The fragrant bright purple blooms attract a flurry of pollinators, and the large fruit that follows is popular with a variety of birds and other wildlife. Most plants have few flowers. Unlik e most raspberry plants, this variety has very little to no prickles. This North American native shrub, hardy to zone 3 has fragrant, rose-like 2 inch wide flowers from June to September and licorice-scented palmate leaves. An edible raspberry, with vibrant pink-purple flowers. Buy Raspberry canes for sale at Raintree Nursery. Pick your fruit tree now! How frustrating to have no blossoms on your purple flowering raspberry (Rubus odoratus) so loved as a habitat for wildlife. Much like Sacred B asil her vibrational medicine helps to bring the spiritual and sensual into alignment clearing a channel between the heart and the hara. Common Name: purple-flowering raspberry . Cash & Carry. FLOWERING RASPBERRY, (Rubus odoratus). #3884 Hundredfold 20 Purple Flowering Raspberry Thimbleberry Fruit Seeds - Rubus Odoratus, Canada Native: Patio, Lawn & Garden The plant was 3 years old. Fruit falls off the day it ripens. Raspberries are self-fertile and do not need extra variety for pollination. Most plants are self-incompatible. plant was taller, later fruiting, and had a rounder fruit. Native throughout the central and eastern parts of North America into both Canada and the United States. Hardy to -30 C. Grows best in temperate climates. There are no serious disease or insect problems associated with this shrub. A plant I obtained from Tripple Brook Nursery had 126 flowers on a primocane in 3 bunches in July. Purple Flowering Raspberry is a beautiful ally in my Plant Spirit Healing Practice and she is wonderful for connecting with one’s feminine energies and healing the sacral chakra. The NC. Fast-growing, vining plant, thornless, features large, attractive leaves. FOR SALE - Boston, MA - $15.00 Per Pot. I have seen none on 1 year old plants. The fruits can be eaten fresh and are used much like the common raspberry. plant had decent, but short lived flavor. The Flowering Purple Raspberry is a small, fast-growing ornamental shrub, with large fragrant rose-like flowers and is suitable for various conditions. It is often chosen as a border shrub, tolerating both sunny and shady locations. This shrub has hairy stems but virtually no prickles. Type: Deciduous shrub Family: Rosaceae Native Range: Eastern North America ... 2" wide, rose-purple flowers which appear over a long summer bloom period and its palmate, 5-lobed, maple-like, medium green leaves (4-10" wide). It and the NC. Purple Flowering Raspberry blooms profusely in early summer and continues throughout the season, while the attractive maple-like leaves look good all season long and turn pale yellow in the fall.
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