My friend, and builder of great guitars, Franta Furch, introduced me to these technologies, showing me how to cut pearl with lasers. Jaroslav Prucha, who builds professional grade bluegrass instruments in the Czech Republic, has introduced a new version of his Jason Burleson signature Spirit model banjo with a number of component changes to make the instrument more lightweight. The Gold Tone AC-1 and Rogue starter banjo are great examples of this. Don't know about other models. Check also our new part, our NEW FINEST QUALITY PRUCHA ONE PIECE FLANGE PREWAR SPECS REISSUE.
  • Finish is removed from the back of the neck for ease of playing, and the strings are attached with a Kershner tailpiece. We can deduct tax for our customers who are not a member of Europe Unien. You can have it with our special light tonering or as all our banjos it can be made with a standard bluegrass banjo pot consisting of a 3-ply rim, tone ring with a standard zinc alloy flange. Prucha uses abalone inlays and multi-part binding on the headstock, neck, and resonator. (Please, send the order only if you intend to fulfil it).