This is kind of a waste when you think about it! On the average keyboard (and even many programmable keyboards), each physical key can only perform one single action. This feature is popular among gamers, as it allows advanced combos to be successfully pulled off with 100% accuracy. Structurally, the switch has a titanium steel spring to ensure longevity and accurate feedback. Multiple Keyboard Layers – One Key… Two Actions. A macro key can initiate and perform a series of multiple recorded inputs with a single keystroke. Not only that, but many programmable mechanical keyboards allow the user to setup macros. Velocilinx Brennus 104 Key Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB Connectivity Anti-Ghosting Technology 10 "Game Mode" Profiles 15 Built-In PRISM LED lighting Multiple Hot Keys to Execute Commands Item 1468529 Model 753494941051. One way to make a programmable keyboard more versatile is to add a second “layer” of key actions. Blue switch offers a tactile-clicky feedback giving you a typewriter-like experience. The Adesso EasyTouch 650EB RGB Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard elevates your gaming experience to a different level with its newly design blue mechanical switch. The PICTEK TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the least expensive mechanical keyboards on the market. Programmable Linear Mechanical Keyboard The 104 key Programmable Linear Mechanical Keyboard is loaded with medium resistance, precise actuation, audible click sound, and tactile bump feedback. It can meet your need of gaming and working which can give a greater experience to the users. Incredibly compact and fun to look at, it is a tremendous value.
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