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prucha banjo bridge
On Prucha banjos the distance from the nut to the 12th fret is 335 mm(13 13⁄ 16"). From the start the banjo had many intonation issues due to the fact that the mounting nut (to hold the tailpiece in place) was not put on in-line with the bridge and the neck; thus it pulled the strings toward the arm rest. In stock, ready to ship! Pre-War type, 2 or 4 hump, very high quality materials, original specification, also features a fine tune thumbscrew. The feet should always be parallel to the frets. Prucha Bluegrass Instruments offers THE FINEST ORIGINAL BANJO PARTS. About This Item; Customer Reviews; Scroll to Top Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece. from $43.85 (14) More Options: Plating » Pisgah Hawktail Banjo Tailpiece. To place the bridge we add 2-3mm (5/64 -1/8“) to that measurement (totaling 337-338mm)(13 17/64 – 13 5/16“) to get the correct distance from the 12th fret to the bridge center so that it is actually a little closer to the tailpiece. All our parts are made to exact specs of the vintage parts used in the 1930´s. from $81.13 (12) More Options: Plating » Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece. On Prucha banjos the distance from the nut to the 12th fret is 335 mm( 13 13/16 inches). $9.79 (17) More Options: Plating » Prucha Kershner Banjo Tailpiece. $53.27 – + Polished Brass. Bridges + Tailpieces for Banjo; Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece; Previous Next. Prucha 2 or 4 hump Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece A beautifully made Prucha professional quality nickel plated clamshell style tailpiece for 5-string or 4-string banjos. $9.00 (26) More Options: Plating » Prucha Presto Banjo Tailpiece. By putting on this Prucha Kirshner tailpiece I was able to adjust the tailpiece sideways and push the strings into alignment. The intonation problem is solved! Item # 0911-U. $51.00 – + Total: Qty: Add to Cart Save to Wishlist. 5-String Compensated Banjo Bridge. To place the bridge we add 2-3mm (5⁄ 64 - 1⁄ 8") to that measurement (totaling 337-338mm) (1317⁄ 64" – 13 5⁄ 16") to get the correct distance from the 12th fret to the bridge center so that it … Item # 0911. Prucha Clamshell Banjo Tailpiece 7 Reviews; Nickel. The Pioneer is an elegant banjo that has an outstanding response to the player, it projects a sweet, beautiful tone enhanced by the tonal qualities of the mahogany neck and mahogany resonator. The Pioneer model boasts many of Jaroslav Prucha’s build qualities and workmanship that is also found on the top of the line Prucha banjos. from $33.02 (8) Non-adjustable Banjo Tailpiece. In stock, ready to ship! A range of banjo tailpieces availableonline from Brown Dog Banjos, choose from 23 tailpiece Presto Kershner Waverley Nashville Clam shell grover 2 hump clam shell No Knot 4 … After long years of extensive experience in banjo and mandolin building, we are now proudly offering PRUCHA banjo and mandolin hardware for sale.
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