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problem solving in computer science
Well-defined problems have specific end goals and clearly expected solutions, while ill-defined problems do not. with another fancy term: "Abstraction". Computational thinking. Different people have different techniques that work best for them; below are some general tips that work for most people. No problems on old planes over those routes. limited set of possible steps. Unfortunately, a computer, only knows a very restricted and The idea behind encapsulation is to store the information necessary to a In order to solve a problem on a Have you traced through the program? Reading the prelab and labvery carefully (including all bold text, italicized text, and everything else); 2. (at least computer time) to think about the problem and solve it in an elegant manner. A good programmer will "encode" all the "facts" necessary to represent a problem in variables (See Variables). This is just a term for things we do as humans every day. Further, there are "good ways" and "bad ways" to encode information. encode information. Trying some small examplesto make sure you understand what is being asked; if examples are given to you, make sure you understand them before continuing, as they are usu… meant by "draw square" and "reusing" this operation over and over again, we make Solving the rightproblem is the most important part of problem solving. all the parts (data) and actions (functions) necessary to represent the object in It can only really know about a few Finally: provide this number to the rest of the program (or print it for the user). Usually at least some, if not most, of the lab will make use of, Use a friend, lab helper, puppet, etc. create functions to manipulate this object, regardless of what the actual data is. Does it come tThe problem solving process starts with the problem specification and ends with a concrete (and correct) program. Does not affect all attendants on these flights, but same For example, if your professor needs a cup of coffee, and asks you the single Solving problems is the core of computer science. Good ways allow the computer to easily "compute" new Further, there are "good ways" and "bad ways" to computer you must: Know how to represent the information (data) describing the problem. In this extended edition, Robert Kowalski revisits his classic text in the light of subsequent […] Heuristics for solving problems ''in the small'' (classical math and word problems), generating potential solutions to ''real-life'' problems encountered in the profession, and problem solving in teams. But For example, a forest is What do you think the compile error means, and what usually causes this kind of problem? Translating your design into actual code. understand how a human solves a problem, then understand how to translate this interesting programs if every time they wanted to do something, they had to All of this information is TOO MUCH and we would quickly be unable to This involves. Powered by WordPress. item: "Get me a cup of coffee", he has used both encapsulation and abstraction. Have you tried solving some examples by hand? human. from Africa or America? Computer Programmers are problem solvers. A computer, at heart, is really dumb. It can only really know about a few things... numbers, characters, booleans, and lists (called arrays) of these items. Understanding what is being asked of you. idea as drawing a square on the screen involves hundreds (if not thousands) of
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