, the investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office, reported that 43 percent of federally designated underserved areas still do not have a community health center. The dual intent of passage of the Affordable Care Act was to increase coverage for nearly all Americans while attempting to rein in health care costs. Clinic is a health care center where you receive routine preventative care when Community health centers already are key players in providing quality health care for millions of Americans. By intent, these health centers are located in lower income medically underserved communities mostly in rural and inner-city neighborhoods. The Affordable Care Act allocates that the additional $9.5 billion funding for operating costs be distributed by a formula over the next 5 years and indicates that the funding should be in addition to (not a replacement for) current, appropriated funding which was $2.2 billion in FY 2010.24 We estimate that total spending by community health centers (including base appropriated funding and the new health reform funding) will generate $54 billion in economic activity in 2015, with $33 billion of this a direct result of the additional investment in the new law. You should schedule … With this additional funding, community health centers will be able to double the number of patients they serve to up to 40 million annually by 2015. That’s why any discussion of how to expand access to health services while trying to slow the rising costs of health care must include maximum utilization of our nation’s existing community health centers and the new ones needed to meet future needs. The statute that created these centers requires them to meet four basic standards: These mandated links to the communities in which these health centers are located ensures they serve their neighborhoods efficiently and effectively. clinic is smaller than a hospital where patients are less sick and do not stay Community health centers are well placed to help the nation achieve both these goals. This is especially important during times of economic insecurity. Historically, funding community health centers proved to be a smart investment in exactly the communities that need it most. New jobs and in some cases brand new businesses that did not previously exist were created. This memo examines the important role community health centers play in both health care delivery and improved neighborhood economic activity, describes how stimulus act funding quickly translated into expanded health care and improved fiscal health, and estimates the economic impact the additional ACA funding will have on economic activity and the creation of more jobs. Case in point: Using modeling developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Minnesota IMPLAN Group, an economic modeling firm, researchers determined how much economic activity a particular community health center will bring to a community, with details specific to each county and industrial sector. In fact they served an additional 2.1 after only the first year of funding. We don’t yet know how many additional jobs were created as a result of stimulus act spending on community health centers because more research will be necessary to learn how this job creation influenced the unemployment rate at both county and state levels. Studies demonstrate that increased funding to health centers creates additional economic stimulus both within the center and beyond. Imagine a health center that purchases waiting room chairs from a local furniture store (direct effect). In fact, over two-thirds of the patients who receive care at community health centers are members of racial and ethnic minorities, which is one of the reasons these centers are so successful at reducing racial and ethnic health disparities in our country. But the past track record of investing in community health centers and broader economic data indicate the gains will be important. If it is an Emergency, go directly to the hospital. It has also incorporated some of the latest aspects like the sharing of information among health care providers while focusing on promoting the health, preventing illness, and other chronic conditions. to Default, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Bloodstream Infection, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Mosquito Disease Surveillance and Control, California Health Facilities Information Database, Chronic Disease Surveillance and Research, Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program, Office of State Public Health Laboratory Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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