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pros and cons of being an architectural drafter
They also like work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. You command more respect when you, personally or in your organization, can deliver on a wider range of customer needs. Slower-than-average job growth (projected 1% growth between 2012 and 2022)*. Top Are there advantages to being a designer when it comes to the nitty-gritty of actually building a project? Architectural Drafters with little to no experience tend to make between $35020 and $43660 while the more experienced ones can earn over $67120 per year. They operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms, and records.. A typical day for an Architectural Drafter will also include: 66% of Architectural Drafters said they were satisfied with their job and 48% said they feel like their job is making other people’s lives better. What are the pros and cons of an architectural drafting career? Architectural Drafters job description, Architectural Drafters salary, Architectural Drafters information, what is the job of an Architectural Drafter like, pros and cons about Architectural Drafters, colleges and universities for Architectural Drafters, is Architectural Drafters the right career for me, careers in Architecture and Engineering, Architect, Architect in Training, Architectural Computer-Aided Design Technician (Architectural CAD Technician), Architectural Designer, Architectural Drafter, Architectural Draftsman, Architectural Intern, Architectural Technician, Architectural Technologist, Architecture Drafter, Tags: Engineering and Technology, Preconstruction, Your email address will not be published. Little to no change in job growth (1% growth from 2012-2022)*. Most employers look for architectural drafters who have some type of formal training or education in drafting. However, it does require a blend of qualities that at first thought may seem contradictory. A considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is required for this career. Lay out and plan interior room arrangements for commercial buildings, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software. Not suitable for people who likes to help and teach others. Work may include waste treatment, site remediation, or pollution control technology. Your email address will not be published. Here are a few examples of job postings found online in March 2012: You may increase your chances of landing a position as an architectural drafter by obtaining a certification, according to the BLS. what does an Architectural Drafter really do at work, most of them said they had a Bachelor’s Degree, what is the job of an Architectural Drafter like, if an Architectural Drafter is the right career for you, http://www.bls.gov/OOH/management/top-executives.htm, Anxiety before Test Day: 9 Tips to Prepare for Test Day, Why You Shouldn’t Let Pink Collar Job Stereotypes Influence Your Career Search, What to Expect When Planning to Teach in the UK, Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology, Architectural Sciences and Technology, Other, Drafting and Design Technology/Technician, General, CAD/CADD Drafting and/or Design Technology/Technician, Suitable for people who likes to work with designs, Suitable for people who wants job security and a good working condition. The scope of issues that an architect is accountable for on a project is tremendous. People who are suitable for this job tends to like working with forms, designs and patterns. Con: You will go through a lot of training. Applicants should have good communication skills, basic architecture skills and knowledge of AutoCAD. The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) offers a number of certification options, including the Certified Apprentice Drafter and Certified Drafter designations. Architectural drafters may specialize in a particular type of structure, such as commercial buildings or residential homes. Cash you would rather spend elsewhere. Here are some of the pros and cons of being an Architectural Drafter. The BLS also reported that job opportunities nationwide for all types of drafters were expected to increase by 1% from 2012-2022, which was slower than the average for all occupations. the property of their respective owners. Analyze building codes, by-laws, space and site requirements, and other technical documents and reports to determine their effect on architectural designs. Pro: Many of the big firms will reimburse you for the ARE because they want you to get licensed. According to the BLS, the best job openings would be found by drafters who know how to use the newest drafting software. Let’s take a look the major pros and cons of architects working as developers. Other than that, we also asked them what did they major in and here are the most popular majors that came up. Agriculture and Animal Science Courses from Top Universities, Free Online Business However, architects were expected to experience faster-than-average growth, with a projected 24% increase in jobs between 2010 and 2020, according to the BLS. No educational requirements were listed, but an ideal candidate would be highly organized, efficient and detail oriented. The job requires design and technical skills, creativity and mechanical aptitude. There are no education or experience requirements, but applicants should have a good understanding of basic drafting concepts and architecture standards. You can read more about these career personality types here. If you'd rather be the person designing the structures and buildings that drafters draw out, then you might want to think about becoming an architect. Most employers require you to have an associate's degree. An associate's degree from a technical school or a community college is usually enough to qualify you for most entry-level or junior drafting positions; however, advanced positions or specialized drafting jobs in architecture may require a bachelor's degree. The certification needs to be renewed every 5 years, with proof of employment for 3 years in the field. Extended periods in front of a computer may cause injuries (eyes strain and wrist problems)*. Pro: Licensed architects typically have the opportunity to get paid more. You can start preparing in high school with courses in math, computer graphics and drafting. Between four years in an undergraduate program and a few more in an internship, you’re looking at around eight years before you will be able to jump into a full-time position as an architect. Architecture is a rewarding career choice for many people with certain abilities and interests. Architectural drafters usually work in an office using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software and mechanical drawing techniques. One of the easiest ways to increase your salary as an Architectural Drafter is to move to a higher paying state like DC. Oversee installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment such as centralized heat, gas, water, and steam systems. Find out the pros and cons of becoming an architectural drafter to decide if it's the right career path for you. assist electronics engineers in such activities as electronics systems and instrumentation design or digital signal processing. Architectural Drafters prepare detailed drawings of architectural designs and plans for buildings and structures according to specifications provided by architect. Operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms, and records. The requirements to become an architect are more extensive than those for drafters; you'll need to obtain a professional bachelor's degree, complete an internship and become licensed. All other trademarks and copyrights are Starting architects are often advised to practice good money management skills and perhaps even work a second job. Stan T.April 28, 2020Career, OverviewLeave a Comment. It is hard to get into this career. Right now, the highest paying states for Architectural Drafters are DC, IL, MD, CT and CA. Metropolitan areas generally paid higher wages to architectural drafters than rural areas. On a daily basis, Architectural Drafters analyze technical implications of architect’s design concept, calculating weights, volumes, and stress factors. They utilize specifications, sketches and other data to create structure and building plans that meet building code laws. The BLS reported that electrical and electronics engineering technicians tend to earn a higher salary than architectural designers, with a median salary of about $57,000 in 2011. Broadcasting, and Journalism, Computer Sciences You'll also have much higher earning potential than drafters. Architectural Drafter Careers: Salary Info & Job... Understanding how to use the latest drafting software, Having a solid grasp of technical terms used by engineers and architects. The BLS stated that architects earned a median annual income of approximately $73,000 in 2011, while the top 10% of architects made over $119,000 in the same year. No experience is required, and the firm will provide training. They may also determine the type and quantity of materials needed to complete a project. LearningPath.org. According to the BLS, architectural drafters earned a median salary of about $49,970 in 2014. Con: More money = … Drafters need to pay close attention to detail to ensure that drawings are exact and measurements are accurate.
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